Inside CSW61 - Ms. Nam Hee Kim's Message in the ECOWAS Event at CSW61

Power of Women May Seem Small But It Can Yield A Huge Result

From Ms. Nam Hee Kim's Speech in the ECOWAS Side Event at CSW61 on March 17

"I believe in the power of women.  

I once discussed with many international law experts from around the world about drafting an international law. Most participants In that discussion were male leaders from various countries, and I was the only woman in the room. When the participants could not come to an agreement and faced opposing arguments I asked them,

“Do you know what the most beautiful word in the world is?”  
People said many things but I said, “Mother.”  

At once everyone agreed, and the quarrel quickly subsided. Then I asked the participants to objectively consider what is most needed to resolve the immediate issues we are facing, rather than focusing only on the needs of one country. This is how we united the differing opinions and concluded with peace.  

Our economic power depends on how much we trust the power of our women and how we utilize it. This is a generation that desperately needs the leadership of women, and it is all found in the heart of a mother. It is a blessing only allowed to women.  

We no longer live in an era where men’s physical power is the solution.  Just like the drops of water can break a rock into pieces, the power of women may seem small but it can yield a huge result. 

There are many cases where organizations and communities run by women report faster development.  Nearly half of the entire world’s population is made up of women.

When we unite, the word, “impossible,” will cease to exist. 

I ask that you improve the status of women and advance."

Last updated 2017-03-31