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2023 International Women`s Peace Conference Result 2023-11-03 Read : 7472

Title: 2023 International Women's Peace Conference

Subtitle: The Multidimensional Role of Women for Sustainable Peace

Host: International Women's Peace Group (IWPG)

Date and Time: 19 September 2023 13:30~16:00 (KST)

Location: Grand Hyatt Incheon, South Korea


The 2023 International Women's Peace Conference was attended by approximately 1,000 female representatives from 51 countries, including first ladies, current and former ministers, women organization leaders and so on, to discuss the role of women and necessary strategies for realizing sustainable peace. Urging action from various actors ranging from the government to civil society, the participants discussed the status of peace education for peace building, propagation of a culture of peace, an other issues. It was a time to seek effective ways to contribute to intergovernmental negotiations for legally binding international agreements.

For a better world, we hope that women from all walks of life around the world will unite and create actions of peace.

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