IWPG Branch News for April 2017

HongKong, China   A peace educational workshop with 200 students of the YCH Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School in China was successfully held last April 6. In the event titled "Across the borders with Love - Writing A Letter to the Refugee Children', the students had the sessions to understand the refugee's life, and also to write supporting letters to the refugee children.

Tianjin, China   Last April 7 in China, Tianjin Branch members visited the Tianjin Qisehuashe orphans and disabled children rescue center. They hosted a farewell party to share hearts with the children who will be adopted overseas. Tianjin Branch has implemented various volunteering activities for the marginalized in the local societies. 

Baghdad, Iraq   Iraq Branch with AlaqAl-Nada Foundation held the Peace Painting Program with around 60 elementary school students. Celebrating the Orphan's Day of Iraq which is April 7, the students had a good time participating the program to learn about the world with full of peace and dream about it. 

Beijing, China   Beijing Branch held two main conference event on April 7 and 13 to discuss the rights of women who are in the neglected class and women's role for the world peace. These were significant events that the several local experts, leaders, and also women citizens participated together to discuss their role and immediate action for peace. 

Delhi, India   IWPG Peace Committee of Delhi and SHAJ SAMBHAV together held the event for the mothers and children of Dwarka with the title of " The Power of Word" as part of Women Peace Education. Almost 150 participants were there to learn that peace starts from every person and the family as the fundamental element of society. 

Shenyang, China   Shenyang Branch volunteered at the Shenyang Sunshine House Disabled Children's Welfare Home in Dadong distinct, Shenyang from 21 to 22 of April. Especially on 22th, the Branch held the event of planting a tree in association with Solar Village Special Children's Research and Development Center as an environmental education program for the children in the institute celebrating the Earth Day. 

Karnataka, India   IWPG and Sindhanur Trust co-hosted Women's Peace Forum in Polytechnic University in Karnataka state of India last April 27. With around 300 people participating, the speakers elaborated the harmful practice that has been proceeded within India and pointed out the importance of advocating human rights. 

IWPG Online Peace Forum   Last April 28, IWPG and main collaborators from four different countries gathered in the online peace forum to discuss the irreplaceable role of women for peace. Ms. Leokadiia Gyerasimenko (Head of Women's Union of Ukraine), Ms. Sevim Arbana (President of Useful to Albanian Women), Dr. Besa Kadriu (The South East European University of Macedonia) and Ms. Ekhlas Jebreene ( President of AlaqAl-Nada Foundation of Iraq) were there together sharing their peace activities and plans to complement each other in the peacebuilding work. 

Last updated 2017-05-13