We build peace
that the world needs.

  • Vision Realizing Sustainable Peace IWPG unites with women all around the world to fundamentally solve conflicts and violence on the earth. Through this, IWPG protects precious lives from war and passes down peace as a legacy to the future generation.
  • Mission Building an Institution of Peace through Female Solidarity IWPG strives to find a fundamental solution for all conflicts and wars ranging from those that exist among individuals to those among different states in the international community and tries to build a new order that will establish a sustainable world of peace.
    For this, each individual must realize their importance as an actor in the peace process and act upon it, which can be done through women’s peace education.
    We also spread peace through various culture activities, providing a platform for women all around the world to network and strengthening female solidarity and cooperation.
    If women unite and raise their voices for the establishment of an international peace law and peace institutions, we will be able to break the vicious cycle of conflict and bring true peace to this world that our future generations can enjoy forever.


IWPG builds peace that the world needs by bringing an end to the existing wars and conflicts and establishing practical peace institutions and a culture of peace. Any woman can become one with IWPG to achieve peace.
  • Solidarity that the world needs Women worldwide share their goals and values. IWPG solves conflicts through female solidarity and builds the infrastructure and institutions for peace.

  • Peace culture that the world needs A world that becomes one under peace, not war. Let’s plant a culture of peace in all of our lives.

  • Women’s Education that the world needs Education should be equally available to all and must teach proper values. IWPG teaches the value of peace to women, the educators of the household.

  • Laws and Institutions that the world needs A social agreement is required to build a sustainable world of peace. The world needs a peace law and peace institutions.