The Fruits of the World Peace Endeavor led with a Motherly Heart

From the 16th to the 19th of September, 2014, in Seoul, South Korea, the World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit was held with over 200,000 participants from 130 countries. Former and incumbent world leaders, religious leaders, women leaders and youth leaders gathered to discuss practical ways to achieve peace. As a co-host, IWPG invited women leaders and women peace activists to the event. The women came together for the women's peace movement led by IWPG.

‘2014 IWPG Network’

During the WARP Summit, a signing ceremony of women leaders was held within the ‘2014 IWPG Network’ session.
This was to show the dedication and promise of women leaders to work for the establishment of world peace together.
The participants, 300 women leaders, signed the ‘International Women’s Peace Agreement’ voluntarily to inherit peace not war to our children and generations to come.

Peace Agreement

The agreement might be just a mere piece of paper, but the signature of promises will gather and with the wishes of all women across the world added, it will be the powerful strength to achieve peace.
The ‘International Women’s Peace Agreement’ has currently become the seed to achieve a peaceful future, and is connecting world women leaders and women organizations to the work of harmony.