[Peace Tour] Cyprus - Limassol Carnival Festival

Mr. Nicos Nicolaides, Mayor of Limassol invited Ms. Kim to the Carnival Event of the city. The Limassol Carnival Festival is an annual European carnival event held at Limassol, Cyprus. It is considered one of the most notable carnival events worldwide. The event held 12 days, and Ms. Kim participated two events during her visit - Music Concert and Grand Carnival Parade.

The event was very exciting and beautiful, and most of all, it was a family-centered festival that everyone can enjoy together.

▲ Music concert of Limassol Festival. Mr. Nicolaides Mayor of Limassol introduced Ms. Kim's visit to Cyprus to the audiences.

▲ Grand Carnival Parade of Limassol City. Everyone smiling and enjoying the festival together

Last Updated 2017-03-01