IWPG Branch News for March 2017

Tangier,  Morocco

IWPG Morocco Branch with Moroccan Association for Family Planning hosted A Peace Promotional Seminar for the women teachers in Tangier, Morocco last February 24. Ms. Fadoua Bakhadda, President of Moroccan Association for Family Planning pointed out the important role of teachers for peacebuilding work in her speech.  

Davao, Philippines

IWPG Philippines Branch held the peace educational seminar in the Madrasa Education Center in Davao last March 13. Ninety-nine teachers of Madrasa Education Center participated in observing the IWPG Coloring Book Program for children. One of the teachers commented this kind of peace education for children is the primary thing to have as the first step of building peace in the society. Madrasa center will operate the IWPG Coloring Book Program in another 3 centers in the Davao city.  

Tianjin, China

In the opening ceremony for Tianjin Global Education Fair in China hosted by Gyedeok Global Education Center on March 19, the Public Interests Activity to be carried out with IWPG was announced. Also, the session of IWPG introduction was held together. Many students and organizations participating in the program have expressed their great expectations about the joint activities of two organizations.


IWPG China Branch held A Peace Class in YCH Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School on March 30. Children learned the life of the minorities in China through the class. IWPG will have more peace educational programs for the school students. 

Last Updated 2017-04-17