IWPG is a non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in the Republic of Korea,
listed in the United Nations Department of Global Communications (UN DGC),
and has also gained ‘Special Consultative Status’ from the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

  • Mission We want to enjoy a happy and safe life, and everyone has the right to pursue happiness. However, human rights and lives are threatened by dispute, conflict, and war. IWPG aims to create a world where all families around the world are happy with the sublime maternal love, sacrifice, and spirit of service.
    IWPG works to protect children from war with a motherly heart to pass peace as a legacy for future generations, and many women relate to this. IWPG is drawing voluntary participation for the realization of peace from high-level leaders to NGOs and individuals around the world.
  • Vision 3.8 billion women around the world will unite to realize happiness, cease war, and achieve world peace with a motherly heart.
    IWPG is carrying out new activities and campaigns every year to make the international community aware of the various factors currently threatening the international community and the need for peace.

Organization and Cooperative Organizations

IWPG is headquartered in Seoul, Korea, and has 102 branches in 130 countries, including South Korea, and 400 cooperative organizations (MOA) worldwide. Women who want to work for peace across nations, religions and ethnicities can become members of the IWPG.

IWPG Works and Activities

Women in the world can become one with IWPG for peace. IWPG is supporting and urging for the “Declaration of Peace” to become a legally binding instrument and is promoting for it to be established as an international law. IWPG is also providing peace education for women to learn the spirit of peace and how to put it into action. Plant Peace is a project that transforms the culture of discrimination, violence, conflict and war into a culture of peace. Every September, female leaders from all over the world gather together to discuss and exchange practical ways to achieve peace. It has become a major peace conference of IWPG and a venue for emotional harmony and solidarity.

  • Support and Advocacy for Establishment of
    an International Law for Peace

  • Women Peace

  • Plant Peace

  • Initiatives for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula

“Now is the time of realizing peace.” Let us stop the violence,
conflicts and wars and open an era of peace with 3.7 billion women around the world.”


IWPG has been established to protect precious lives with maternal hearts and to leave a legacy of a peaceful world for the future generations. The noble heart of all mothers is the most powerful force that can protect all children and is the answer to peace.

Despite longing for peace of all mankind and many sacrifices of peace activists who lived tough lives, the world is still not at peace and is still in darkness. IWPG has been working for peace through global networking with 3.6 billion women to bring world peace to the battlefields and to the entire world.

As the moon in the sky receives light from the sun and shines on the world, IWPG will contribute to heal the wounds of the world from war and terror, share happiness, and realize world peace with the motherly heart of the women leaders and volunteers around the world

Just as a mother’s womb is a place of miracle where the seed of life transforms into a new creation, if all women become a womb for everyone, we can make the miracle of peace. Let us all become peace messengers in order to protect the children from war and leave a legacy of a world of peace as a gift to the future generation. If we become one, we can surely do it.

  • The Chairwoman of IWPG Hyun Sook Yoon