2016 IWPG Network Forum

Remarks / Presentations
The Role and Future of Women in Realizing Peace

Chairwoman of IWPG

Nam Hee Kim

"For all mankind, it is your mother who gives the very first warmth you've felt. The heart of a mother has the power to transform the seed of life into a new creation. It has the wisdom that protects and grows life regardless of the circumstance. Motherhood is a sacred nature bestowed upon women and is the greatest power toward protecting all our children and the answer to building peace."

"Ladies, we have the strength and ability to lead mankind into a world of peace. It is us women that take up half the world's population. So, please join in voicing the implementation of international law for peace and cessation of war at the UN. When our children and grandchildren ask what is the greatest work we have done in our lives, I hope all of us can say, "I worked for peace so that you would be given a world of peace as a lasting legacy."

The Role of Female Leaders in Achieving Peace and the Cessation of War

Chairman of HWPL

Man Hee Lee

“In just a few years, so many people have joined for one word - peace. We are on a mission. Among many works to be done, peace is our greatest priority. [Women gathered here] must be the key to peace and open the hearts of the 3.6 billion women worldwide.”

“Political leaders in each country must be able to open the hearts of their peoples, plant peace in people's minds, and give them the strength people need to realize peace. Women must protect the global village, protect our children, and leave peace as a lasting legacy.”


Edita Tahiri

Minister for Dialogue of the Government of Kosovo

"We want to close the history of wars and open the history of peace in all world. This is what [the DPCW] aims for, realizing peace and cessation of wars in the world, hence we should support."


Lee Yunsook

Former Minister of Women's Affairs of Korea

"The reunification of Korea, the only divided nation in the world, is the key challenge to world peace. When the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War is adopted by the UN and made an international legal instrument, mankind will be closer to realizing the dream of ending wars and achieving global peace."


Leokadiia Gerasymenko

President of Women's Union of Ukraine

"We have to remember the great goals that people around the world are pursuing, such as: justice, respect for each other, state sovereignty, ... education, religious freedom.... These principles and goals are enshrined in the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. These are the provisions we need to introduce...[to] every country."