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  Jan 2024  

In December, the International Women’s Peace Group(IWPG) held the 2023 Peace Donor Appreciation Event “Fruition” in order to share its peace activities and achievements in the past year with members and donors and strengthen solidarity. In 2023, IWPG worked endlessly to scale up Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE), collaborate with civil society, support the legislation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW), promote peace, and sign MOU/As with various organizations.


2023 Peace Donor Appreciation Event “Fruition”

-Completed in a success, gathering 269.6 million KRW of funds 


On Dec 7, IWPG held the 2023 Peace Donor Appreciation Event “Fruition” at Lotte Hotel World in Jamsil, Songpa-gu, Seoul. The event was planned to express IWPG’s gratitude to all its sponsors for working as one with IWPG in the past year and strengthen solidarity. 
IWPG also conducted the IWPG Year-end Fundraising Campaign for 1 month prior to the event, from Oct 19 to Nov 21, gathering 269.6 million KRW. 
During “Fruition,” IWPG transparently disclosed the details of donation usage, and everyone watched a video on IWPG’s peace achievements of the past year. There were a total of 510 participants including IWPG HQ staff and various donors. 
During her welcoming remarks, IWPG Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon said, “Donating is not just merely giving money, but it is something much more. It is thinking about the solution of peace that the international society is overlooking, what we must do and what we must change to pass down a world of peace to the future generation. Thank you for joining IWPG’s peace activities.”


Peace Committee Representative Tae Hwa Shin, president of Foundation for People of National Merit, and Ui Dong Kim, head of Songhyun DnC, came forward to give speeches on their own motivation for donating and conveyed a message of peace.
IWPG Secretary General Na Hyung Jun presented IWPG’s plans and visions for next year. IWPG will continue to strengthen the Peace Supporter Association, finding new corporate sponsors and awarding the certificate of merit to those who make a significant contribution. 
A member of the Peace Support Association, Jung Shik Lee, said, “I’m happy to be part of this gathering to sow the seed of peace. I will continue to commit myself to IWPG going forward. Head of Inovbravo, Bong Sun Go, said, “IWPG made me think about war and peace. I want to support IWPG’s plans for next year.”

Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)

-Peace Realized through Female Peace Lecturers


Global Region 2 Holds 1st Lesson of online PLTE in Yemen 

On Dec 2, Global Region 2 conducted the first session of the PLTE (Peace Lecturer Training Education) online, with the participation of Lamia Al Sharabi, a freelance journalist and lecturer at Taiz University. 
Lamia Al Sharabi, who attended as a student on that day, expressed her interest in IWPG`s activities and peace education, along with her intention to spread peace education to students at Taiz University in Yemen.
She shared her thoughts, saying, “I am happy to learn new knowledge through this education and to understand how to love and relate to people around me. I felt grateful while reflecting on the preciousness of life through the video on the birth process of a child and what nature generously provides. I look forward to the peace education.” 


PLTE Orientation in Tanzania 

On Dec 1, Peace Lecturer Adella Michael Temu conducted the PLTE (Peace Lecturer Training Education) orientation in Arusha Green Valley, Tanzania.
Adella Michael Temu said, “For women worldwide to come together with gentle hearts and motherly love to achieve peace, it is necessary to truly understand peace and learn through education.” 
Members who participated this event expressed interest in IWPG`s peace activities and the PLTE, wanting to participate in them.


The PLTE Lesson 8 in Tanzania 

On Dec 3, Peace Lecturer Lilian Benedict Msaki, representative of Arusha Peace Committee`s Leader and regional representative of Health Africa, of Tanzania conducted the 8th lesson of the PLTE (Peace Lecturer Training Education) online.
The theme of the 8th lesson was “Women Across the World United with IWPG” and introduces IWPG`s peace activities and emphasizes the importance of unity for peace. In particular, IWPG highlighted the need for sustainable laws and institutions for peace that go beyond simple slogans or ethical appeal. Furthermore, it was explained that IWPG actively supports and advocates for the establishment of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) as a means to achieve world peace.
A student, Restituta Zephania, expressed her desire to play a catalytic role in inviting many women to engage in peace activities with IWPG. Happy Mlayi said, “IWPG has enlightened us on why women need to unite and emphasized that we must absolutely work together for the core mission of peace.”
Lilian Benedict Msaki had previously presented on the changes brought about by PLTE in Tanzania at the International Women`s Peace Conference on September 19th last year, titled `A Wind of Peace Blows in Tanzania.


Global Region 8 Provides PLTE for Professors in Vietnam 

In every Wednesday of December, Global Region 12 conducted PLTE in Vietnam for the professors of the Hanoi University of Education, covering lesson 6 to 10. 
On of the students, professor Van Chi, said, “IWPG teaches us that the inner power of women is important. I believe that the power of compassion and love that women hold will become the fundamental solution for sustainable peace.” 
Another professor, Ms. Hong, was greatly interested in introducing the DPCW to the UN and promised that she would cooperate to make sure that the DPCW is legislated as a biding international law. 


Global Region 3 Conducts PLTE Orientation Session in 5 Countries 

Global Region 3 held the PLTE orientation session with new IWPG members from India, Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. It is particularly notable that many women from Afghanistan, a country where education for women and girls are banned, joined, feeling the need for female empowerment and peace. The students promised to gather more women from their countries and focus on completing the course. 


7 PLTE graduates are produced in Cameroon

Etaka Eyong Elsie(Goodwill Ambassadors of Hope, Monitoring and Evaluation officer) conducted PLTE from November last year to January this year in Yaounde, Cameroon, producing seven graduates. 
Etaka Eyong Elsie, a lecturer, said, “I realized that people could have a positive impact on themselves and the entire community. I am grateful to be able to take PLTE.”
Adaibum Brither Endah said, “It was a rich lecture. If there is no practice, peace will not be achieved. We also need sanctions against countries that harm peace.”
In addition, Ndifor Roseline Fuhtung, Nsuh Evaldine Lum, Ntansi Julienne Bosungmeh, AGYINGI CHRISTABEL NJWENG epse AYE, Ekembe epse Mbacham Mirabel Achebi, and Chuefekem Racheal completed together.


DPCW Support Campaigns

-Uniting and advocating for the UN adoption of the DPCW all around the world


Members of Arusha Region, Tanzania, Urge Support for DPCW 

Tanzania Branch(Branch Manager Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni) conducted a promotional activity to urge support for the DPCW in the Arusha Region on Dec 15. The PLTE students and members, including Restituta, Princess Abel, Florence Kong’oa, and Pricila Nkya, took part in the activity. 

Princess Abel said, “I feel I should promote the DPCW to put an end to wars through creativity and inspiration that I received from the education about peace”. 

Florence Kong’oa said, “With those who become peace lecturers to advocate peace, I believe we can end the war”, and “There will be no more war”.


Networking and Cooperation

-Meeting with citizens who want peace


Global Region 2 Networks with Director of National Women`s Council

On Dec 5, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Mona Omar, founder of Women of the Nile and member of the board of directors of the National Women`s Council.
The National Women`s Council is an independent organization that was established to improve the social position of Egyptian women by making suggestions for public policies about the development and empowerment of women. Also, it aims to make the draft bill on women’s development, discretion and gender equality to ensure female empowerment.
The main topics of the meeting were IWPG activities, the International Women’s Peace Conference, UN CSW and peace activities to be held soon in Egypt. 
Mona Omar said, “If IWPG members are coming to Egypt, I would like to have discussions on peace with various women`s organizations and participate in the International Women’s Peace Conference”.


Melbourne Branch in Australia Meets Getrude Matshe

Melbourne Branch in Australia (Branch Manager Jesmeen Kaur Khera Bachan Singh) had a meeting with Getrude Matshe, founder of HerStory Circle, to discuss cooperation. 

HerStory Circle is an organization for women of various social classes, age groups, cultures and nationalities to share information and deliver stories about overcoming hardships and challenges.  

The Melbourne Branch shared the activities, tasks and goals of IWPG with HerStory Circle. 

Getrude Matshe, the founder said, “I value the goal we share and empathize with the organization’s mission”, and “I would like to continue discussing plans to cooperate with IWPG”.  


Melbourne Branch in Australia Meets Sarah Chong, Team Leader of Micare

On Dec 8, Melbourne Branch met Sarah Chong, team leader of Micare, to discuss plans and methods for cooperation in 2024. 
Through the meeting, they discussed about leaders to be invited to the April 26 International Women`s Peace Day 2024. Also, Micare agreed to help the Melbourne Branch build connections with schools in Monash to be invited to the International Loving-Peace Art Competition.
Sarah Chong said, “I will make an opportunity to introduce IWPG in the Premier Multicultural Dinner next year”, and “I would like to introduce IWPG to my father, Robert Chong, who served as the president of the city assembly, and would be pleased to work with leaders who will achieve peace”.


Melbourne Branch in Australia Hosts Year-End Peace Festival

The Melbourne Branch in Australia hosted a year-end peace festival in Djerring Flemington Hub on Dec 1. The event was attended by Virginia Tachos, Brimbank Councilor; Victoria Borg, Brimbank Councilor; Laytay Tuazama, director of United African Farm; Shrilekha Jain, founder of Shrilekha Art Foundation; and Amy Yuen, founder of Serenity Life Balance, and much more.
Beginning with a special performance, the event opened up a chance to share the activities in 2023 and goals for 2024, to wake up wills of participation, and to make the promise to cooperate with members of the Brimbank Council.
Shrilekha Jain said, “I am glad that I can join such meaningful activities to advocate peace with IWPG. I would like to draw up plans for upcoming activities through regular meetings”.
Amy Yuen said, “I am happy to see the history of IWPG’s advancement and would like to express my gratitude to the people who have been working hard for world peace through this meeting”.


Lesotho Peace Committee Meets Lesotho Women’s Ministry 

Mantopi Martina Lebofa, a member of the IWPG Lesotho Peace Committee had a meeting with Mmatau, director of the Women’s Ministry in Maseru on Dec 21. The director expressed her interest in IWPG saying that they need the law of family peace as well as virtues to remedy the chaotic society, promising to meet with the Lesotho Peace Committee afterward.


Global Region 2 Meets Bushra Al-Saadi, President of Together We Rise Foundation, in Yemen

On Dec 17, Global Region 2 had an online meeting with Bushra Al-Saadi, president of Together We Rise Foundation and Kareema Qaed, office assistant of Islam Relief Yemen.
Together We Rise Foundation works to improve the position of women and children through humanitarian response, peace construction about rights and freedom, and sustainable development.
Through the meeting, they watched a video about IWPG’s peace work and shared the peace activities of the Together We Rise Foundation.
Bushra Al-Saadi, the president, said, “We look forward to signing an MOA with IWPG. We are willing to take part in peace works for every woman in Yemen”.


Global Region 2 Attends Webinar Hosted by Yemen Peace School Organization

On Dec 28, Global Region 2 attended a webinar hosted by Peace School Organization in Yemen, held under the topic “Women’s Peacemaking and Empowerment in Yemen. 100 people, including directors of organizations in the Middle East countries, attended. 
Yemen Peace School Organization(President Lamia Al-eryany), the host of the event, works for positive justice in Yemen and sustainable peace through the active participation of young people and women. 
Seo-yeon Lee, Regional Director of IWPG Global Region 2 mentioned the significance of peace in the Middle East region and introduced various peace activities of IWPG in Yemen. After the event, many of the NGOs that attended the webinar wanted to know how to become a member of IWPG and showed interest in ways to take part in IWPG’s peace activities. 


Global Region 2 Networks with Iraqi Center for Women Rehabilitation in Iraq

On Dec 9, Global Region2 had an online meeting with Jenan Mubarak Altamimi, head of the Iraqi Center for Women Rehabilitation in Iraq.
Iraqi Center for Women Rehabilitation in Iraq helps women culturally and financially and works to protect women’s rights, empower them, build peace, and resolve conflicts.
In the meeting, Global Region 2 introduced IWPG’s activities and the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference and discussed upcoming peace activities in Iraq. 
Jenan Mubarak Altamimi, the president, said, “Iraq is a country in desperate need of peace, and the younger generation should receive peace education. I have always imagined a world of peace without war, and I am very happy to be part of IWPG’s peace work”.


Global Region 2 Networks with How to Work Women

Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Evridiki Iliaki, executive director of How to Work Women in Qatar, on Dec 5.
Evridiki Iliaki is a psychologist who runs a women’s club to offer mental health training and a coaching program to several members once a week.
How to Work Women is an organization that provides professional coaching and mental health services to help women grow and succeed and trains future leaders that enjoy sustainable prosperity based on ‘Wellness into Leadership’.
In the meeting, IWPG Global Region2  recommended holding the International Peace-Loving Art Competition as a psychotherapy program for refugees suffering from the Israel-Hamas war. Evridiki Iliaki, the president, said “It is a good idea to hold a program for war refugees. I would like to host and promote it as an art event of Qatar Museum”.
She also said, “Qatar is saturated with despair and sadness from the war. The peace workshop must be held to heal the depression of war refugees.” She emphasized that more activities for psychological and mental treatment are required in the depressed atmosphere due to the Israel-Hamas war and urged to invite many women to be part of those activities.
Seo Yeon Lee, the Regional Director, said, “Peace can never be achieved with anger. We should understand that it’s time to shout peace earnestly for those suffering from the war. It’s not a work of individuals but civil organizations and the government, which should be involved to make a difference in people’s awareness”. 


Berlin Branch in Germany Holds Year-End and International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting at Kani Alavi’s Art Gallery.

On Dec 2, the Berlin branch in Germany, led by Yingyan Cao, held a celebration event at Kani Alavi’s Gallery to mark his 40th debut anniversary. They presented framed photos Kani Alavi’s active involvement with IWPG. Attendees were introduced to IWPG as the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting took place. Many new members joined IWPG this day.  
Kani Alavi, the representative of the East Side Gallery, signed an MOA with the Berlin branch last April. He served as the head judge for the final round of the 5th International Peace-Loving Drawing Contest.


Tokyo Branch Holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting on Zoom in December 

On Dec 23, the Tokyo branch held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting online via Zoom. Participants learned a dance from Oikawa Yoko, the representative of the Japan Cultural Research Society. After the gathering, they shared ideas for future activities, particularly focusing on children.


Global Region 8 Meets with the Chief Executive Officer of LLCZ, Florence Chilese-Nkhuwa Online

On Dec 29, Global Region 8 held an online meeting with Florence Chilese-Nkhuwa, the Chief Executive Officer of Lifeline Childline Zambia. 
Through this meeting IWPG introduced its peace projects, and the two organizations discussed ways to cooperate for peace going forward. IWPG suggested that the women of Zambia take IWPG’s Peace Education, and Ms. Nkhuwa promised that she would actively support.


Global Region 4 Holds Joint Year-End Meeting

On Dec 16, Global Region 16 held a joint year-end meeting with 64 people from 8 countries including Myanmar, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Thailand, East Timor, Cameroon, and Burundi. 
The meeting started with a highlight video on activities in the countries of Global Region 4 and a presentation on the results of 2023. 
In her congratulatory remarks, Joselyne Kwishaka, second counselor of the Permanent Mission of Burundi to the UN, said, “Like the slogan of IWPG this year, ‘Strategic Solidarity for Sustainable Peace’, let’s come together to focus on preventing the dissemination of violence and spreading love to others because victory can only be sustained through peace, not war.” 
The second part of the meeting divided the participants into different breakout groups to discuss six different topics on peace. In the third part, there were a MOA signing ceremony, Peace Committee establishment ceremony of Rwanda and South Sudan, Achievement Award ceremony, and representative speeches.
Aminatou Moussa, the president of Action Pour le Developpement de la Jeune Femme, with which IWPG also signed an MOA on that day, said, “Our MOA with IWPG is an opportunity for us to act for peace in our community. I promise to do my best to implement IWPG peace activities in Cameroon.” 
Peace Committee Representative Nyiraneza Charlotte, a social worker in Sacca, said, “I will build an atmosphere of open communication, transparency, active listening, and sympathy in the Kigali Peace Committee. We must also understand the importance of peace education in achieving peace. I ask all of you to actively participate in IWPG Peace Committee activities.” 


Malaysia Branch Holds Training Camp, ‘Peace Leaders of the Future’

Malaysia Branch(Branch Manager Woo Sow Pheng) organized a ‘Future Peace Leaders’ camp with 35 youths at UTM, Johor Bahru on December 19.

IWPG’s vision and mission of building peace institutions through women’s solidarity called for all women leaders of peace to come together in solidarity to achieve sustainable peace.


Cambodia Branch Hosts ‘Gathering for Peace’

In the Cambodia Branch(Branch Manager Hoy Sochivanny), a gathering for peace was hosted by Hoy Sochivanny in Phnom Penh at the end of December. Through the gathering, the branch manager shared what she learned from peace events with Limkimly, senior vice president of Agriculture Community Development(FACD) and Ouch Arunnavatti, senior vice president of Arun Reah Organization, who attended the 9th World Peace Summit.
Topen Virak Vitvou, chairman of the National Civil Society of Cambodia said, “It is such a pity that I could not attend the 9th World Peace Summit”, and requested to proceed with a workshop to introduce IWPG and peace education to the National Civil Society in January.


Philippine Branch Awarded Plaque from Vice Governor of Davao de Oro

On the 12th, the Philippine branch received a plaque at the office of the Vice Governor of Davao de Oro, led by Hon Jayvee Tyron Uy, for their contributions to the “Oplan Kalinaw” or “Plan for Peace,” a civil-military cooperation project aimed at assisting conflict-affected areas in the local community. 
IWPG, that has been acknowledged as a peace partner through its plans to promote women’s participation in peace initiatives through harmonization, understanding, and collaborative efforts. This award signifies the importance of the role of women in advancing the cause of peace. 
IWPG pledged to unite in efforts to spread a culture of peace.


Global Region 4 Holds Offline IWPG Introduction Session in East Timor 

On Dec 16, Global Region 4 Dili Peace Committee of East Timor held an IWPG introductory session at the house of Felicidade Victoria Timora Dos Santos Takeleb, member of Lautos Si Animators and one of the most active members of the Peace Committee. It was an opportunity to introduce IWPG and its major activities to other people. Felicidade Victoria Timora Dos Santos Takeleb, the first PLTE graduate in East Timor, introduced PLTE and her perception of the course. The event ended with gathering members who will work with IWPG to bring peace to the world. 
Felicidade Victoria Timora Dos Santos Takeleb said, “A lot of people do not know what is happening around the world. So by telling my neighbors about the current state of international affairs and IWPG’s peace projects, I could build a good relationship with them.” 


Promotional Activities

-Efforts to expand peace projects


FCC Organization’s Promotional Activity in Colombia 

On Dec 9, Fundacion Conacce Chaplains(FCC), a collaborating organization of Global Region 2 in Colombia, conducted a graduation ceremony for women`s violence prevention education in Cali. On this day, Miguel Antonio Canado Parra, the representative of FCC, introduced IWPG peace activities to over 140 graduates and numerous people who attended the ceremony. He urged them to join their voices for peace.
FCC provides education on human rights and works to protect women in Colombia who are victims of violence, teaching methods to safeguard them. They also engage in activities for children and the elderly who have been abandoned due to armed forces.


IWPG Promotional Activities in Dar es Salaam Branch, Tanzania

On Dec 12, Peace Lecturer Frida Ombella from the Dar es Salaam branch in Tanzania conducted IWPG promotional activities in Goba, Dar es Salaam.
Members Ruth Kitula and Lidya Reuben expressed their joy on becoming IWPG members, stating, "We are happy to be an IWPG member. We will spread peace and promote it among local women, as everyone shares the same desire for peace.”
New members pledged to actively participate in peace activities, including taking PLTE courses and promoting support for the DPCW.


Voluntary Activities

-Hope for the International Community


Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia Holds Gift-Giving Event with Bayanzurkh as Santa Claus 

On Dec 31, the Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia, led by Enkhtaivan Tumurkhuyag, conducted a Santa Claus volunteer activity in collaboration with the NGO ‘New Bridge of Progress’ with Bayanzurkh as Santa Clause. They visited over 50 impoverished households, delivering gifts to children as part of their volunteer efforts.


IWPG team in Switzerland Volunteers to Teach German

On Dec 3, the IWPG team in Switzerland volunteered to teach German to refugees at Migros Klubschule, Schaffhausen. They introduced IWPG and provided German grammar lessons, as German is the language that 60% of the Swiss population speaks. There were a total of 15 students including children, and 1 person signed up as an IWPG member. 


Netherlands Branch Volunteers at Timon Mother and Child Home 

On Dec 29, IWPG Netherlands Branch volunteered at a shelter run by Timon Mother and Child Foundation. This foundation provides shelter and protection to women and children who have lost their homes or require protection from domestic violence.  

Through this volunteer work, the Netherlands Branch was able to promote IWPG and DPCW to many women and children in the shelter. Many women signed in support of the DPCW and showed great interest in PLTE. 

The Timon Mother and Child Home showed interested in IWPG’s peace activities and agreed to cooperate in many of IWPG’s projects, such as the International Loving-Peace Art Competition and PLTE.


MOA Signing for Peace Projects

-Women Around the World Uniting Under Peace


Global Region 4 Signs MOA with We Change of Myanmar

On Dec 29, Global Region 4 signed an MOA with We Change of Myanmar online. The Signing Ceremony took place on Jan 4 with 12 staff members present. 
Kalayar, president of We Change, said, “IWPG and We Change came together to develop a process for prosperity and world peace in Myanmar and the world. We will continue to work with IWPG for peace meetings and forums, while providing peace education to girls and children in the community and conducting various activities to support and urge the legislation of the DPCW as an international law.” 


Global Region 3 Signs MOA with New Era English School in India 

On Dec 21, Global Region signed an MOA with New Era English School. 
Mr. Nazar Alam, principal of New Era English School, promised to actively participate in IWPG’s peace projects through this new MOA. “I firmly believe it is an incredible milestone for New Era English School for joining hand as collaboration with IWPG. I wish all the best to the entire IWPG team for their great work for human prosperity and world peace.” 


Global Region 2 Signs MOA with the Unified Muslim Christian Alliance of the Philippines in Kuwait 

On Dec 22, Global Region 2 conducted an online MOA Signing Ceremony with Annalyn Alvaro Ulat, President of the Unified Muslim Christian Alliance of the Philippines (UMCAP), for the realization of peace projects. 
The Unified Muslim Christian Alliance of the Philippines is an organization dedicated to strengthening community competency in areas such as health and care for the cooperation and sustainability of all local communities.
Through the MOA signing, both parties agreed to provide peace education to local women and collaborate on peace activities.
President Annalyn Alvaro Ulat expressed her sincere gratitude for collaborating with IWPG Global Region 2, stating, “I am genuinely thankful to collaborate with IWPG Global Region 2 and will do my best for women`s peace activities in Kuwait.” She emphasized the crucial role of women in peace negotiations, stating, “Women`s participation in peace negotiations is essential as they play a key role in sustainable peace development, resolution, and recovery. We must strive for women, peace, social development, and a better future.”
Aisha Albakit, vice president of UMCAP also expressed, “I think highly of IWPG`s peace activities for humanity so it is a great honor to work together as partners. We look forward to continuous collaboration with IWPG.”
Seo Yeon Lee, the Regional Director, shared, “Through mutual organizational cooperation, we pursue the goal of humanity, so I hope through friendly collaboration, sustainable development and diverse peace activities can be achieved.”


Global Region 2 Signs MOA with Colombia FCC Organization 

Global Region 2 held an online MOA Signing Ceremony with Colombia`s human rights advocacy organization, Fundacion Conacce Chaplains, National Corporation of Evangelical Christian Chaplains Foundation (FCC, represented by Miguel Antonio Cando Parra) on Dec 30.
FCC (Fundacion Conacce Chaplains) is a human rights advocacy organization based in Colombia, comprised of clergy from various backgrounds. They actively work towards providing education and protection for the rights of women and children. Additionally, they engage in volunteer work for grandparents and children abandoned by armed forces and left behind by war and violence, establishing connections with numerous global partnership organizations.
Through this MOA, Miguel Antonio Cando Para, the representative of FCC, has committed to providing peace education to local women through IWPG peace events and training female peace lecturers (PLTE). He has also pledged to cooperate in peace activities, including the International Loving-Peace Art Competition. 
He expressed his appreciation for IWPG`s goals and consciousness, stating, “While many people desire peace, it is a harsh reality that it remains elusive. However, with IWPG, it seems possible to achieve peace.” Furthermore, he revealed his intention to organize a large-scale peace conference this year, involving numerous clergy, military personnel, politicians, and citizens in Colombia.
Seo Yeon Lee, the Regional Director said, “FCC`s active role in promoting peace and advocating for women`s rights and order among neighboring countries, including Colombia is what we need to learn from. I respect their passion for peace and hope to turn all desired aspirations into reality together.” 


This Month’s Interview





Rania Alam



Representative of Dhaka Peace Committee

Visual Artist & Founder
Flame a r t s Open Studio


1. What motivates you to continue working for women and peace?

We, as human beings, practice the virtues of respect for all, tolerance, acceptance, devotion, justice, harmony, self-sacrifice, compassion to maintain happiness and peace, a peaceful world. We wants to build a happy life. And let this be our eternal faith.
We are two extraordinary creatures like flowers in this world, one male, the other female. Our characters and formations complement each other, strengthening each other to build a peaceful and fully balanced world.
But we people sometime with negative think of approaches misused the power and made disasters. If we could realized and respectful in each others, we can build a beautiful universe with lots of happiness. I want to motivate this power of realization and believe in human for peaceful life as well as the peaceful world.

2. What was the most memorable experience and why did you begin peace activities with IWPG?

I am working in IWPG for more than 3 years, and I visited South Korea and participated 1st time in 9th HWPL conference 2023 that was a great memories to me to work in international platform and experiences a huge gather of successful women`s who are working globally for  women empowerment from different parts of the world.That inspired me a lot. I want to spread peace in my mind and all over the world too.
We are blessings of nature so that to keep the world safe and peaceful its our duty to help each other to make a better place for future.and this is my moto of life.
I am working for children cultural and mental peaceful growth  as art teacher.
I am motivating positive  thoughts to grow and refresh mind.And I am practicing all on me to influence others.
IWPG is working for peace, which is very commendable. I am also interested in working towards building a peaceful world by bringing all women together to build a strong platform and volunteering all over the world, I want to unite people by keeping peace in their hearts, spreading awareness and inspiring people through peace education. With practice, it is possible to follow the subject quickly and accurately. So I am interested to take this training and would like to spreed this practice through the education.

3. You are currently taking the PLTE; how would you like to introduce PLTE to Bangladeshi women?

I would like to aware Bangladeshi women who are unprivileged, less confidence about their abilities. I will strive for their right, help them to grow with self respect  and contribute their strength as women build unity to increase bold power of raise voice for wellbeing. I am taking peace education to pursued it in myself first then I think, I will be more confident to guide and motivate more people to believe in peace and educate with peace training.

4. What efforts do you believe the government and women should do to achieve gradual peace in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a highly populated country so we are also struggling for basic human rights. Women who are well-established and have succeeded in their lives in various fields in Bangladesh, we will strive to mobilize, empower, self-reliance and empower them to work for disadvantaged women. If we work together with the same objective we can achieve peace and success for our women and help each other.
So peace educational practice is a easy guidelines to bring people in same platform to work for humanity to build a peaceful world. Government of Bangladesh can quickly spread it out by approving every rural area conducting  graduated peace training  program in each and every school. If every school of Bangladesh approved by the government to practice in peace education, hope in future we can achieve and able to establish peace early and promptly for change human mind.

5. How do you anticipate future peace actions through IWPG Bangladesh Dhaka Peace Committee?

Recently under Flame a r t s Open Studio non profitable organizations in Dhaka and IWPG south Korea signed MOA to work together for women, we gathered and associated 3 Committee members and under them 10 active members who are devoted as volunteers  to work for women and peace activities. and we are 6 people from this committee taking PLTE training, after completing this program successfully, we will hope, we can work together in long run constructively in the following areas for women and children of Bangkadesh - Education, Art and Culture, Welfare, Social awareness, Health. We are grateful to IWPG, to help and guide us to work foreword to get peace in society in such well structural process and give us the opportunities to develop it in Bangladesh.


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