Za'atari Refugee Camp Magazine Issue 34 - KIM : I CAME TO HEAR YOUR VOICE

The Road, the Za'atari Refugee Camp Magazine by Road Media, printed the interview with Ms. Nam Hee Kim during her visit to the refugee camp. The Road Media started in 2014 with the publication of a monthly magazine called The Road. The project started as an initiative to give a voice to Syrian refugees in the Za’atari camp in Jordan and to provide them with training opportunities in journalism. 

Full text of the article is below. 

Ms. Nam Hee Kim is a peace advocate and leader who has dedicated her life to women and children. Korea has also experienced war, but the 'motherly heart'shown by Ms.Kim gathered many people together, resulting in the largest volunteer organization in South Korea. In 2012, she started on a peace endeavor across the world, with invitations from the heads of states and organization leaders, ultimately working to establish a peace coalition to achieve the cessation of war and world peace.
Starting with a visit to Za’atari Refugee Camp, she promised to advocate the reality of the refugees and human rights protection to international society. Last March, at the UN headquarters, met with Ms.Leila Zerrougui, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflicts, and discussed cooperative strategies to protect refugee children against armed conflicts.
IWPG was established by Ms.Kim in 2013 to achieve peace and protect children through the solidarity of women and has been leading campaigns to promote women empowerment and gender equality.
Also, through the celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, IWPG held a worldwide campaign to raise awareness for the eradication of the horrific FGM which is still practiced on girls mostly in the African and Middle Eastern regions.
By: Mohammed Al-Haraki- Photography: Ahmed Al-Haraki

Question: Why did you visit Za’atari Camp?
As you would have heard about me, I work for peace and cessation of war with a motherly heart to protect our children. If the war did not break out, you would not have been forced to leave your country. As a peace activist, I am sorry that I hadn’t come earlier. I am here to listen to your voices and see with my own eyes to find consistent ways to advocate your situation to the international society. Of course, the final goal would be to solve all issues related to refugees.If one is not in your position, how can they understand? It is not just a matter of relief activities. You have lost your families, you have left your country… I can’t say that I know, but I can say that I will try to be like family to you. I came here to be family, share your stories wherever I go, and think of ways to help. This is my purpose of the visit. That is why listening to your thoughts is most important to me.

Question: As journalists how can we spread peace? How can we help to accomplish peace?

First of all, you are the victims of war. That's why you yourselves are the best tool to spread peace. If there was no war, you would not be refugees. You would just live an ordinary life like others, in your warm homes, comfortably, and be studying for your dreams and goals. But because of war, you had to leave your home and find shelter here. I think you have the potential to spread peace and stop the war. You are in a situation to share your experiences most realistically. I implement peace education to children around the world, helping them achieve their dreams and trying to spread the message of peace. Media has the power to spread the message of peace too. You can help do this. Your role is bigger than you think.

Question: How can you help us with Zaatari Media Magazine?
This is a start: I will speak this message to the international society. Whoever I meet or wherever I go I will advocate your message and I will pass it on. Let's become one team and work for peace together. Your magazine is a great work. I will advocate it well.

Question: We heard you are very interested in women's issues. Please give advice to the women and girls in the camp.
I have been working for women and children. Women have a weapon that men do not possess. They give birth and nurture life. That is motherhood. Mother's love is made of deep devotion and of a sacrifice for their children. People used to ask me where I get this passion and energy. I answered that it is because I love mankind and I believe in the dignity of man. This is the mother's heart I am telling you about. You all are my loving children. I stand in front of you with this mother's heart. This is the most powerful source of potential of women. Women and girls should know that they all have this basic potential. With this, you can change the world. This is the advice I would like to give to the women and girls in this camp too. I have come today to hear your voices, next time I will put it into action. Please keep sending us your magazine so we can continue to spread the message across the world.

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