The 1st Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit

On 18 and 19 of September, 2015 the 1st Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit was held in South Korea. 270 participants from 92 nations that convened at the Conferences represented the political, religious sectors, youth groups and women's groups. Participants included about 10 State-level delegates consisted of former and incumbent presidents and prime ministers and more than 80 international law experts.
Justices of the Supreme Courts of different nations and international law experts that joined the event had indepth discussions on drafting an International Convention for the Cessation of Wars and the Achievement of World Peace.
Women's organizations and youth groups had signing ceremonies to urge the international community for the enactment of such an international convention followed by Network Sessions that highlighted the role of women and the youth in peace-building.

The Voice of People Echos Across the World Urging the Enactment of an International Convention to End Wars and for World Peace

September 18, 2015, the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG) and the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) held a joint signing ceremony to urge the enactment of an International Convention for the Cessation of Wars and the Achievement of World Peace.
Women or youths can be portrayed as drops of water when scattered as individuals. Now they are joining IWPG and IPYG and bringing waves of change to the entire world as a typhoon. International law experts also recognized the importance of the women and youths for the enactment of an international convention and invited women and youths across the globe to join IWPG and IPYG to combine their efforts.

Women in Harmony for Peace - 2015 IWPG Network

SMore than 200 Women leaders took part in 2015 IWPG Network to share progress and outcomes of the past year since 2014 IWPG Network. Keynote speakers H.E. Meme Tong, first lady of Kiribati; H.E. Rosy Sofia Akbar, the Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation of Fiji; H.R.M. Semane Bonolo Molotlegi, Queen Mother of the Royal Bafokeng Nation in South Africa; Ms. Muna Makhamreh, the Advocate & the Arab Coordinator for Parliamentarians Network for Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament delivered messages supporting the enactment of an international convention to denounce wars and armed conflicts and urging nations to follow suit.
The over 200 international participants responded to the inspiring messages and made a statement to become protecting mothers for youths across the globe regardless of nationality, race, religion or ideology by joining hands and singing in unison.