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IWPG will achieve world peace
through the hearts of all mothers.

IWPG is the gathering of women who embrace the world with maternal hearts to make peace. All the women in the world are becoming one to implement "the cessation of war movement so that young people are no longer sacrificed by wars.

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[Chairwoman's Message] Season's Greetings...

The year of 2016 which has filled us with much expectation and hope is nearing to its end. I would l...

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[Peace Conference] India - Youth and Women's Conference...

Peace is the last hope of humanity; our future depends on it. We have learned from history that no m...

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[Peace Tour] Egypt - The 6th Conference of the Organiza...

he 6th Conference of the Organization of Arab women, titled "The role of women in the Arab countries...

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[Peace Tour] India - Light spread at the conference hos...

"As one saying goes: there is a path to the top of even the highest mountain. If we join our efforts...

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