Children Welfare

The essential power of the peace projects that IWPG has implemented across the countries is the motherly heart. As a matter of course this unconditional love motivated us to take care of children, especially who lost their parents. IWPG works to give a mother to all orphaned children around the world so that these children will grow under the care and love they need. Giving love to our children who need mothers is our role as women in building a world of peace, and it is the way to nurture future talents.

Major Activities
  Material Supply : Provision of necessary commodities to orphanages
  Peace Educational Program : Peace promotional education and workshop programs for children
  Mentoring Program : Bond with mentors to provide mental support and emotional cultivation

▶ VietNam / Friendship Village / December, 2016
▶ Philippines / Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas / January, 2017
▶ Philippines / Missionaries of the Poor, the social welfare center / January, 2017
▶ Syria / Nursery of Zaatari Refugee Camp / February, 2017
▶ Syria / Support for Female-Headed Households of Zaatari Refugee Camp / February, 2017
▶ Jordan / SOS Children's Village Amman / February, 2017