IWPG strives to address social problems by organizing women-centered volunteering activities with individuals and/or organizations. Above all, IWPG assists women in finding peace within themselves by voluntarily helping others. Through various activities that allow women to make the most out of their talents, the organization is raising the public’s awareness that volunteering is about sharing the things that one has. These programs carried out by IWPG provide an opportunity for people to truly understand the key to achieving world peace, “love and sacrifice,” by instilling in volunteers the “mindsets of mothers.”

Major Activities
  Local Volunteering : Social volunteering activities to help vulnerable people
  International Volunteering : Provision of relief to disaster areas and ethnic minorities


  The Philippines / Delivery of Daily Supplies to Rural Villages
  Ethiopia / Delivery of School Supplies to Ethiopian Children
volunteering_1_1 volunteering_1_2
October, 2013

  Romania / Delivery of Supplies to Romani Community
volunteering_2_1 volunteering_2_2
November, 2013

  Guatemala / Delivery of Daily Supplies to Mayan Village
  Afghanistan / Delivery of Supplies for Children Hospital in Afghanistan
volunteering_3_1 volunteering_3_2