Support and Advocacy for the Establishment
of an International Law for Peace

To create a peaceful world without war, there needs to be practical laws and institutions that go beyond simply wishing for peace.
These laws must be kept consistently in all countries, and a culture of peace must be spread widely in each region based on the spirit of the law.
IWPG strongly supports the Establishment of the “International Peace Law,” a practical and innovative way to achieve peace.
It is a project to support and publicize the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW).
DPCW was proclaimed by HWPL in 2016, and contains various innovative measures including an anti-war provision that prevents war itself and realizes actual peace.
IWPG supports and advocates for DPCW to become a legally binding instrument and publicizes it widely in countries and communities through various media.

Signature Movement

The signature movement promotes and enhances the DPCW to become an enforceable law. IWPG cooperates with city governments worldwide for support of world citizens through signature collecting campaigns on-line and off-line.

DPCW Advocacy Campaign

IWPG’s campaign is to urge and publicize each article and clause of DPCW and to make it easier for citizens to recognize it.
IWPG carries out various campaigns such as cessation of arms production, empowerment of women’s right, and publicity based on the spirit of the ‘Peace Declaration(DPCW)’
in order to support all countries to recognize and accept the DPCW to accelerate the way to bring peace forward.

Conference and Forum

The conferences and forums that provide detailed explanations of the ‘Peace Declaration(DPCW)’ are very effective in supporting, encouraging and promoting the ‘Peace Declaration(DPCW)’. In particular, the ‘September 18th IWPG Network Forum’ where women leaders and heads of government from all over the world gather, is a representative advocacy forum. In addition, various seminars are held to support and help understand the DPCW.

‘10 Million Signature Campaign to Urge for a Peace Agreement for the Cessation of War on the Korean Peninsula’

With increased tension of the world due to North Korea’s nuclear threat, IWPG carried out the 10 million signature campaign to urge the establishment of the peace agreement between South and North Korea. On November 2017, starting with the announcement of statement in Seoul, Republic of Korea, located in IWPG Headquarters, the ‘10 Million Signature Campaign to Urge for a Peace Agreement for the Cessation of War on the Korean Peninsula’ has been launched. As the result, 1.6 million Korean citizens joined the signatures and showed their desire for peace on the Korean Peninsula. With great passion, IWPG continues to announce the statement and conduct signature campaign in the United States, China, and other parts of the world.

Annual Commemoration of the September 18th Peace Summit

HWPL has hosted the “September 18th Peace Summit” in Korea every September since 2014.
Organized by IWPG and IPYG, it is a festival of peace in which citizens from all over the world participate, including politicians, religious people, legal professionals, journalists, educators, heads of organizations, women and young people from around the world.
HWPL is enacting the international law of peace to end the global political struggle and to realize world peace and is showing its progress at the annual meeting of the nations.
The “Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW, 10 Articles and 38 Clauses)” proclaimed by HWPL on March 14, 2016 will be the answer to world peace In addition, since religious conflicts are the cause for roughly 80% of war, the alliance of religion is an important topic of discussion that religion must first be united to prevent war.
As the wing of HWPL, IWPG participates in the Peace Summit every year to realize peace together.