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Sep 2023   

In August, the International Women`s Peace Group (IWPG) once again united with women worldwide to cultivate the flowers of peace. IWPG began by urging for legislative support of the "Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War" (DPCW) with women leaders. IWPG also continued to promote the annual event, 9th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit. Moreover, they actively conducted the education of women peace lecturers (PLTE). In addition to these activities, they carried on with endeavors such as the ▲Promotion of a culture of peace ▲5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting ▲International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting ▲Signing ceremonies for agreements aimed at realizing peace initiatives. They also engaged in active exchange with the media. They met with the representative from OBN Ethiopia and Saudi Arabian journalists to share the status of peace activities and request their support in promoting peace.


Support for the DPCW to

Institutionalize Peace

-The solidarity of women for sustainable peace


IWPG supports the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) as a remedy to overcome the limitations of current international law and bring true peace to humanity. It encourages women worldwide to recognize the gravity of war and actively participate in supporting the legislation of DPCW as a legally binding international law. The DPCW, crafted through the collaboration of 15 international legal experts, is composed of 10 articles and 38 clauses. It encompasses provisions for preventing war, along with substantive content aimed at achieving genuine peace.


Support for DPCW

Ethiopia urges for DPCW

On Aug 22, Global Region 2 held a DPCW Support Campaign in Babile of Somali region and Tulu Gulate woreda, mainly driven by Saba Gebre medhin Hagos, Executive Director of The Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations(NEWA), and 20 members. NEWA is a non-governmental, non-political network organization established in 2003 by a women’s organization that strives to create developmental synergies and a stronger voice advocating for women. 
The campaign, taking place from Aug 9 to 12, involved debates on the cause and solution of conflicts within the Ethiopian community, and their impact on people’s lives. The participants said, “DPCW is necessary to solve the conflicts in Ethiopia, and we know that peace can be achieved through this. We will continue to spread the DPCW Support Campaign.”


The Middle East urges for DPCW

Women of Middle Eastern countries of Global Region 2 came together under one voice to urge for the support of the DPCW. These women are also conducting the “Peace Fulfillment Campaign” to make sure the DPCW is introduced into the UN and passed as a resolution to become an international law. Women from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, and Oman are part of this project.

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Melbourne Branch urges for DPCW

On Aug 7, Melbourne Branch of Australia met with Emma Vulin of the Australian Labor Party, a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, to introduce the DPCW and urge her to support it. During this meeting, the Branch emphasized that “peace” is a concept often overlooked in Australia and that IWPG’s role is essential. This was also an opportunity to network with women’s organizations within Australia and Cardinia Shire community. 
Emma Vulin said, “It is important to spread peace education in the community. We need education on supporting the DPCW in order to bring an end to war and declare peace. We will participate in much more peace activities.”


The 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting

-Various female leaders from all different countries and backgrounds discussing “Innovation and Change in the New Era: the role and future of women”


Global Region 2 holds 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting

On Aug 26, Global Region 2 invited female leaders from various backgrounds living in the Republic of Korea, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia and held the 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting online. 
The event, held under the theme “Innovation and Change in the New Era: the role and future of women,” was an opportunity for 500 people from 25 countries to come together and discuss specific strategies to establish sustainable peace and ways female leaders can play a practical role. 
Panelists from each country participated in the panel discussion, which was followed by a Q&A session, which helped participants broaden their perspective on peace work. The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Hanan Youssef, tv announcer and Chairman of Arab Organization for Dialouge and International Cooperation.
Ghada Chreim Ata, Former Minister of the Displaced and Head of political committee at NCLW; Tahani Abu Daqqa, Former Minister of Youth and Sport and  former Minister of Culture and President of the Palestinian Renewable Energy Company; Lamia Yahia Al-eryani, Former Deputy Minister of Education and Technology and founder of Yemen Peace School Organization; Shafiqa Saeed Abdo, Chairperson of Yemen Women National Committee; Pascale Isho Warda, Former Minister of Immigration and Displacement and President Hammurabi Human Rights Organization; Mkanibwa Magoti Ngoboka, assistant lecturer of Ruaha Catholic University; and Hyeryung Yang, Special Chairman of Gwangju Metropolitan City Party Regional Development stood as speakers, providing various suggestions on education and the role of female leaders in achieving world peace.
Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee said, “This meeting was gathered in order to stress that we should all take part in peace activities, the most sacred and valuable act of humanity, and discuss our duties and responsibilities in maintaining peace. I’m sure the speeches from all the female leaders will be a good source of inspiration for change and innovation in the role of women.” 
Ghada Chreim Ata, Former Minister of the Displaced and Head of political committee at NCLW said, “According to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, anyone can enjoy life and freedom without discrimination based on human dignity. However, many women are still experiencing violence and discrimination in various sectors of society. Through cooperation with NGOs, women should come together and raise one voice to make an international society in which the lives and rights of women are guaranteed beyond the institutional level.” 
Tahani Abu Daqqa, Former Minister of Youth and Sport, said, “The climate crisis is an enormous challenge that requires international cooperation and collective effort. We can create a peaceful environment and bring an end to war by adopting sustainable measures and preserve our society, peace, and the earth for the future generation by sharing resources and using them wisely.”
Shafiqa Saeed Abdo, Chairperson of Yemen Women National Committee, said, “It is a human instinct to desire peace and protection from threats toward human life. We must heed to these cries.”
Lamia Yahia Al-eryani, Former Deputy Minister of Education and Technology, gave a speech on “DPCW in the New Cold War Era,” saying, “For us to achieve peace in the New Cold War era, we must cooperate with civil society, organizations, and influential figures and officially legislate the DPCW, the key to conflict resolution, as an international law.” 
Pascale Isho Warda, Former Minister of Immigration and Displacement, said, “The international society should become one regardless of ethnicity, ideology, and religion.” Mkanibwa Magoti Ngoboka, assistant lecturer of Ruaha Catholic University, gave a speech on “The Importance of Peace Activities,” emphasizing that “IWPG is becoming one with 3.9 billion women worldwide to disseminate the mindset of peace and bring peace around the world, and Tanzania is also promoting peace work and becoming a part of this initiative. Peace can never be achieved alone, and we must remember that women have the power to change the world.”

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Global Region 3 holds 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting

Global Region 3 held the International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting with IWPG members from 7 countries. 
Regional Director Eun Joo Her said, “IWPG has been working ceaselessly for peace with our peace family for the past decade in the name of the most precious value called ‘peace’. Women all around the world should come together as one and strive to bring an end to war through the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW).” 
Florence Varghese from India, the founder of Global Peace Trust, emphasized the important of “health” in UN Sustainable Development Goal(SDG) #3 to strengthen feminine health and prevent related diseases. She also promised to facilitate education for girls and to spread the mindset of peace through PLTE for this end. 
Also, Rania Alam from Bangladesh, art facilitator and coordinator of Flamearts Open Studio, said, “IWPG is a good platform to empower women,” expressing her excitement in participating in the 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition. She also expressed her opinions and passion regarding SDG #14 Quality Education and #16 Peace, Justice, and Institutions. 
Breshna Rarmand, principal of Afghanistan International School, talked about the situation in Afghanistan where girls cannot receive education and shared her experience of participating in the preliminary round of IWPG’s 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition.


Global Region 6 holds IWPG English Women Leaders’ Peace Forum

On Aug 20, Global Region 6 held the IWPG English Leaders’ Peace Forum in an office in London with 22 participants. Gurpreet Kaur, engagement advisor of Climate Outreach, gave a speech on “The Role of Gender, Climate, Human Rights, and DPCW.” This was followed by a speech by Bathan Walters, gender leader of Sikh Human Right, on the topic of “Pluralism and Female Health” and a speech by Carine Takusi, journalist of Cameroon Association for Media Professional, on the topic “The importance of CAMP and IWPG PLTE.”

The participants said that they were happy to be part and that they were certain that war will soon come to an end.


Global Region 7 holds 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting

Global Region 7 held the 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting jointly with Korea and other countries overseas online. Approximately 170 participants from 22 countries have joined the meeting.
Bouare Bintou Foune Samake, current representative of Women`s Legal and Development Organization and the former Minister of Women and Child Development of Mali, gave a speech on "Female Leadership and Peace". She said, “Conflicts happen frequently, so the solution for peace must also evolve.”


Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE)

-Peace that starts from us spreading all around the world


Interview with New PLTE Students in Yemen and Egypt

On Aug 17 and 20, Global Region 2 held online interviews with new Peace Lecturer Training Education students in Yemen and Egypt. The interviewees included Wardah Mohsen Nasser Saleh, representative of Hand and Hand Foundation for Development; Sabah Abdulrhman Khaled Naji, assistant professor of Al-Bayda University; and Rania Mohammed Ahmed Bazel, project manager of Sheba Youth Organization. 
The students said that they wish to learn more about peace through PLTE and make sure peace is achieved on this earth as soon as possible and that they are willing to overcome any obstacles they may encounter in the process of receiving this education.


PLTE Promotion in Arusha, Tanzania 

Lilian Msaki, IWPG PLTE lecturer of Arusha, Tanzania, Arusha Peace Committee Representative, and regional representative of Health Africa, is introducing IWPG and promoting the importance of women’s peace education to women in Arusha so that women all around the world learn and practice the mindset of peace.


PLTE in Yangon Branch, Myanmar

Yangon Branch in Myanmar started PTLE lessons every Saturday since Aug 12 with 25 participants. 
Kham Yin, Director and Founder of Shan Women Development Network, said, “I am grateful to IWPG for allowing me to participate as a PLTE lecturer. My self-esteem increased by working as a PLTE lecturer, and I learned a lot by reviewing the assignments submitted from students from various areas.  
The students reacted positively. Hnin Wah Thein said, “By practicing and applying the methods we have learned through peace education, we can reduce domestic violence and peace can spread to the community.” 
Win Win Khaing said, “I’m really thankful to IWPG. Before, I didn’t know how to build a peaceful family. Through today’s lecture, I realized that I must build a family of peace.” 


PLTE in Czech Republic

Global Region 7 started the 3rd PLTE class in the Czech Republic on Aug 24. A total of 23 students are enrolled, and a large majority of them are Ukraine women. The Czech students will be in charge of each of the lectures for this class. 
After the first lecture, Mariia Kostenko, one of the students, said, “I want to change the education system in Ukraine. I want to give children and youth the opportunity to trust themselves and learn how they can change the world for the better. “ 
Alexandra Yordanova said, “It is important for women to start from peace within themselves to spread to peace to other women through mutual respect, support, and love. I hope everyone can think, act, and choose their education freely.”


PLTE in Turkiye

Global Region 10 held the first lesson of Turkiye PLTE class 23-3-1 online on Aug 31. 
One of the students, Sanem Arikan, said, “IWPG is an organization I truly want to continue to work with in the future. I want to apply peace education to programs for children, and after completing the education, I want to conduct peace activities in Turkiye. I want to be an influential peace lecturer.”


PLTE in Fiji

On Aug 5, Global Region 11 held PLTE online. Five female members from Aruka Fiji and 10 Global Region 11 workers participated in the session.


Dissemination of a Culture of Peace

-Various activities are being carried out with peace


Mumbai holds Peace Poem Recital Contest in Mumbai, India

On Aug 4, IWPG 5 held the IWPG Peace Poem Recital Competition on Aug 4 at St. Matthew’s High School & Junior College, located in Mumbai, India, which is one of IWPG’s cooperative countries. 
Principal Larzy Varghees and 42 students and teachers participated. 13 of them became new members of IWPG and promised to voluntarily participate in peace work. Paulo, one of the participants, recited a poem on the desire for peace and said, “If all conflict and war come to an end, peace will be achieved around the world. War makes children lose their purity, which is why we must all work to spread peace.


Philippines donates stationery for students

On Aug 19, the IWPG took part in community volunteer activities initiated by Hon. Tyron Uy, the Governor of Davao de Oro together with IWPG Peace Publicity Ambassador, Sholai Lim. This project is to provide stationery to marginalized students. The plan was to plant the seed of peace, not the seed of conflict and war, in the hearts of the children.

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IWPG Workshop “Do you know your value?” in Czech

On Aug 8, Global Region 7 co-hosted a workshop title "Do you know your value?" with Club of New Communication at Pilsen City Public Library. There were a total of 32 participants in the workshop on PLTE lesson #1. 

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 IWPG Peace Activities promoted through Press all around the world

-Active Networking with Press


Global Region 2 meets with Gulf Regional Representative of Read Pakistan from Saudi Arabia

On Aug 10, Global Region 2 had an online meeting with Numera Mohsin, journalist and Gulf Regional Representative of Read Pakistan from Saudi Arabia.

Global Region 2 shared information on the peace activities of women all around the world. Both organizations agreed that a paradigm shift is required regarding fundamental issues related to humanity, such as freedom, human rights, and peace.

Numera Mohsin said, “Recently Saudi Arabia has been going through numerous revolutions regarding women’s rights, and the situation is improving. We are trying to change our image, and I’m sure things will improve.”

The group shared their thoughts on women’s organizations within Saudi Arabia and press activities and promised to contribute to the development of peace.

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Global Region 2 meets with Ethiopia Representative of OBN

On Aug 13, Global Region 2 met with Mr. Korie Shankulie, Representative for OBN HORN of AFRICA, online.

OBN is Ethiopia’s public broadcast that provides regional news, national and international news, debate programs, tv series dramas, entertainment shows, music, and much more. OBN news can be watched all around the world, reaching out to viewers worldwide, not just the Omori audience.

During this meeting, the two organizations watched a video on IWPG peace activities and discussed ways to cooperate going forward.

Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee said, “IWPG is working to build peace in Ethiopia based on local women by finding new female peace leaders through various peace activities such as women’s peace education and campaigns. We are looking forward to close collaboration with the Ethiopian government and civil society, so we ask OBN for active reporting and coverage.”

Representative Mr. Korie Shankulie said, “I hope OBN becomes a press outlet that sparks the fire of peace. Through our agreement with IWPG, I will promote Ethiopia’s peace activities more actively.”


International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting

-The Solidarity of Women for Sustainable Peace


Yangon Branch holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting

On Aug 9, Yangon Branch in Myanmar held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting at Islam Office with 12 participants. Branch Manager Crystal Po Gyaw (board member, National YWCA) started with her congratulatory remarks, followed by the Branch activity report, finance report, feedback on events, and a peace game.

Operations Manager Yin Yin Mya (executive committee member, Myanmar Psychology Association) said, “The event was great, and through the peace game, we could practice becoming one heart. IWPG’s mission is to raise awareness on peace. The participants promised to participate in IWPG’s peace activities.”


Tokyo branch holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting

On Aug 30, Global Region 10 Tokyo Branch held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting online through Zoom. The theme of this gathering was “Calligraphy of the Sky to Add the Spirit of Love.” Instructor Oyama Reiko, an IWPG member, led the gathering with 10 participants.


Introduction and Promotion of IWPG


IWPG Welcoming Gathering in East Timor

On Aug 25, Global Region 4 held an online Welcoming Gathering for East Timor. Five new IWPG members joined this welcoming gathering and took time to understand IWPG better with some of the members that newly joined IWPG in the first half of the year. Like the previous welcoming gathering,  Felicidade Victoria Timora Dos Santos Takeleb, member of Lautos Si Animators, introduced PLTE in detailed and shared her thoughts as a PLTE graduate.

Alicia Henrique Maia, member of Magis Timor-Leste, said, “I am happy to be here at the welcoming gathering, and I hope we can meet offline in the future.”

Ana Maria De Jesus Fernandes De Araujo, member of Youth Generation in Action, said, “I didn’t know much about IWPG, but through this welcoming gathering, I think working with IWPG is a good opportunity to work for women and peace. I look forward to IWPG’s programs, and I hope we meet together in East Timor one day.”


Tanzania gathers new IWPG members and promotes PLTE

In the month of August, Global Region 2 held a large-scale campaign to gather new IWPG members and PLTE students in Tanga and Ngorongoro, Tanzania.

Peace Committee Representative Lilian Msaki (Arusha Peace Committee Representative, Regional Representative of Health Africa) provided online/offline PLTE lessons to the 22 new PLTE students who have registered in July. In the Ngorongoro region, 20 women are actively participating in IWPG peace activities.

One member in Tanga said, “IWPG is an amazing organization, and I wish to work together for peace.”

One member in Ngorongoro said, “For women to change their mindset, we must teach the children about peace.”

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Meeting with Assistant of Egypt October Party

On Aug 31, Global Region 2 met with Dr. Rana Hossameldien Elnatar, Assistant to the Party Leader for Women Affairs and a Member of the Executive Office, Dr. Jihan Madih. Dr. Rana said, “I want to help produce more female leaders by empowering women, strengthening gender equality, and increasing female political participation. I will help women raise their voice. I will try to follow IWPG’s peace activities more closely and make sure that awareness toward peace is raised among Egyptian women.”


Melbourne Branch meets with Projects Officer and Human Rights Activist and Team Leader of MiCare

On Aug 9, Global Region 2 Melbourne Branch met Ms. Fia Hamid-Walker, Projects Officer of the Human Rights Defender. Through this meeting,  Melbourne Branch introduced IWPG’s peace activities and HWPL’s Sep 18 World Peace Summit that will take place on Sep 18. Ms. Fia Hamid-Walker said, “This is closer to international law than human rights. But she should not be one-sided, but work to protect the rights of all groups.”

On Aug 23, Melbourne Branch met Ms. Sarah Chong, Team Leader of MiCare. Through this meeting, the Melbourne Branch introduced IWPG’s peace activities and HWPL’s Sep 18 World Peace Summit that will take place on Sep 18. Sarah said, “DPCW should also mention female peace and security.” Through this meeting,
IWPG Melbourne Branch and Ms. Sarah Chong discussed ways to conduct PLTE to jointly plan programs for next year.


MOA Signing to Achieve Peace


Global Region 4 signs MOA with Myanmar Professional Institute

On Aug 30, Global Region 4 signed an MOA with Myanmar Professional Institute. A total of 6 staff members participated, and it was a good opportunity for the two organizations to understand each other better.

Cho Cho Win, Marketing Head of Myanmar Professional Institute, said, “IWPG’s dedication to the development of education and peace is amazing. This MOA marks the start of a new partnership to empower Myanmar women and strengthen their professional growth.”

Thandar Aung, founder of Myanmar Professional Institute, said, “Our partnership with IWPG is a beacon of hope in a world blurred with uncertainty. I thank IWPG for starting this path of change with Myanmar Professional Institute.” Thandar Aung completed PLTE and is working as a Peace Lecturer.


Global Region 10 signs MOA with Pakistan Bright Star Montessori School

On Aug 18, Global Region 10 signed an MOA with Bright Star Montessori School in Pakistan during the 5th International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting. Principal Rehmat Masih said, “I was grateful that the children of our school could participate in the Loving-Peace Art Competition. I am also happy to sign an MOA at such an amazing event that symbolizes female solidarity. Peace is not the business of others, but something that relates to us all. I am happy to work with IWPG going forward. I want to be invited again to the next event.”


Interview of the Month





I Na Shin

Republic of Korea


IWPG Peace Committee Representative


1. Please introduce yourself.

Hello. My name is I Na Shin, and I am a Representative of East Gyeonggi Peace Committee and also the director of the Gangnam Branch of the Korean Pansori Preservation Society and the Gangnam Songjuk Traditional Korean Music and Arts Troupe.

2. How did you get to know IWPG and what made you decide to work with them?

I was first introduced to IWPG Branch Manager JunJwa Park through monk Il Jin, who is active in peace work, at a theater. I understood that the organization was an influential international NGO, and I thought it was amazing that its headquarters were in South Korea. IWPG works to pass down peace as an eternal legacy to the future generation with the heart of a mother. I decided to become a member of IWPG because I, also a mother raising a young boy, wanted my son to live in a world without war. In December 2022, I had the honor of being appointed as a Peace Committee Representative.

3. How did you start doing peace work with IWPG?

My grandfather died in the battlefield. His body has not been found even to this day, so only a tablet with his name is resting in the National Cemetery. We perform ancestral rites every year without his body. So our family always thought that we would not have to perform these rituals every year without our grandfather’s body if it had not been for the war. Everyone wants peace without war, but no one knows the practical methods to achieve this. That is why people only dream. I was also one of them. However, I learned the clear method through IWPG, and now that I am actively participating, I am trying to promote IWPG’s mindset and values to others and encourage them to join as well.

4. What is the most memorable moment among your peace activities? Is there anything you want to say to IWPG?

A few years ago, I participated in HWPL’s Sep 18 World Peace Summit. I was amazed when I politicians, lawyers, and religious leaders from all around the world gathered together to urge the DPCW to be passed as an international law. The world of peace that I dreamed of theoretically became something real right in front of my eyes. It was very touching and memorable.

But still many people do not know about IWPG. So I think it would be better if the media reports more on IWPG’s peace activities so that more people know about it and support peace actively.

5. What is the most important and urgent thing required to achieve peace?

In order for the world to bring an end to war and live in sustainable peace, we need systematic peace education. Schools all around the world are being selected as peace schools through IWPG, and I know that IWPG is signing MOUs with many schools to provide the students with peace education.

If this peace education reaches students, women, and everyone around the world, the world will understand the need for the 10 Articles and 38 Clauses of the DPCW, the answer to sustaining peace. Then, DPCW will be institutionalized. We need peace, and the answer to that is the 10 Articles 38 Clauses of the DPCW.

6. Could you leave any last remarks to our peace family all around the world?

Dear IWPG peace family, I am so proud of the IWPG members that are participating in peace work with a motherly heart to pass down a world of peace to the future generation. We may be weak individually, but if we become one for peace, we have strong power. Our future generation will remember that we united for peace. As a Peace Committee Representative, I will also join in and promote IWPG. We are one!


Answer to eradicate war and achieve peace!

Signatures in Support of the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)’

DPCW 10 Articles 38 Clauses is a declaration to bring sustainable peace to the world by preventing conflict and enabling international supervisory institutions to play their role of mediating conflict.


What happens if I sign in support of the DPCW???‍♂?
The DPCW can be legislated as a binding international law through the UN. Consequently, war will disappear from the surface of the earth, and everyone will be able to enjoy a peaceful world, bringing peace to regions suffering from conflict and bloodshed.


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