Statement by the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG)
Regarding the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia

The International Women's Peace Group strongly urges the Russian government to immediately stop the invasion, which seriously threatens the safety and life of its citizens and Ukrainians, and to resolve through peaceful dialogue!

The Russian military's preemptive strike on Ukraine is a military action in violation of the UN Charter and international law. The lives of so many young people have been taken, and it is unknown how many more will be asked to sacrifice in the future. Women are beating their hearts and lamenting over the deaths of their families driven by war. Babies and children who know nothing are losing their lives in the bombardment.

No matter what the reason may be, the use of force is not the answer. The Russian government must recognize the seriousness of the current state of inhumanity, and immediately withdraw its troops to stop the use of force. Russia must immediately cease its military action that has catastrophic consequences. Russia must cherish the lives of its own people and the people of Ukraine.

The international community wants peace. The preemptive strike by the Russian military is a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations. The United Nations and the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institution, which are responsible for safeguarding peace, must resolve the Ukraine crisis as soon as possible. Please stop the Russian government airstrikes immediately to prevent further spreading of this war. Please take measures to protect refugees and measures to allow people to return to their home countries.

As an international NGO in special consultative status with UN ECOSOC, we, the International Women's Peace Group, was founded to cease war and realize world peace, together with all 3.9 billion women around the world. We cannot tolerate anti-peaceful acts that threaten the precious lives of mankind. Therefore, we will continue to strongly condemn any cruel acts of force in the world that cause war!

1 March 2022

  • Hyun Sook Yoon, Chairwoman of the
    International Women's Peace Group Members
    of the International Women's Peace Group