Vision and Mission


Cessation of War and World Peace

All of humanity has the right to freedom and happiness. Yet, throughout the history of mankind, there has never been a time of true peace and harmony, instead there have been disputes and wars, which have taken away people’s right to freedom and peace. To ensure that no more young lives are sacrificed in the frontlines of battle, and that everyone’s right to happiness is guaranteed, IWPG will implement the “War Cessation Movement.” We will protect all youth with the love of mothers, and bring peace and unity through that love.


IWPG’s mission is to raise awareness about peace, and bring this awareness to everyone around the world, as well as working hand-in-hand with global female leaders and women’s organizations, providing loving assistance and support in places that are desperately seeking peace.

About Our Logo

IWPG’s logo embodies the moon (woman) embracing the earth,
which represents how world peace is established through
the efforts of women around the world.