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Nov 2023   

In October, the International Women’s Peace Group(IWPG) actively conducted the Women Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE). We also continued to interact with civil society, including meeting with reporters interested in peace. While urging support for the establishment of the Declaration of Peace on the Cessation of Global Wars(DPCW), the answer to peace, there were efforts to encourage women to register as new members.


Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)

-Peace Realized through Female Peace Lecturers



PLTE Batch 8 took place in October in Indonesia, one of IWPG’s cooperative countries. The participants alternated between homeschooling and online lessons. Students living in areas with poor Internet connection were able to review on their own with education material provided by IWPG. 
Sri Suwartiningsih, a lecturer at Satya Wacana Christian University located in Salatiga, Indonesia, said she felt the benefits of PLTE firsthand.
Satya Wacana, a director of the Center for Peace Studies at Christian University, said that PLTE is “a method that can be implemented at the government, NGO, and community level.” 
Indonesian NGO activist Satuf Hidayah also said, “PLTE gives women confidence that they can spread peace all over the world. Our voices may be small, but we will be able to achieve peace by shouting it all around the world.”  


Tanzania Branch

The Tanzania Branch conducted the 5th lesson of PLTE on Oct 21. The lecturer, Lilian Benedict Msaki, regional representative of Health Africa, gave a lecture on the cause of war, which is human greed based on limited resources. 
After taking lesson 5, Dr. Sirila also discussed the topic of human greed and the cause of war with other Tanzanian women. She said, “Currently many people are being sacrificed in the Israel-Hamas war, and I hope a world of peace comes as soon as possible.” 
One student, Naisekare Retiti, said, “I didn’t know so many people died through war. We must take action to save precious human lives.” 
Agnes Lubago said, “Through lesson 5, I could learn how greed changed lives and human nature. We must rid ourselves of greed and spread the seed of peace so that the future of our children is full of only peace.” 
On the same day, Dar es Salaam Branch Manager Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni conducted an interview with new PLTE students. During the PLTE interview the students expressed their view on peace, their motivation for PLTE, and their attitude and resolution for the course. 
Fatma Fredric Kikkides said, “After experiencing PLTE, I want to share this education to others who want to know about peace.” 
Faraja Ambonisye Mwandembo said, “I want to become a messenger of peace that has proper knowledge of peace, understands it well, and teaches it to others.” 
Monika Michael expressed her commitment by saying, “I hope peace starts from ourselves and our families. I want to make a society without violence and war, and I want to change the mentality of women.”


Yangon Branch of Myanmar

Yangon Branch of Myanmar conducted PLTE lessons every Saturday in October, covering lesson 8~10 in October.

Thandar Aung, IT Projects Director of Myanmar Computer Professional Association, said, “All the lessons allow us to heal traumas and create harmony within our families and communities. I am passionate in strengthening peace all around the world. Peace is not just a topic, but it is a mission that I take seriously.”

The students were mostly positive about the education. After the 8th lesson, Hnin Thein said “IWPG emphasizes the power of women for the advancement of peace. The heart and love of a mother is the greatest power in the world. Through today’s education, I could understand the mission vision, and amazing logo of IWPG.”

After the 9th lesson, Soe Soe Aung said, “I could learn how to protect peace and how IWPG is formed. I could also think about how to conduct peace activities with students.”



On Oct 28, Global Region 4 held a Women’s Peace Education Seminar at Yaounde Nkolmbong to train women peace lecturers. 
Margaret Bechem Bechem, CEO of Women in Development for Change, gave a lecturer on PLTE Lesson 1, 5, and 8, emphasizing the value of peace and education. The students worked on the “Four Seasons of My Life” assignment and “The Peace Law of our Household” assignment of Lesson 1 and shared it with the class while also practicing it in their lives. 
One of the participants, Mbu Hilary, youth coordinator of Women in Development for Change, said that the seminar was interesting and added, “I am grateful for this peace education. I realized that I myself should be peaceful first for me to become a leader of peace.” 



On Oct 26, Global Region 8 held the PLTE Orientation Session online with 7 Vietnamese professors. An introduction was given on the overall curriculum and value of peace education, and everyone agreed to follow the 8-week course. 
Professor Nguy?n Thuy H?ng from Hanoi University of Education, an education expert with a multitude of experience in this field, agreed to cooperate with IWPG so that it can advance more in Vietnam.
Ms. đinh Th? Van Chi, another professor that joined the class through Dr. H?ng said that she believes that we can build a better world through IWPG peace education and promised to actively participate in the education. 


Advocacy of the ‘DPCW’ for a law of peace

-Uniting and advocating for the UN adoption of the DPCW all around the world



On Oct 22, Iraq, a cooperative country of Global Region 2, held a DPCW support campaign with Hon. Pascale Isho Warda, former Minister of Immigration and Refugees and founder of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and other members in Bagdad. 
Hammurabi Human Rights Organization was established in 2003 to advocate for basic human rights and freedom and provide humanitarian aid. Its main projects include legal work in Iraq, support for refugees, investigation on illegal elections, and much more. 
The participants said, “We are starting a campaign for the cessation of war in Bagdad. We support the Statement on the War between Israel and Hamas for peace.” 



Global Region 2 conducted a DPCW support campaign in Colombia, one of its cooperative countries. The participants said, “Since the Israel-Hamas War, people are raising their voices from all over the world to end war. We will promote the DPCW so that it can be introduced to the UN to bring an end to war.” 


Mongolia Branch

On Oct 16, IWPG Mongolia Branch reached out to 250 students at the Ikh Zasag Law School to promote IWPG and DPCW and was able to receive 174 signatures.


Interaction with civil society for peace

-Meeting with citizens who want peace


Interaction with Ethiopian journalists

On October, Global Region 2 met online with 3 press officials: Feseha Yetagsu Manbegrot, CEO of EBC(Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation); Biurk Yirga Taffest, editor of Ethiopia EBS(Ethiopian Broadcasting Service) News Content; and Abel Adamu, Deputy CEO of FBC(Fana Broadcasting Corporate). 
These are national media outlets that provide various programs for the purpose of Ethiopia’s national development and cultural enhancement. They are important media organizations that reflect national values and goals. 
During these meetings, Global Region 2 introduced IWPG and showed them the promotional video. The Global Region also explained IWPG’s activities in Ethiopia so far along with the Africa Women Leaders’ Peace Conference, country meeting, and Media MOA signings held during the period of the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference in September. 
During the meeting on Oct 23, Feseha Yetagsu Manbegrot said, “I was impressed with IWPG’s activities on peace advancement and women’s rights. This is exactly what we need in Ethiopia. I want to work with IWPG to do peace work with other local journalists.” 
When meeting on Oct 13, Biurk Yirga Taffest said, “War sacrifices countless lives. So we are desperate for peace. Media should be able to promote a healthy and peaceful life. Through IWPG, peace is an achievable dream and feasible reality.” 
On Oct 30, Abel Adamu was amazed by IWPG’s peace work and said, “If people all around the world want to be peaceful, we must discuss peace, advance peace, and become one with IWPG to work together for peace.” 
Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee said, “We are trying to build peace in Ethiopia through various peace projects. We look forward to the collaboration between press, the government, and civil society within Ethiopia,” asking them to report actively on peace.


Yemen Women National Committee

On Oct 26, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with 10 female leaders of Yemen, including Shafiqa Saeed Abdo, Chairperson of Women National Committee. 
Yemen Women National Committee is a department under the government established for the purpose of women empowerment. It is working in various ways to help various local organizations and networks of women approach the concept of peace. 
Dr. Elham Gameel Alrsheedi, General Manager of Partnership and Civil Society Organization; Dr. Nahed Abduraheem, General Manager of Monitoring and Evaluation; Ansam Hydra, General Manager of Development; Hani Saleh, General Manager of Finance; Maria Saif, General Manager of Media; Abeer, interpreter; Rana Fahed, WNC Administrative; Esar Abdullah, Office Manager of WNC Chairperson, also participated.
During the meeting IWPG was introduced, and the promotional video was shown, followed by time to share the achievements of past activities. There were also discussions on plans for future peace activities in Yemen. 
Chairperson Shafiqa Saeed Abdo said, “I will continue work closely IWPG for dissemination of a culture of peace and the role of women in peacebuilding.”

Global Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee said, “I was moved by the heartfelt attention and passion toward the development of peace within the country. Yemen is one of the countries with the strongest patriotism and passion toward peace. I can fell the energy and hope for peace.”



On Oct 21, Global Region 2 met with Aisha Albakit, Vice President of Unified Muslim Christian Alliance of the Philippines to share the results of this year’s International Loving-Peace Art Competition and discuss other peace activities.
This meeting was an opportunity for the two organizations to share their ideas of peace projects in Kuwait and to express their commitment to cooperate.
Aisha Albakit said, “The children were very excited this year. They want to participate again next year.” 
She added, “I want to accelerate peace activities by signing an MOU with IWPG. The peace activities for Filipino women really touched and motivated me.” 
The two organizations agreed to hold a peace campaign with 100 Kuwait women and open and PLTE class in the future. 


 Bangladesh Dhaka Peace Committee

Global Region 3 discussed the establishment of Bangladesh Dhaka Peace Committee with Rania Alam, founder and facilitator of Flame a r t s open studio. Rania Alam has promoted IWPG and brought many students to participate in the 4th and 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition. 
Jesmin Akter, BAF Shaheen English Medium College Head of Art Design, and Falguni Barua, Brand Specialist, were appointed as Peace Committee members. She agreed to continuously communicate with the Global Region to promote next year’s Art Competition actively and focus on gathering regular PLTE students regularly. They are going to find more Peace Committee members to work with and plan Regular Meetings in Bangladesh to officially establish the Peace Committee. 


Networking with activists in Bangladesh

Global Region 3 joined a webinar hosted by Center for Strategic and Peace Studies(CPS) titled “Women Empowerment through Digital Platform” and networked with multiple Bangladesh activists. 
One of the speakers, Dr. Abul Hossain, Executive Director of Center for Policy and Development Research(CPDR), said that through the organization’s online education provided through digital platforms women can acquire skills to gain economic independence and also increase access to digital tools to contribute to women empowerment. He also added that support and attention from the government and related institutions is required for education opportunities to reach areas with poor network and infrastructure. 
IWPG introduced its online PLTE program, women empowerment projects using digital tools, and other various projects.


East Timor

Global Region 4 held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting online on Oct 29. During this meeting, Global Region 4 promoted the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference and HWPL’s 9th Commemoration of the Sep 18 World Peace Summit held in September. Yoon Ju An, one of the protocol interpreters shared her experience of the event. 
Apolonia Maria Da Costa, program coordinator of Alola Foundation, said, “I haven’t been able to participate in IWPG activities since 2017, but I’m so grateful to hear of recent news.” 
Kak Fafy, editor of Tatoli, said, “I’m so grateful to have been invited to this regular meeting. Wars are still raging in Ukraine and Russia and Hamas and Israel. I’m happy that IWPG is working for peace in East Timor and all around the world.” 
Lourdes Millenium Conceicao Magno, member of Red Cross Timor-Leste, said, “Peace starts from us. I hope IWPG’s peace activities gradually bring peace to East Timor.”


Cameroon, Burundi

On Oct 26, the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting was held online in Cameroon and Burundi. With 7 participants, there were discussions on the events that took place since July, including the International Women Leaders’ Peace Forum. There was also a MOA signing with Pedagogic In-Service Training Program Cameroon(ISTP-Cameroon). 
Nguty Stella Etoh Nombo, Executive Director of Diversity Is Beauty Africa (DIBA), completed PLTE in September, and she said, “I’m grateful for being able to share my PLTE experience with others. Through today’s meeting, I could learn about IWPG’s activities in more detail.” 
Lucy Nkongho Diffang, pedagogic advisor of the ISTP-Cameroon, who participated in the MOA signing ceremony, said, “The signing of this MOA is a big step in our peace efforts. I really enjoyed the Regular Meeting. It was impressing to hear how PLTE influences so many women. I was inspired.”
Another participant of the Regular Meeting, Aminatou Moussa, President of Action Pour Le Developpment de la Jeune Femme(ADJEF), said, “I learned a lot about peace, and I want to do more peace work.”


Online meeting with Executive Director of YWCA

On Oct 21, Global Region 8 held an online meeting with Mirriam Muvuma Mwiinga, Executive Director of Young women’s Christian Association(YWCA) Zambia. 
YWCA Zambia is an organization working across Zambia to protect women’s rights and provide shelter and protection to Zambia women in need of social help YWCA. It is cooperating with 500 schools and institutions and is providing various programs for children and youth.
Executive Director Mirriam Mwiinga said, “I understand the value of peace and the importance of education, and I believe IWPG peace education is needed for women in Zambia. I will try to host the International Loving-Peace Art Competition next year with schools we are cooperating with in Zambia. I will work as one with IWPG to achieve peace.” 


Press Peace Meeting

On Oct 15, Global Region 10 held the Press Peace Meeting online through Zoom. 30 press officials from Albania, Pakistan, Japan, and Korea came together under the theme of “The Role of Women for Peace and the Role of Press for IWPG Promotion.” Overseas press officials gave speeches, and various officials from Korea and abroad were presented with Certificates of Gratitude. It was a valuable opportunity to discuss methods of mutual cooperation, including a discussion session on the freedom of press. 



On Oct 24, Global Region 2 held an IWPG promotional peace activity with Lamia al Sharabi, journalist, community activist, and lecturer at Taez University. This was a campaign to protect women’s rights from violence and encourage more membership applications. 
Journalist Lamia al Sharabi said, “It is important for women to spread peace to end the 9-year conflict in Yemen. I will work with IWPG to upgrade the level of women’s education and bring change.”


MOA Signing for Peace Projects

-Women Around the World Uniting Under Peace


Global Peace Trust

On Oct 28, Global Region 3 signed a Peace MOA with Global Peace Trust.
Through this MOA, Global Peace Trust agreed to actively participate in IWPG peace activities including PLTE, DPCW campaigns, and much more. 
Florence Varghese, President of Global Peace Trust, said, “This MOA promises to closely cooperate and plant the seed of peace in the hearts under the common goal of peace building. With IWPG, I want to conduct meaningful peace activities such as seminars, webinars, conferences, workshops, and campaigns.”


This Month’s Interview





Dwi Anggia




Indonesian journalist

Executive producer and news anchor of tvOne


1. Please introduce yourself.

Hi. my name is Dwi Anggia, I’m an Indonesian journalist, currently working at tvOne as an executive producer and news anchor. I managed and hosting my own talkshow program, Dua Sisi that aired every Thursday night at 8 pm on tvOne. I’ve been working as journalist for the last 21 years at 4 tv stations in Indonesia, started at TVRI Sumatera Barat, Liputan 6 SCTV, ANTV and tvOne until now on.

2. How did you get to know IWPG and what made you decide to work with them?

I got involved with IWPG through an event in South Korea. I was invited and assigned by my office to made some news story about the event. Then I realized what a remarkable work they did in IWPG regarding world peace and part taking on realizing it.

3. How did you start doing peace work with IWPG?

By doing my portion as a journalist voicing the activity through a news package that I’ve produced.

4. What is the most memorable moment among your peace activities?

As far as I followed some of the agendas, I can see that IWPG doing some serious activity to spread the peace and realizing it, within the obstacle they faced. 

5. What is the most important and urgent thing required to achieve peace?

Common understanding and same vision about peace should be strongly build at the beginning regarding realizing world peace. So every individual or even every  country could work together on it. Eliminate conflict in the beginning and eradication of weapons, even though impossible, should be amplify all over the world. And this is such a big home work for all of us as the member of the global community.

6. Could you leave any last remarks to our peace family all around the world?

War, whatever the reason, is unacceptable. There is should be no place for this kind of act. Family, as the smallest part of world society, should have a strong foundation to initiate peace before we talk about world peace.


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