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Dec 2023   

International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) held the Final Award Ceremony of the 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition in November. The participants drew of their dreams of peace, moving the hearts of many. IWPG also focused on active women’s peace education, civil society networking, campaigns in support of the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) and new member recruitment. 


IWPG holds the Final Award Ceremony of the 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition

-10,025 children and youth from 117 cities in 61 countries


*The Grand Prize-winning piece “Peace builds the world” ? Kanoknuch Klahan (Thailand, Sripruetta School, High School division)

On Nov 18, IWPG hosted the Final Award Ceremony of the 5th Loving-Peace International Art competition through Zoom.

This event is part of IWPG’s initiative to spread a culture of peace around the world by planting the mindset of peace in the hearts of children and youth so that everyone can come together to realize world peace and cessation of war. This year, 10,025 children from 117 cities in 61 countries participated. Compared to last year, 9 new countries joined this year’s competition. 

IWPG collaborated with national arts/artist associations to evaluate the drawings and finally selected 43 pieces including 1 Grand Prize; 1 Gold Prize, 1 Silver Prize, and 1 Bronze Prize for each of the 3 divisions (9 in total), 5 Awards of Recognition for each division (15 in total), and Participation Awards.


The Head Judge of the finals, Mr. Kani Alavi, President of East Side Gallery, said, “Through this international convention, we must spread the news of peace to people around the world. I believe that if this peaceful cooperation continues, the time for peace will finally come.” 

Kanoknuch Klahan (Thailand, Sripruetta School, High School division), who had the honor of winning the Grand Prize, said, “With this picture, I want to communicate the unity of the people of each country in the world. May everyone on this planet help to make peace grow.”

The Gold Prize went to Jennifer Sharon (Indonesia, Elementary division), Yu Jeong Jun (Republic of Korea, Middle School division), and Clarissa Yoselin (Indonesia, High School division).

The Silver Prize went to Jinx Liaqat (Pakistan, Elementary division), Natalia Jay Xin Hu (Malaysia, Middle School division), and Hussam Salah (Palestine, High School division). The Bronze Prize was awarded to Mikaela Allyna Sukma Saputro (Indonesia, Elementary division), Priyanka Chopra (Indonesia, Middle School division), Hyun Soo Lee (Republic of Korea, High School division). 

The Award of Recognition went to Alcee Dahnya Zia M. Yarra (Philippines), Sherly Aniket More (India), Yu Gyeong Choi (Republic of Korea), Natthanan Chongkitwitsawakan (Thailand), Navanietaa A/P Jeevan (Malaysia), Mouhamad Yousef (Palestine), Chananya ThongThoi (Thailand), Maheen Gulzar (Pakistan), Purevdorj Itgelen (Mongolia), Shaikh Saima Md. Uusuf (India), Dania Aiesha Bt Zuhairee Ariffin (Malaysia), Khalzaa Enkhsaran (Mongolia), Daniel Suarez (U.S.A), Jawaher Abdalllah Al Ghoul (Lebanon), and Katerina Vrskova (Czech Republic). 

Kaylie Lee Kennedy and 8 other drawing were also selected to receive the Participation Award. 

The Grand Prize awardee will receive a scholarship of 1 million KRW, while awardees of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prize will receive 300,000 KRW, 200,000 KRW, and 100,000 KRW respectively. The Award of Recognition awardees will receive a certificate, and all the awarded pieces will be featured in the art brochure.


In her congratulatory remarks, IWPG Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon said, “I looked at everyone’s drawings very closely, the world of peace that each child dreams of. I hope everyone remembers this spirit of peace and strives to become leaders that bring peace to the world.” 

IWPG plans to host the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition again next year.

Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)

-Peace Realized through Female Peace Lecturers


Global Region 10 Joint PLTE Graduation

On Nov, the 5th Global Region 10 PLTE Graduation Ceremony was held online. 110 people including 42 graduates from South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, UAE and Kazakhstan, IWPG members and staff attended the ceremony. 
Baek Ri Cho, Regional Director of Global 10 Region said, “ You are the beginning of world peace. To leave a world of peace for your children as an inheritance, I ask each one of you to become a wonderful peace lecturer in your country.” 
In addition, three graduates from India, Turkey and Kazakhstan were appointed as IWPG Peace Committee Representatives and they pledged to lead activities to offer peace education to women and children in their respective regions.


Yangon Branch, Myanmar

Yangon Branch in Myanmar (Branch manager: Crystal Po Gyaw) hosted the 5th PLTE Graduation Ceremony online on 11 Dec. A total of fifteen members graduated from the PLTE with good results. 
Lecturer Thandar Aung, IT Project Director of Myanmar Computer Professional Association, said, “Not only understanding peace, but we also have to create a concrete vision of peace. As a lecturer, I feel a sense of responsibility and also pressure, but it is a truly precious experience to see students change and grow in the process of understanding peace”.
The Graduate representative, Nang Ai Horm Kham, Advisor of Shan Women Development Network, said, “Like the logo of IWPG, women should be able to embrace everyone with motherhood like the earth and have the power to give peace. Peace is created from each one of us as women with the inner strength. All the lessons we learned through PLTE will be applied to our daily lives continuously”.



Peace lecturer Lilian Benedict Msaki, Representative of Arusha Peace Committee and regional representative of Health Africa gave the 6th PLTE lecture online on Nov 5. The 6th lecture was about the damage and pain caused by the war and its influences on women. To end the war and make an era of peace, there have been countless peace movements, which have been nothing but just ethical appeals, and the war never has ended. It was a chance to realize that peace must be achieved practically by a binding law and legal system.
One of the students, Faraja Mwandembo said, “I was devastated by the atrocity and pain of war, and I realized the importance of peace activities. It was a chance for me to be encouraged to take part in peace activities of IWPG to make a difference in world peace”.
Dr. Sirila Francis said, “To resolve the war, I will promote peace education and a culture of peace to our children and people all around the world”.


Ulaanbaatar Branch, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia (Branch Manager: Tumurkhuyag Enkhtaivan) held PLTE at the cultural center of Bulgan Province. Attended by a total of 33 participants, it was evaluated as a highly important education to resolve one of the most urgent issues in modern society. Attendants promised to act as women peace lecturers in their communities carrying the mindset of peace.



Global 4 Region is running PLTE twice a week, training five students as women peace lecturers in Buea, Cameroon. Nkanwhi Patience Angu, spiritual leader of Tabitha Women Ebenezer Baptist Church Soppo Buea, gave a lecture at Ebenezer Baptist Church Great Soppo-Buea. 
Ndze Kristie-Brown Wirsiy said, “Through this education, I learned the mindset of peace and am no longer quick to react with anger. I learned to smile at everything, cherish my life and have belief in myself”.
Mercy Famwe Yettah espe Tati Fuanka said, “PLTE is a well-made education. It teaches us that peace begins from myself and that to make a peaceful community without conflicts, we need PLTE”. Tavnjong Delise Venyen-Ni said, “ If this knowledge spreads around the world and all these lessons are put in action, I believe the world can become a place of happiness without war. Through PLTE, I could learn how to make peace and I will do my best to support it”. Also, Nsom Blaine Tang and Daurice Jabya Gimandze expressed their gratitude for being able to receive the PLTE. 
Moreover, Etaka Eyong Elsie, Monitoring and Evaluation officer of Goodwill Ambassadors of Hope, is providing PLTE at Presbyterian Church Simbock Mendong to seven participants, and Aminatou Moussa, President of Action pour le Developpment de la Jeune Femme, is taking PLTE online to follow up after the MOA signed with IWPG in Nov.


The Czech Republic

The 3-month PLTE course conducted in Prague, Czech Republic was completed successfully. The education was aimed at Ukrainian women to deliver lessons on the significance and role of peace as well as on endeavors to realize peace. There were 17 graduates in total.
Nina Sisakova, one of the graduates said, “PLTE was a valuable and joyful experience to me. I would like to continue participating in the course”. Another graduate, Daria Vdovichenko said, “To be of help to serve other souls, I would love to be a part of IWPG projects”.



In November, Global Region 8 has conducted PLTE for professors of Hanoi University, Vietnam from lesson 2 to lesson 5 on every Wednesday. Professor Lan Anh said, “I want to practice the slogan ‘One Hand for Yourself and One for the Others’ that I have learned from the PLTE.” Prof. Van Chi asserted, “The war must be ended” and “IWPG is still very small in Vietnam. But, we can make it if we become one in spirit and work together.”



In Egypt, an associate country of Global Region 2, Sabah Abdulrhman Khaled Naji, Assistant Professor of Al-Bayda University, encouraged Lamia Al Sharabi, a journalist, local activist, and university lecturer. PLTE is a program developed to train women to become competent peace lecturers and to advocate a culture of peace to women around the globe. 
In the interview, Lamia Al Sharabi said, “It is my wish to work for the advancement of Yemeni women’s status and peace, to protect children from the war, and to advocate peace. Through PLTE, I want to promote IWPG to young women in local universities”. 
Professor Sabah Abdulrhman Khaled Naji said “I am glad that I graduated the PLTE earlier and have this chance to promote peace to other women. I will give lectures in Arabic and English to members of IWPG in Middle East regions and introduce peace education so that many more women can have the same opportunity”.


DPCW Support Campaigns

-Uniting and advocating for the UN adoption of the DPCW all around the world



IWPG members from Yemen, a cooperative country of Global Region 2, held a campaign to urge for the DPCW to be introduced in the UN as part of their commemoration of the International Day for Tolerance. The International Day for Tolerance was designated for the purpose of embracing diversity in the international community and expanding the horizon of coexistence. IWPG members from Taizz, a southwestern city of Yemen, said, “We hope peace is achieved through tolerance, respect, conversation, and cooperation. In order to pass down peace to the future generation, we need to spread a culture of peace. We will continue to work to urge people to support the DPCW.”


Networking and Cooperation

-Meeting with citizens who want peace



On Nov 29, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Yeweinhareg Kassa, salesperson of Tewdaj Media, and Berssabeh Gete, journalist of Tewdaj Media, Ethiopia 
Tewdaj Media is a national broadcast in Ethiopia that produces and broadcasts various programs that contribute to national development and prosperity, such as domestic and international news, sports, and entertainment.
During this meeting, Global Region 2 introduced IWPG by playing a video on IWPG activities and elaborated on IWPG’s peace activities in Ethiopia, such as PLTE. Yeweinhareg Kassa said, “I learned of IWPG through the newsletter, and I wanted to work with IWPG, which does peace work all around the world.” Journalist Berssabeh Gete also said, “I want to discuss the topic of peace with IWPG. I am happy to be able to work with this organization.”



On Nov 24, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with new members who are teachers in Yemen, including Afrah Abduh Haider Al-wajeeh and Huda Sharaf from Zaid School Taiz. Global Region 2 showed these teachers the IWPG video and introduced PLTE. The teachers promised to take PLTE and introduce it to many other women. 



On Nov 7, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Evridiki Iliaki, psychologist and Executive Director of How Women Work. Global Region 2 shared information on IWPG, and the two organizations agreed to host a peace workshop on refugees.
Evridiki Iliaki said, “Qatar is filled with darkness, devastation, and sadness due to war. I want to foster IWPG’s mindset that ‘the world is one’ through the future peace workshop.” She also emphasized that DPCW, the answer to peace, should be legislated as an international law.



On Nov 3, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Dr. Hanan Youssef, Chairwoman of the Arab Organization for Dialogue and International Cooperation. 
Dr. Hanan Youssef said, “It is sad to see women and children being sacrificed due to the Israel-Hamas War. I agree with IWPG’s statement on the Israel-Hamas War.” 
Director of Global Region 2 Seo Yeon Lee said, “I hope that we can actively discuss about peace in the Middle East through consistent partnership with Egyptian women through Dr. Hanan Youssef.”



On Nov 18 and 24, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Miguel Parra, head of National Corporation of Evangelical Christian Chaplains Foundation, from Colombia. There were 33 more participants including Lilian Caral; Shirley Rodriguez, lawyer; Claudia Aragon, National Corporation of Evangelical Christian Chaplains Foundation instructor for domestic violence prevention; and Ediht Shirley Rodriguez, instructor of National Corporation of Evangelical Christian Chaplains Foundation.
National Corporation of Evangelical Christian Chaplains Foundation is an organization that provides education on human rights and how women can protect themselves against violence. It works for children and vulnerable groups abandoned due to armed violence.
This meeting consisted of an introduction of IWPG, a video on the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference, and the International Loving-Peace Art Competition, focusing on discussions of peace activities. 
Claudia Aragon said, “IWPG is an amazing organization, and peace activities are taking place all around the world. Children and women are in desperate need for peace.” 
Edil castano said, “I knew IWPG was working all around the world. As peace education took place in Tanzania, peace education is also needed in Colombia, starting from the households. So it is especially necessary for women.” 
Shirley Rodriguez said, “Women’s Peace Education is something that women can do, because we are women and caretakers of the household. We should join peace work for our children, for women all around the world.” 
Director of Global Region 2 Seo Yeon Lee said, “I hope IWPG’s activities are introduced to more women’s organizations in Colombia through our continuous partnership with National Corporation of Evangelical Christian Chaplains Foundation.”



On Nov 18, Global Region 2 had an online networking meeting with Joice Shebe, Chief Editor of Clouds Media Group and 회장 of Tanzania Media Women’s Association (TAMWA). 
Tanzania Media Women’s Association is an organization that uses media to advocate women’s and children’s rights and raise awareness on social changes, policies, and legal changes. 
During this meeting, Global Region 2 showed a video of the PLTE speech given by Lilian Benedict Msaki, a female peace lecturer in Tanzania. They also shared news of the peace activities in Das es Salaam Branch. 
Joice Shebe introduced an event that took place in late November to commemorate the 36th anniversary of Media Women’s Association. She said, “I am proud to be a IWPG peace messenger. I hope IWPG members can join the 36th anniversary event and introduce their work.”


Arusha, Tanzania

On Nov 25, Global Region 2 participated in the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women held in Arusha, Tanzania with 200 women. 
Nov 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, designated by the Champian Women Group in 1981 for the purpose of eradicating violence against women. 
At this event, Lilian Benedict Msaki, IWPG Arusha Peace Committee Representative and regional representative of Health Africa, said, “Peace is the only measure to fight against violence against women. IWPG can change the world, so we must become one with IWPG for peace.” 
Other female participants said, “I hope violence against women comes to an end and human rights are restored. I want to know how we can work together for peace.”



Global Region 3 held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting and Dhaka Peace Committee Inauguration Ceremony with its Bangladesh members. Various people participated, including Rania Alam, founder and facilitator of Flame a r t s open studio, and several artists, teachers, and journalists. They shared their thoughts on peace work needed in Bangladesh right now and promised to come together as one to spread the culture of peace with the Peace Committee. 
The artists agreed to focus on promoting the International Loving-Peace Art Competition and opening a peace drawing exhibition. The Peace Committee members’ speeches also highlighted the human rights and refugee problem among Bangladesh women.


Karachi Peace Committee, Pakistan

Batool Kazmi, an educator at the International School of Karachi in Pakistan, is also working as a IWPG Peace Committee Representative and wishes to work to facilitate IWPG peace activities in Karachi by spreading positive news of peace through various platforms. She shared ideas such as empowerment of women through online events and social media and running a radio station, promising to gather more Peace Committee members. She also participated in the 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition and went further to promise to make sure the competition is held regularly at the school every year, developing a weekly peace curriculum.


Malaysia Branch

On Nov 25, Malaysia Branch participated in the “Give a Hand ? Stop Bullying” Campaign at Johor Bahru, Malaysia, in collaboration with Penang. 


Paris Branch, France

On Nov 4, Paris Branch in France (Branch Manager Femy Orianne) organized the “Women and Mother for Peace: Building a Better World for Youth” event with a partner organization, Family Helpers AEID. The event gathered 62 people at Archipelia Paris 20eme.


Berlin Branch, Germany

On Nov 17~18, Berlin Branch, Germany (Branch Manager Yingyan Cao) joined the summit of Deutschen Stiftung fur Engagement und Ehrenamt (DSEE) at Vollgutlager Berlin. This was an opportunity for the Berlin Branch to network with various organization that have connections to the government and prepare for government registration.


Tokyo Branch, Japan

On Nov 25, Tokyo Branch, Japan (Branch Manager Ohki Kazumi) held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting online at the home of IWPG Peace Committee Representative Ootawara Masako. 11 people gathered under the topic, “Discussion on the Full-Year Plan of 2024.” It was an opportunity for everyone to look back on the activities in 2023 and share opinions on next year’s plans. The participants agreed to organize quarterly tea sessions, cultural exchange programs through Zoom, and YouTube livestreaming of street piano performances, and promote the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition.


Promotional Activities

-Efforts to expand peace projects


Meeting with the Minister of Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children of Tanzania

Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni, Dar es Salaam Branch Manager, and Lilian Benedict Msaki, Peace Committee Representative, met with Hon. Dorothy Onesphoro Gwajima, Minister of Social Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, on Nov 25 at Dar es Salaam. They introduced IWPG to Minister Dorothy Onesphoro Gwajima and promoted the ongoing peace projects and the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW). Minister Dorothy stated, “I am prepared to work with IWPG and attend the International Women’s Peace Conference next year. I will continue active exchanges through continuous meetings.”


Rania Alam, Representative of IWPG Dhaka Peace Committee, promotes IWPG in an interview with Jagoron TV

On Nov 22, Mrs. Rania Alam, founder and facilitator of Flame a r t s open studio, appeared on the women’s empowerment program of Jagoron TV, a broadcasting station in Bangladesh. During the interview, she mentioned IWPG’s peace activities. As a Representative of IWPG Dhaka Peace Committee, Mrs. Rania Alam explained that her goal is to encourage women to participate in peace activities. She also shared her experiences attending the 9th Anniversary of the September 18th HWPL World Peace Summit and the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference. In doing so, she explained what IWPG is doing and how it is realizing sustainable peace. 


Professor at Hanoi University in Vietnam

On the Nov 9, Global Region 8 held an online meeting with Professor Van Chi from Hanoi University. During this meeting, the representatives from Global Region 8 provided a detailed introduction of IWPG, and together they discussed potential collaborations with IWPG. 
Based on Professor Van Chi’s experience as a vice-principal at a college of culture and management of a photography club, she expressed that she wanted to organize a photo exhibition in Vietnam with the theme of peace. Furthermore, she showed passion in actively participating with IWPG for the realizing of peace.


MOA Signing for Peace Projects

-Women Around the World Uniting Under Peace



Global Region 3 signed an MOA with Flame a r t s open studio. Upon signing an MOA, Flame a r t s open studio pledged to actively participate in IWPG’s peace projects such as campaigns to support DPCW, the International Loving-Peace Art Competition and PLTE. 
Mrs. Rania Alam expressed her commitment to register new members in Bangladesh using her experiences of participating in IWPG’s peace activities.


This Month’s Interview





Lilian Benedict Msaki




Arusha chairman of the peace committee

Health Africa/Regional Representative


1. What motivates you to continue working for women and peace?

I’m working with the women and peace because you can’t differentiate women and peace! Women are vulnerable and victims of every aspect, for that case they deserve to fight peace through motherly heart for themselves and their families and entire world. Most of women’s in my country they are voiceless due to norms and customs of male domination. As God give me education, voice and courage I committed to advocate for women right for my entire life, but for the numbers of years I didn’t have right platform to do that! IWPG come as a dream to me which give me more power and push me to the right based approach to create the world of peace where women and children will live peacefully, I’m so excited.

2. You have been involved in various peace activities with IWPG. What is the most memorable experience and why?

PLTE it’s amazing program! It gives me different experiences. Some of students after training they use to call me privately and want me to teach them on how to create their inner peace of mind due to the life style they live with their spouse! 
I always enjoy teaching  because it’s make me more competent on the training day by day.

3. How has PLTE impacted women in Tanzania?

PLTE change lives among women day by day! Most appropriate the program because it has changed their families completely, their neighbors and communities make people to understand how to control their anger and live peacefully and it’s spreading like virus among the lecturers, students and ordinary women. In few years to come all women in Tanzania will be reached with peace messages though IWPG.

4. In order to attain peace progressively in Tanzania, what efforts do you think are necessary from governments and women?

Since IWPG is officially registered as an NGO in Tanzania, there is an urgent need for close cooperation with the government, particularly under the leadership of the branch manager of the Dar es Salam branch, to facilitate active peace activities by branch members.
I believe that proactive government cooperation is essential to integrate peace efforts into all national events, thereby promoting peace expansion. Furthermore, the government should take a keen interest in various peace initiatives by IWPG, such as PLTE and Loving Peace Art Competition. I strongly recommend that the government, especially, incorporates peace subjects into the school education curriculum to elevate Tanzania`s status in terms of peace.

5. What is your vision for future peace activities?

All women in Tanzania to learn about peace and spread to all over the country, I see Tanzanian with high rate of peace through IWPG in near future.


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