The gentle yet strong power of women is an important foundation for world peace. Mothers have an immense influence on their children as they impact how children are raised and their education. Hence, mothers are the central pillars in shaping the perspective and mindsets of the children.Thus, IWPG continues to arrange a variety of educational sessions on global issues such as poverty, human rights, cultural diversity, and peace for women and mothers. Furthermore, IWPG engages in the establishment of strategies to achieve world peace by facilitating active communication among women from all walks of life, such as holding forums and seminars. In addition, IWPG provides recommendations and suggestions on action and policy guidelines concerning the topic of peace.

Major Projects
  Happy Mentoring : A education program on peace for women
  Global Women Leaders Seminar : Seminars for female heads of organizations
  World Women Peace Forum : Forums for female political figures and religious leaders.


  Philippines / Peace Seminar
October, 2013

  Germany / Peace Forum in Berlin
  Poland / Peace Lecture in Warsaw LXXV Jan III High School
  U.S.A. / Peace Seminar in L.A
  Romania / Peace Seminar
  Czech Republic / Peace Forum in Prague
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November, 2013

  Thailand / Youth Peace Seminar at Chulalongkorn University
  Guatemala / Youth Peace Seminar
  Colombia / Peace Seminar
  U.S.A. / Peace Seminar in L.A.
  El Salvador / Women Peace Seminar
  U.S.A. / Peace Seminar on Battleship of Port San Pedro
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January, 2014

  Philippines / Women’s Peace Forum
  Philippines / Women’s Peace Seminar
education_4_1 education_4_2 education_4_3 education_4_4
April, 2014

  USA / Peace Forum in LA
May, 2014

  New York, U.S.A / Ambasadors’ Conference for World Peace
  New York, U.S.A / World Religions for Peace Conference
  Washington DC, U.S.A / Peace Seminar
  LA, USA / Peace Seminar
  Mexico / Christopher Columbus University Peace Seminar
  Mexico / Peace Seminar
  Mexico / Veracruz University Peace Seminar
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June, 2014

  Romania / The 9th International Romani Union Parliament Meeting
  Germany / ICD Youth Seminar
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July, 2014

  Croatia / Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Southeast Europe
  France / UNESCO-supported Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics (“IPCGE”) Peace Conference”
  Montenegro / The Montenegro Symposium on International Law & Human Rights
  Spain / The Madrid Symposium on Peace Building & Conflict Resolution
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September, 2014

  Japan / Peace Seminar in Tokyo
education_9_1 education_9_2
December, 2014

  UN / Global Leaders Forum
  USA Carson City / Peace Summit of the Americas
  UCI university / Peace Summit
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March, 2015

  UN / Women in armed Conflict and Post-Conflict Situation
  UN / Beijing+20: Securing a Better Future for Women and Girls through Economic and Sustainable Development
  UN / Beijing+20: Combating Trafficking in Women and Children in the ASEAN Region
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September, 2015

  UN / Peace Conference
October, 2015

  United Kingdom, Oxford University / Oxford International Model United Nations
December, 2015

  India, Keynote Speech at the 7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality
January, 2016

  Cotabato City State Polytechnic College, HWPL Peace Academy Designation Ceremony - The Philippines