Initiatives for the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula

IWPG is convinced that the realization of world peace will conclude with the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
For this, we are carrying out various activities such as campaigns, conferences, and education.
In particular, in 2017, when tensions around the world rose from the threat of war due to North Korea's nuclear development, the '10 Million Signature Campaign for "Urging for a Peace Agreement for the Cessation of War on the Korean Peninsula"' campaign was launched to call for a peace treaty between North and South Korea.
To date, 3,000,000 signatures of support have been gathered. This campaign will continue until the Korean peninsula is reunified in peace

In addition, the “Only Peace Conference” was held in 58 cities in 5 countries around the world to wish for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. An event wishing for the success of the next inter-Korean summit was held in Imjingak with over 1,000 citizens attending, and was reported in CNN and various media in Korea and abroad.
IWPG's Initiatives for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula will continue in the future with women all over the world working together towards the same goal.