Plant Peace

‘Plant Peace’ is a project to plant a culture of peace in the global village, where a culture of discrimination, violence, conflict and war prevails.
Activities spreading peace such as the culture campaign, art, commemoration events have been held in local communities as part of the Plant Peace Project.

Peace Culture Campaign

The IWPG is systematically and continuously launching various campaigns to spread peace. We are actively engaged in activities that are appropriate to the situation in each country and region, such as violence expulsion campaigns, awareness-raising campaigns, and environmental improvement campaigns.

‘10 Million Signature Campaign to Urge for a Peace Agreement for the Cessation of War on the Korean Peninsula’

With increased tension of the world due to North Korea’s nuclear threat, IWPG carried out the 10 million signature campaign to urge the establishment of the peace agreement between South and North Korea. On November 2017, the “10 Million Signature Campaign to Urge for a Peace Agreement for the Cessation of War on the Korean Peninsula” started with the announcement of the Statement in South Korea, where the headquarters of IWPG is located. As the result, 1.6 million Korean citizens joined the signatures and showed their desire for peace on the Korean Peninsula. With great passion, IWPG continues to announce the statement and conduct signature campaign in the United States, China, and other parts of the world.

Peace Culture and Arts

Culture and art is an effective tool to gather the hearts of families around the world become one. IWPG is planting peace in the world through various peace activities such as peace concerts, exhibitions, plays and cultural festivals.

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Wish for Success Festival

On February 3-8th, 2018, the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Wish for Success Festival was held for six days throughout the Republic of Korea. The members of IWPG became one in heart with the citizens to cheer the athletes with the them, ‘We are the world!’.

2018 Wish for the Successful Hosting of the 3rd Inter-Korea Summit

On April 26-27th, 2018, the event was held in 53 cities in the Republic of Korea. It was also an event to inform the public that IWPG is working with the sense of duty for a peace agreement and cessation of war on the Korean pen- insula. The media coverage and declaration of support of HWPL’s spirit of peace and the support for the success of the Inter-Korea Summit was a foundation for DPCW projects.

2nd Loving Peace Art Competition

IWPG headquarters held the 1st “Loving Peace Art Competition” in the Republic of Korea to instill the need for peace on the peninsula and to instill the hope for peace to the youth. Children and youth of Korea who participated portrayed the major theme of “Peace Let’s Be Friends” and minor theme of “Cessation of War on the Korean Peninsula, Peaceful Reunification, Love the Nation, Love Peace, Eradication of Weapons”.

Commemorative Event

The IWPG holds world commemorative events related to peace, and anniversaries related to war and peace in each country and each area. In particular, IWPG participates along with the 3.8 International Women’s Day event, and organize additional events on a global scale which is held on March 8 every year with women from around the world. Through these events women’s strong interest in peace is promoted along with a strong net- work of women through IWPG.

Proclamation Ceremony of the April 26th International Women’s Peace Day

On April 26, 2019, IWPG celebrated this day with the vision of "Realizing Peace to End War" to protect precious lives from war in solidarity with 3.8 billion women around the world and to pass on peace to future generations with the heart of a mother. It was established and promulgated as "The Day of Peace." The proclamation ceremony was held in 46 cities and 31 countries abroad.

Activities to Restore International Women’s Human Rights

IWPG has taken the lead in restoring women’s human rights, which is the fundamental right of women, through the International Women’s Human Rights Restoration Campaign. On July 10, 2018, the Women’s Human Rights Restoration Campaign that was held in major cities in Korea. “Strong Response to CCK Violating Women’s Rights” was held not only in South Korea, but the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Philippines, New Zealand, the Republic of South Africa, Uganda, Macedonia, Cambodia, etc. mourned the death of an IWPG member. It was a campaign to denounce CCK and to shout for religious freedom. The anti-religious and anti-social actions of CCK pastors who violated women’s human rights through sexual violence was strongly denounced and emphasis on the need for IWPG’s “activity to support the disbandment of CCK” and “Restoration of International Women’s Human Rights Campaign” was made.

Local Peace Activities

The IWPG is engaged in a variety of activities to promote peace in the local communities and to make regional changes and developments. We do various volunteer activities, such as visiting to nursery schools, drawing murals and various environmental improvement activities, focusing on activities that are essential for each country and region.