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Oct 2023   

The International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) continued to work for the cause of peace alongside women from around the world in September. The most significant event was the commemoration of the HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) 9.18 Peace Summit held annually in September. Under the theme of "The Multifaceted Role of Women for Sustainable Peace," IWPG organized the `2023 World Women`s Peace Conference,` where women leaders emphasized the importance of women`s peace education and shed light on the case of real peace being realized in Mindanao, the Philippines. They also pointed out the current limitations of international law and advocated for the legal enactment of the `Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War` (DPCW). Following the conference, a high-level women`s development cooperation meeting and an overseas media interview with Yoon Hyun-sook, the head of IWPG, further solidified efforts in peace cooperation and promotion. In addition, IWPG worked diligently to bring together diverse members of civil society and peace advocates.


IWPG holds a conference on The Role of Women for

Sustainable Peace

- Brings together more than a thousand women around the world for the 9th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit


IWPG (International Women’s Peace Group) held the 2023 International Women`s Peace Conference (IWPC) under the theme "The Multifaceted Role of Women for Sustainable Peace”. Many women attended from various countries and their contributions and results in building global peace were highlighted during the event. Furthermore, they called for women to actively participate in future peace initiatives with a unified voice. 
The IWPC took place on the 19th at the Grand Hyatt Incheon West Tower in Incheon, South Korea, from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM. The venue had seating for approximately 1,000 attendees, and interpretation services were provided in eight languages, including Korean, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Mongolian, and Ukrainian.
This event was organized as part of HWPL’s (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) 9th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit, a peace collaborating organization with IWPG that is led by Chairman Man Hee Lee.


Hyun Sook Yoon, the Chairwoman of IWPG, said during the opening speech, "It is imperative that we establish a system guaranteeing global sustainable peace. Without such a system, no nation can truly be free from the threat of war." She encouraged everyone to think together about peace that is needed and said, "IWPG is working in solidarity with women worldwide, using multifaceted approaches to achieve peace that the world needs. We look forward to groundbreaking plans and active participation from the attendees at this conference."


First, H.E. Maria de Fatima Afonso Vila Nova, the First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, delivered a speech at the event. She stated, " the time has come for us to reverse the position of women on issues of insecurity, conflict and war.," and she encouraged women to “occupy high places that allow them to have positive intervention in this matter.”


As a special speaker, H.E. Aya Benjamin Libo Warille, the Minister of Gender, Child, and Social Welfare of South Sudan, emphasized the importance and urgency of sustainable peace. She said, "Sustainable peace has to be built form the ground up," and added, "We know that the journey to peace is not an easy one; we will have challenges that will not be easy to overcome, but a nation like ours have a resilient people, we have ideas that will not be stopped by adversity, and we will emerge victorious.”


In the main sessions, there were three major topics: Peace Education, Peace Culture, and Institutionalization of Peace. In the first session, Kadia Maiga Diallo, Secretary-General of the National Commission of Mali for UNESCO, presented on the topic of “Women`s Peace Education: Importance and Opportunities.” She emphasized that women play a crucial role in conflict resolution and stressed the need to involve them in negotiations, reconciliation, mediation, and the peace-building process. She also highlighted various methods that can be used to support peace education projects, citing examples from the government of Mali.


Neziha Labidi, former Minister of Women, Family, Child, and Seniors in Tunisia, spoke on the topic of “Women`s Peace Education for the Future: Empowerment in a Changing World.” Lillian Msaki, a public health specialist of Christian Social Service Commissions (CSSC), explained the change Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE) program brought to Tanzania. 
Former Minister Neziha Labidi remarked, “despite these efforts to reduce violence, there is still a long way to go to establish new behaviors and a new culture of respect for human dignity. I believe that it is more intelligent to recognise the right of each culture and civilisation to respect its values without prejudice, while having the universal values of human rights as a common denominator.”
She continued her speech by emphasizing that, “Women`s peace education is a crucial means to teach women and girls about their rights and how to protect them, providing them with the essential foundation to become integral members of society and leaders.” She quoted Dutch philosopher Spinoza and said, “peace emerges from within a person`s heart, and to achieve it, the teaching of peace seeds in their hearts should take precedence.”


Having completed the Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE) program and possessing the Peace Lecturer certification, Lillian Benedict Msaki said, "PLTE was a clear education that transformed my thoughts and perspectives through concrete guidance on respecting life and practicing altruism." She further explained, " Our top priority for achieving significant success in peace education is to collaborate strategically with the Tanzanian government. We are in the final stages of registering IWPG Tanzania Chapter [branch], and IWPG continues to actively engage with local communities, making a real impact." She mentioned that she is currently giving peace lectures to 23 students in Tanzania.


In the second session, facilitated by Charleen Hull, the Coordinator of the Department of International Affairs at the IWPG headquarters, three women from the Philippines discussed "Women’s Lives Changed Peaceful in Mindanao." The session featured the participation of Maria Theresa Royo-Timbol, Municipal Mayor of Kapalong, Davao del Norte; Elizabeth Mangudadadatu, Municipal Vice Mayor of Mangudadadatu, Maguindanao; and Ruby Banares-Victorino, former President of Zonta Club of Metropolitan Pasig. 
They delved into the 40 years of history of the Mindanao conflict from its start to the present, shedding light on the atrocities of the time. As locals, they testified to the impact of HWPL on peace in Mindanao and stressed the need for women`s cooperation and solidarity for sustainable peace.


In the third session, the limitations of current international law and the significance of the "Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War" (DPCW) were introduced. Ahlam Beydoun, a former professor of law and political science at Beirut`s Lebanese University, discussed the limitations of current international laws in light of the present international situation. She believed that the difficulty of achieving international peace and security for humanity is related to national practices and the functioning of the UN. Dr. Beydoun pointed out that, “The UN Charter was drafted by the victorious nations of World War II. It includes agreements from post-World War I and serves the interests of the victorious nations. Consequently, while the UN Charter contains rules to promote world peace, these rules were established to serve the interests of powerful nations.”
Regarding the UN Charter, she stated, "The UN Charter delegates the task of maintaining international peace and security to the Security Council. However, the Security Council does not make decisions based on the principle of sovereign equality and is not neutral." She further noted that a solution involves raising awareness among the people and improving the decision-making process of the Security Council to be more objective and neutral.


Next, Kyu Sun Lee, the Director of the Peace Education of IWPG headquarters, introduced the significance and main contents of the DPCW. The DPCW was drafted by the HWPL International Law Peace Committee, comprised of international legal experts, and was publicly announced on March 14, 2016. This declaration consists of 10 articles and 38 clauses, outlining methods for preventing and resolving conflicts, mediating, and maintaining peace.
Kyu Sun Lee explained, "The DPCW explicitly outlines numerous clauses to foster an understanding and respect for diversity in our international society, and it sets the background for principles that all must pursue and uphold.” She added, " if the DPCW were to become a legally binding instrument, it would serve as a cornerstone and a new order for constructing a world of peace."


Budee Munkhtuya, President of Association of Mothers with the Order of Famous Mothers, former member of the Mongolian Parliament and a member of IWPG’s advisory committee, spoke on the topic of "The Role of Women in the Institutionalization of Sustainable Peace." She highlighted the ineffectiveness of current international law and peace treaties, using the example of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and emphasized the importance of women`s involvement in the legalization of the DPCW.

Bude Munkhtuya stated, "To achieve cooperation among various civil organizations and groups, women`s leadership, which includes communication, collaboration, and reconciliation, is necessary." She further stated, "Women can provide differentiated perspectives and wisdom for conflict resolution, making them valuable contributors to the development of peaceful and inclusive international laws."


Lastly, there was the appointment ceremony for IWPG Advisory Committee members and Publicity Ambassadors, along with the presentation of a Plaque of Appreciation. Aya Benjamin Libo Warille (South Sudan) and Pascal Isho Warda (Iraq) were appointed as Advisory Committee members, while Warda Sada (Israel) was appointed as a Peace Ambassador.

A Plaque of Appreciation was presented to recognize the outstanding contribution of individuals and to encourage their continued efforts. The awardees included Larzy Varghees (India), Vinutthaput Phophet (Thailand), and Ms. Chon Wanja (South Korea).


High Level Cooperation for Development


IWPC successfully concluded at the Grand Hyatt Incheon, followed by the High-level Development Cooperation Conference on the same day. During this event, Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon of IWPG met with several dignitaries, including H.E. Maria de Fatima Afonso Vila Nova, the First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe; H.E. Mutuuzo Peace Regis, Minister of State for Gender and Culture Affairs of Uganda; Maria Theresa Royo-Timbol, Mayor of Kapalong Davao Del Norte in the Philippines; and Woo Sow Pheng, IWPG Branch Manager of Malaysia. 

At this gathering, Chairwoman Yoon signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Ugandan Ministry of State for Gender and Culture Affairs and Davao Del Norte, Philippine. PLTE program initiatives were discussed with Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, Uganda, and the Philippines. The possibility of erecting peace monuments in the Philippines and Malaysia were also discussed. IWPG plans to actively implement peace initiatives within each country and region and advocate for support of the DPCW at a national level.


IWPG Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon’s First Overseas Press Interview

IWPG Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon engaged in direct interviews with five journalists from overseas, including Ms. Dwi Anggia Ritmadhini, Executive Producer of TVOne; Ms. May Mavis Gaunavou, Producer and Presenter of Fiji TV; Mr. Korie Shankulie Arsie, Representative of OBN; Mr. Addis Assefa Weldamanuel, senior journalist; and Mr. Wondesen Aregahegn Reta, Senior Producer of Fana Broadcasting Corporate.
Chairwoman Yoon reflected on the achievements of the past ten years and said, "After many years of the International Women`s Peace Conferences’ slogans consistently calling for peace, we now have supporters gathering and we are able to listen to their stories." She also expressed with hope, “I expect to see this positive flow accelerate in the coming year.”
She highlighted the introduction of PLTE in 2018 as a significant achievement. Chairwoman Yoon mentioned, "As of early this year, it has been distributed to approximately 80,000 members in a total of 74 countries." Additionally, she emphasized that they are enhancing international cooperation and exchange through the periodic International Women`s Peace Network Regular Meeting, held by region, by category, and by theme, to strengthen collaboration at the national, continental, and community levels. Aside from this there is a branch system that is used to enhance cooperation. 
IWPG aims to collaborate with media outlets for continuous international coverage and promotion of peace events and plans to appoint women journalists as IWPG Peace Ambassadors.


Exchange and Collaboration of Female Leaders

- Promise of peace cooperation with influential female leaders


First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

Global Region 3 held discussions with H.E. Maria de Fatima Afonso Vila Nova, the First Lady of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe, on how to actively carry out IWPG’s peace projects. H.E. Maria de Fatima Afonso Vila Nova, who spoke at the International Women`s Peace Conference held in Incheon, South Korea on the 19th, emphasized solidarity and cooperation during her speech by stating, “Who walks alone may even get there faster, but the one who goes with him will certainly go further.” As a member of the IWPG Advisory Committee, she signed an MOA through her affiliated foundation and promised to work together with IWPG to vitalize the International Loving-Peace Art Competition, promote the PLTE program, and form networks with women in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe and IWPG. The diverse peace presentations by women leaders from various countries at the International Women`s Peace Conference impressed H.E. Maria de Fatima Afonso Vila Nova as she expressed, "Without peace, daily life cannot be sustained, so we must all unite to achieve peace."


Jordan Parliament

Global Region 2 held an online meeting with H.E MP Mayada Shream, a Jordanian Member of Parliament (Chair of The Women Committee and Family Affairs) on Sep 23 to introduce IWPG and discuss future activity plans.
H.E Mayada Shream is passionate about women`s rights and peace in Jordan and is responsible for women and family issues in the parliament. She has a passion for high-level women`s peace education in coordination with IWPG, and she is dedicated to advancing the development of Jordan in line with the global era, preparing for a peaceful future for children and adolescents.
She expressed her commitment, stating, "I will implement the International Loving-Peace Art Competition on a national level in Jordan and become a peace ambassador for Jordan and work with work together with IWPG to achieve peace.


IWPG Global Region 2 High-Level Coalition Event

On Sep 18, in Songdo, Incheon, Global Region 2 hosted a joint event for women`s peace, bringing together female leaders from seven countries (Australia, Lebanon, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Iraq) and 35 journalists.
The event featured prominent female leaders, including Dr. Ahlam Beydoun, Former Professor of Law at the Lebanese University; Ms. Pascale Isho Warda, Former Minister of Immigration and Refugees, Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, President; Dr. Hanan Youssef, Chairwoman of Arab Organization for Dialogue and International Cooperation; Ms. Lilian Benedict Msaki, Public Health Specialist of Christian Social Service Commissions; Ms. Fatma Fredrick Kikkides. National Coordinator and Representative of Women of Tanzania Community of Reconciliation and Peace; Mr. Korie Shankulie Arsie, Representative of OBN Horn of Africa Media; Mr. Addis Assefa Weldamanuel, Senior Journalist of OBN Horn of Africa Media; Mr. Wondesen Aregahegn Reta, Senior Producer of Fana Broadcasting Corporate; Dr. Warda Sada, founder of Israel Palestine for Peace Organization Israel Palestine for Peace Organization; Saba Gebre Medhin Hagos, Executive Director of Network of Ethiopian Women`s Associations; Dr. Ghada Chreim Ata, Former Minister of the Displaced; Dr. Rana Hossameldien Elnatar, Assistant to the Party Leader for Women Affairs of Egypt October Party; Shafaq Jaffery, President of AusPak Women Association; Dur E Shahwar Bilal, Secretary of AusPak Women Association and Managing Director of Best Disability Solution Services; and Dr. Sadaf Asad, Doctor and Director of AusPak Women Association were present at the event.
Leaders from Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine who couldn’t physically attend the event due to circumstances joined online. 
During this event each country shared their peace activities and determinations to urge for the DPCW. Also, a congratulatory video message for high-level women and a video of past activities were shown. Lastly, promises were made from side meetings with each country to sign a MOA. 
Female leaders who attended the event promised to form networks and actively participate in peace activities in their respective countries and beyond, stating, "We have learned a lot from the achievements of Global Region 2 in building world peace. We will return to our countries to form networks and participate in many peace activities."


African Women Leader’s Peace Conversation

Global Region 2 held the African Women Leader’s Peace Conversation consisting of four countries (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Egypt, Uganda) on the 19th. High-ranking women from public agencies and civil society organizations gathered to assess the current challenges and seek solutions.

Lilian Benedict Msaki, a leading public health specialist and Director of Equality for All(EFA), stated, "Due to conflicts occurring in many regions of Africa, women are the most affected economically and socially." She added, "To ensure sustainable peace for all women on the African continent, we must enhance their role and strengthen their efforts."

H.E. Mutuuzo Peace Regis Minister of Gender and Culture of Uganda, said, "Africa is currently experiencing the most armed conflicts in the world." She emphasized the need to empower women`s roles in achieving peace and address obstacles together. She also stressed that governments should unite to promote peaceful solutions and that the PLTE program is necessary for enhancing the African Peace Initiative.

Ms. Saba Gebre Medhin Hagos, Executive Director of Network of Ethiopian Women`s Associations, stated, "The problems faced by women across Africa due to insecurity are nearly identical." She argued that women should become a unified force to promote peace through cooperation.

Dr. Hanan Youssef, Chairwoman of the Arab Organization for Dialogue and International Cooperation in Egypt, discussed the need for strengthening peace education and lectures in all institutions worldwide to achieve the peace that the world values.

Lana Hosameldin El Nattah, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Siwalda Women`s Ministry, said, "Women`s rights can be enhanced through education, and for this, women worldwide need to raise their voices."

Seo Yeon Lee, Regional Director of IWPG, stated, "The world has overcome COVID-19 together for three years and has entered an era of a paradigm shift in the fundamentals of humanity: freedom, love, and peace. Governments must resolve common issues related to women`s rights, education, and more within Africa, centered around IWPG`s peace initiatives."

During the peace conversation, women leaders promised to participate in IWPG`s peace activities through strengthening peace education in schools, establishing women`s peace networks, expanding the involvement of local community leaders, and maintaining regular communication. The African Women Leader’s Peace Conversation was attended by media outlets such as Ethiopia OBN Broadcasting station and FANA Broadcasting station, receiving significant attention and coverage.


Lebanese Women Leaders Exchange Meeting

On the 17th, Global Region 2 held a Lebanese Female Networking Meeting. Dr. Ahlam Beydoun, a painter and former professor of law at the University of Lebanon, and Ghada Shreim Ata, former Lebanese Minister of Refugees and currently the political head of the National Women`s Commission, professor at the University of Lebanon, met in person for the first time.
Dr. Ghada Shreim Ata expressed significant interest in the 2024 68th UN CSW and promised to cooperate. She also requested the continued national-level organization of the IWPG International Loving-Peace Art Competition. They also discussed the directions for improving women`s rights and status.
Dr. Ahlam Beydoun, a former professor, mentioned the limitations of international law and emphasized the need for lawmaking that is relevant to today`s reality.
Seo Yeon Lee, the Regional Director of Global Region 2, encouraged everyone by saying, "Let us unite our hearts for the future of women and children in Lebanon and beyond, towards world peace." She also requested active support from the Lebanese government and said, "Let`s adopt a multifaceted approach strategy in solidarity with women worldwide."


Networking with Civil Society (Meetings)

- Collaboration with citizens interested in peace


International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting

On Sep 18, Global Region 1 held the International Women Leaders’ Peace Meeting with the guests from Indonesia, Philippines, China, and Kyrgyzstan who joined the 9th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit in Korea in order to discuss results of peace activities in each country over the year.
Sri, an Indonesian member who is also a university professor and IWPG Peace Lecturer, is engaging in active peace activities in her country. “I am amazed that so many people around the world work for peace and can gather together at one place through the Sep 18 Peace Summit. I am honored to be here. It was opportunity for me to plan other various peace projects to work on when I return to Indonesia.” 
Caress Timbol from Philippines said talked about her motivation to engage in peace work and her future plans, networking with other female leaders.


Networking with Ethiopia and Tanzania

On Sep 20, Global Region 2 held a networking meeting with Ethiopia and Tanzania figures, two of their cooperative countries. They came together to discuss IWPG peace activities and reaffirm their commitment toward cooperation and world peace.
Saba Gebre Medhin Hagos, Executive Director of Network of Ethiopian Women`s Associations, said “IWPG is truly inspirational. I will use this opportunity to open a new horizon of peace for Ethiopian women.” 
Lillian Msaki, public health specialist, said, “The wind of peace is blowing in Tanzania through women’s peace education. Women are facing change.” 
Korie Shankulie Arsie, Representative of OBN Horn of Africa Media, asked for women’s peace education to be implemented in Ethiopia. Mr. Wondesen Aregahegn Reta, Senior Producer of Fana Broadcasting Corporate, promised continuous peace activities and promotion. 
Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee said, “It is the light and hope of our future for humanity to transcend race, religion, and culture to become one. Let’s become the light for each other.”


Meeting with Indian School Principal

Global Region 3 met with Holy Cross College of Kanyakumari, India, to strengthen peace partnerships. Dr. Sahayaselvi Susainathan, principal of Holy Cross College, agreed to continue cooperating with Anisha Dani, assistant professor of English and an IWPG member who completed PLTE, so that PLTE can be applied to the college curriculum. Also, Jansi Reela Sam Packiajohn, the Peace Committee Representative of Kanyakumari, agreed to keep working with women members and gathering partners. Dr. Usha Daniel, principal of Women`s Christian College, promised to introduce IWPG to influential organizations in the community and sign MOAs with them and facilitate PLTE within the school. Shanthi Socrates, Peace Committee Representative of Chennai, was awarded the Plaque of Appreciation in recognition of her active peace projects in 2023 and was also gifted with a banner to be used in further peace activities.


Discussions for Peace in Bangladesh

Global Region 3 had a meeting with Rania Alam, founder and art facilitator of Flame Arts Open Studio in Bangladesh, to discuss peace projects in Bangladesh. Ms. Rania Alarm held the 4th and 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition in Dhaka and suggested that IWPG cooperate with prestigious artists in the region as judges to expand the competition and drawing exhibition next year. She also said that she plans to focus on regularly recruiting more IWPG members and establishing a Peace Committee in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to become more active. She also announced her plans to gather more women to take PLTE, mentioning that as an artist, she will become the trumpet of peace to spread peace culture all around the world.


Peace Meeting with Peace Committee Members in Africa

On Sep 18, Global Region 6 held a Peace Meeting at Star Five Cafe in Incheon. Five Peace Committee members from Lesotho and South Africa and six Directors from Global Region 6 participated. 
Evelyn Letooane, former commissioner of Lesotho and IWPG Lesotho Peace Committee Representative, said, “Our utmost mission is to spread a culture of peace, and the DPCW is the blueprint of peace. DPCW is the practical and active solution to end conflict and achieve peace. I urge everyone to engage in in this sacred effort to spread the message of peace. Let’s continue to endure to realize our dream of a peaceful world. I hope the spirit of peace lives in the hearts of everyone.”
Abigail Van Rheede, the Peace Committee Representative of Bonteheuwel, South Africa, said, “Our mission as a Peace Committee member is to bring change to our community. We planted sunflowers in our community to change a landfill into a garden of peace. The Peace Garden was established in January, 2019, and CCN international and Netherlands TV came all the way to Bontwell to film a documentary on the Peace Garden.” She also talked about a peace event where she invited 500 women on Mothers’ Day and gave them each a bag of sunflower seeds with a message that said, “Let’s plant the seed of peace!”
Suk Ui Geum, Peace Committee Representative of Wonju Branch, who also completed PLTE, said, “Women around the world can strengthen their capabilities and learn how to practice peace by learning the mindset of peace. PLTE teaches us why women should come together as one and what each individual should do for your happiness and world peace. At the same time, the DPCW gave me the confidence that we can end war. I am introducing IWPG and PLTE to the people around me because I want everyone to know about peace.”


Lesotho Networking Meeting

On Sep 19, Global Region 6 met individually with Natalie Williams, Bontwell Peace Committee Representative, and Abigail van Rheede, Dawn Gail Arendse, and Dawn Gail Arendse, all Lesotho Peace Committee members, at a cafe in Incheon. Through this meeting, the parties discussed how to facilitate Peace Committee activities in Lesotho. After that, the Global Region gave the figures various supplies that they can use for peace activities in their relevant countries.


Cambodia International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting

On Sep 22, IWPG Global Region 12 held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting jointly with 5 Branches including Cambodia, Jeonju, Iksan, Gunsan, and Jeunguep (Korea), at the IWPG Jeonju Branch office at Wansan-gu, Jeonju.

The event, consisting of 2 parts, started with greeting remarks from Regional Director Soo Jung Lee, followed by an introduction of the guests, a book story, DPCW education, a cowbell performance, and a special yodel singing performance.

There also was a part where the members learned about DPCW Article 4 “Self-determination” in detail. After that, everyone came together to enjoy traditional Korean food, celebrating the upcoming Korean thanksgiving holiday.


Tokyo Branch International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting

On Sep 27, Tokyo Branch held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting online with 10 participants. During the event, the Branch presented the results of the 9th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit held in Incheon, Korea, on Sep 17~19. Next, Nakamura Kiyoko gave a lecture on the impact of radioactivity on the human health and the planet, basic knowledge on nuclear power plants, and ways to protect one’s health from radioactivity. After that, the members shared their opinions and feelings.


Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)

-Peace that starts from me spreads to the whole world


Yangon Branch, Myanmar

Yangon Branch has been conducting peace education every Saturday in September. Three lecturers were each in charge of one month of education, and this month covered lesson 4~7. 
Myat Thu Thu Aung, founder of Innovation for Educational life, said, “The students are very interested in peace and try to practice what they have learned. They even wanted to apply their family peace law within their families. I think PLTE is a very effective program. It is perfect.” 
The following are the students’ reactions. Hnin Thein said, “Through the education, I could learn the main actors and the result of war and the obstacles to peace realization. We can overcome these obstacles through IWPG’s work.” 
Win Win Khing said, “We need peace more than ever because we have war. Because women are patient, they can play an important role in the process of peace establishment. Some women participate in war because they need to protect themselves. Going forward, all women need to come together to join in achieving peace.” 
Nang San Hkaung said, “It was interesting because I could learn what a lecturer should and should not do.”



On Sep 1, PLTE took place in Buea, Molyko, Cameroon, for 5 students. The lecturer was Emma Yoti, manager of Anointing TV JKE.

Journalist Zhuh Melanie Vetine, one of the students, said, “I learned that I, as a woman, play the most vital role in peace realization. Women may be weak, but inside them, they have the power to change the world and make it peaceful. Peace must start from the inside for you to spread it to others. If we practice this education, I’m sure peace will become real.”

Another student, Nguty Stella Etoh Nombo, Executive Director of Diversity Is Beauty Africa, said, “I want to recommend PLTE to almost all women.

Anembom Loh, General Secretary of Wuchu`s Farm, said the biggest change she experienced was healing, understanding, and empowerment. She said, “I’m not just a woman. I am a seed with the potential to grow into a big tree that gives life. I am not a woman that cringes in fear when I think of the sound of gunshot.”

Journalist and gender activist Tabi Delma Achangha said, “Through the education, I learned how to love myself. I now gained a new perspective on living a life that express love and peace to others.”  

Jin Evolate Ngoh, focal person of Nascent Solutions, said with gratitude, “PLTE is an amazing training program that should be recommended to any woman who wants to know about peace. This program has a lot of content on how women and mothers can achieve peace within their families.”

Also, Etaka Eyong Elsie, monitoring and evaluation officer of Goodwill Ambassadors of Hope, and Nkanwhi Patience Angu, spiritual leader of Tabitha Women Ebenezer Baptist Church Soppo Buea, received PLTE online.



On Sep 10, Woman Peace Lecturer Lillian Msaki lectured on PLTE lesson 2 and 3 to 12 students online. The title of PLTE lesson 2 is “Peace Virtues of the Global Citizens” discussing the main traits of a person of peace that strives to make peace in the world, including respect, tolerance, justice, dedication, and harmony. Lillian Msaki gave a 90-minute lecture in English, and interacted with the students by receiving questions. IWPG is planning to continue spreading women’s peace education to more members in Tanzania.


Memorandum of Agreement signing ceremony to realize peace project

-Women`s solidarity for the realization of sustainable peace


OBN Horn OF Africa, Ethiopia

On Sep 20, Global Region 2 signed a MOA for world peace with OBN Horn OF Africa from Ethiopia. OBN(Oromia Broadcasting Network) is a national broadcast and government institution in Ethiopia that covers local news, international and domestic news, debates, drama, entertainment shows, music and so much more. It is very influential broadcast within the country, reaching various groups of people within Ethiopia.

OBN broadcasted an interview with Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee in June and conducted a second interview with Yonas Adaye Adeto, Director of Institute for Peace and Security Studies Addis Ababa University. Also, OBN anchor Addis Assefa Weldamanuel strongly supports IWPG and introduces it to other press and media officials.

Through this MOA, OBN promised to build a network of press to introduce IWPG peace activities and plan projects such as press covers and interviews to actively engage in peace activities.

Korie Shankulie Arsie, Representative of OBN, said, “I will work with IWPG to build a peace process in Africa and Ethiopia. We must make peace a part of our daily lives through peace education and establish a Minister of Peace in the national level to make peace institutions through political and civil unity.


AusPak Women Association & Pehchan TV of Australia and Pakistan

On Sep 20, Global Region 2 signed an MOA for world peace with AusPak Women Association (president Shafaq Jaffery). Mrs. Dur E Shahwar Bilal, Managing Director of Best Disability Solution services, and Dr. Sadaf Asad, Director of AusPak Women Association, were present at the event. President Shafaq Jaffery is working actively with Sydney Branch, jointly organizing the preliminary round of the 4th International Loving-Peace Art Competition in Sydney and promoting IWPG and recruiting new members. She will continue to cooperate for peace, including co-hosting an event at the upcoming UN CSW68 in 2024. 
Global Region 2 also signed an MOA with Shafaq Jarrery’s organization, Australia Pehchan TV. President Shafaq Jaffery is actively promoting IWPG’s peace activities, including opening an exhibition with children`s art works from the IWPG International Loving-Peace Art Competition and promoting it in the community.


Arab Organization for Dialogue and International Cooperation

On Sep 20, Global Region met with Hanan Youssef, Chairwoman of Arab Organization for Dialogue and International Cooperation. The two parties signed an MOA and discussed on ways to achieve peace with women in Egypt. 
Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee said, “If we cannot build a worldwide system for sustainable peace, no one can be free from war. IWPG is working with women all around the world to take multi-dimensional measures to achieve peace that the world needs.” 
Chairwoman Hanan Youssef said, “I will set up a meeting with the government so that IWPG can work for peace and women empowerment in Egypt and hold the International Loving-Peace Art Competition at the national level. I will promote IWPG by connecting it to other NGOs in the Arabic community and establish branches so that peace activities can flourish within Egypt.”


Amcha Ghar and St. Mathew`s High School & Junior College in India

On Sep 19, Global Region 5 signed an MOU with Amcha Ghar and St. Mathew`s High School & Junior College of India after the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference. 
During the MOU ceremony, Agatha Sushila Anthony Dias, founder of Amcha Ghar and IWPG Publicity Ambassador, said, “I have waited very long for this MOU signing to promote world peace, and I am happy to work with IWPG.” 
Also, principal Larzy Varghees, who was awarded the Plaque of Appreciation, said, “We need peace education for parents and teachers so that the perception of peace can change.” She promoted to actively promote PLTE.


Lifeline/Childline Zambia

On Sep 19, Global Region 8 signed an MOU with Lifeline/Childline Zambia, a Zambian organization, at the Incheon Grand Hyatt Hotel Maple Room. 
The two organizations agreed to promote IWPG in Zambia and provide PLTE to women in Zambia. Also, they agreed to cooperate to host the International Loving-Peace Art Competition next year for Zambian children and youth. 
The Chief Executive Officer of Lifeline/Childline Zambia, Florence C. Nkhuwa, said she was happy to visit Korea to participate in the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference and sign this MOU with IWPG. 
Lifeline/Childline Zambia is an organization established to protect Zambia women and girls from gender-based violence and help them lead a life of freedom and happiness.


This Month`s Interview




Esther Mukuhi



Visual artist

Founder and teacher of Darubini school of art and design


1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Esther Mukuhi from Nairobi Kenya. I am a visual artist and a teacher by professional.

I am the founder of Darubini school of art and design which started in 2008 after post election violence. I started this project to create  peace and unite children through art. 

I have received various awards including presidential award Elder of burning spear (EBS) where I was recognised due to nurturing talents to underprivileged children in different counties in Kenya for free. I have been judging iwpg peace art contest for children in Kenya since 2021.

2. How did you get to know IWPG and what made you decide to work with them?

It was through a county press journalist friend I came to know iwpg. He gave my contacts to Elysia a senior Assistant of global region 12 of IWPG . She introduced me to IWPG and requested me to be an art competition judge.

When I went through the iwpg introduction I was really touched, I didn`t hesitate to respond and I agreed to volunteer to be a judge. l felt that I am dealing with the best organization to spread and plant seeds of peace to our young ones.

During 2007_2008 post election violence many people were killed and many were left homeless. The most affected by this war were women and children I believe through IWPG campaigns allover the world such cases can never happen.

3. How did you start doing peace work with IWPG?

I started doing peace work with iwpg when I did 1st peace competition judging, I saw much desire for peace, love and unity in the art works of the children. They expressed their feelings and wishing if peace can remain forever without enemity and war. I was motivated to spread peace to as many children and adults through art.

4. What is the most memorable moment among your peace activities? Is there anything you want to say to IWPG?

There are many memorable and very touching moments including international, loving peace art competition award ceremonies, world peace summits where people from all walks of life gather to advocate for peace, and most unforgettable are art awards ceremony in Greenyard school where whole school witnesses spreading of peace and says we are one! 

I request iwpg to have an annual peace walk in Kenya and the whole world. Also campaign through media houses, schools, churches, parliament etc.

5. What is the most important and urgent thing required to achieve peace?

The urgent things required to promote peace is through signing MOUs to as many organizations as we can . The campaign for peace in social medias, human rights to act, recruiting peace ambassadors who will be advocating for peace in their organisations.

 Also peace education to be in syllabus, to plant seeds of peace in our children thus they will grow knowing that peace is important.

6. Could you leave any last remarks to our peace family all around the world?

The last remarks are, let us stop racism and  tribalism, let`s be friends, let us spread the gospel of peace from our families, neighbours, nations and in the whole world for a better tomorrow. We pray for our  dear Palestinian and Israelites to realize war has no benefit. We are one!


Answer to eradicate war and achieve peace!

Signatures in Support of the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW)’

DPCW 10 Articles 38 Clauses is a declaration to bring sustainable peace to the world by preventing conflict and enabling international supervisory institutions to play their role of mediating conflict.


What happens if I sign in support of the DPCW???‍♂?
The DPCW can be legislated as a binding international law through the UN. Consequently, war will disappear from the surface of the earth, and everyone will be able to enjoy a peaceful world, bringing peace to regions suffering from conflict and bloodshed.


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