Peace Education

Step-by-step Peace Education

IWPG’s Peace Education strives to cultivate a mindset of peace in women worldwide and enhance their capabilities so that they practice peace.
Through peace education, women realize the reason why they must come together for the sake of world peace and individual happiness, and thus understand their roles and duties.
Numerous women around the world are taking IWPG’s Peace Education every year, and some outstanding students who wish to sow the seed of peace in others are working as Peace Lecturers.

Step-by-step Peace Education

This is the entry level of Peace Education, through which students can approach peace easily through various hands-on activities

The Flower of Peace, Civil Peace Citizen Education

This is the basic level of Peace Education, which trains women to become citizens of peace that practice peace starting from the small things in their daily lives.

The Fruit of Peace, Peace Lecturer Training Education

This is the intensive level of Peace Education, which trains women to become peace lecturers in their community and country.
Lecturers that have completed this education have grown to become female leaders that sow the seed of peace in the minds of women all around the world. So far 1,598 people from 74 countries have taken this education.

The Tree of Peace, Peace Leadership Education

This is the advanced level of Peace Education dedicated for female leaders in the community.