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Feb 2024  


In January, the International Women’s Peace Group(IWPG) worked endlessly to scale up Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE), collaborate with civil society, support the legislation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW), promote peace, and sign MOU/As with various organizations.


MOA Signing for Peace Projects


-Women Around the World Uniting Under Peace


Global Region 4 signs MOA with Goodwill Ambassador of Hope Cameroon

On Jan 16, Global Region 4 signed an MOA with Goodwill Ambassador of Hope Cameroon in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Goodwill Ambassador of Hope(GWAH) is an NGO and NPO, open to every culture with an interest in improving the lives of women and girls. Ekembe Epose Mbacham Mirabel Achebi, the co-founder and executive director of the GWAH, completed the PLTE this January and signed an MOA with IWPG. 
Ekembe Epose Mbacham Mirabel Achebi said, “We need PLTE to achieve peace. IWPG has taught us the importance of women and about the roles that women should take for each family and society. Our organization promises to gather the heart of women to achieve peace”.

Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)

-Peace Realized through Female Peace Lecturers


184 PLTE students graduate from Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia(Branch Manager Tumurkhuyag Enkhtaivan) produced 91 PLTE graduates from Ulaanbaatar and 7 different Aimags nationwide through online education on Jan 15-19. In addition, 45 students from Delgerkhan Sum and 48 students from Jargaltkhaan Sum Khengtii Aimag graduated from the PLTE on Jan 24-25 and Jan 26-27 respectively.


Global Region 8 hosts Vietnam PLTE Graduation Ceremony 


On Jan 17, Global Region 8 hosted the Graduation Ceremony of Vietnam PLTE class 23-4-1 online.


Global Region 8 holds PLTE Orientation in Zambia


On Jan 27, Global Region 8 held the PLTE Orientation in Zambia with 31 participants online, starting with an introduction to IWPG, the Peace Education curriculum, and the course guidelines. One of the students expressed her expectation saying, “I am very excited with the peace education course for women, expecting to gain knowledge that could bring positive changes to my local community and country”.


Global Region 2 conducts PLTE lesson 4~7 online in Yemen 


In January, Global Region 2 gave PLTE lesson 4~7 online to Lamia Al Sharabi, freelance Journalist and Taiz University lecturer. 
Lamia Al Sharabi said, “Through this education, I learned that peace starts from me and spreads to the society, nation, and world and that peace is broken because of people’s greed and selfishness. I hope everyone understands and respects each other without competing. PLTE is even more interesting and meaningful than any other school education. I hope that students at school can also experience PLTE.”


Tanzania Branch has a meeting to discuss PLTE Graduation Ceremony 


On Jan 7, Tanzania Branch(Branch Manager Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni) came together with peace lecturer Lilian Benedict Msaki and 5 other staff members to discuss the PLTE Graduation Ceremony that will take place in Tanzania at the end of February.


DPCW Support Campaigns


-Uniting and advocating for the UN adoption of the DPCW all around the world


Melbourne Branch conducts DPCW campaigns


On Jan 27, Melbourne Branch of Australia(Branch Manager Jesmeen Kaur Khera Bachan Singh) conducted a DPCW support campaign at Melbourne City Center, promoting IWPG and the DPCW and gathering 40 signatures.


Networking and Cooperation


-Meeting with citizens who want peace


Global Region 3 Holds 2024 Opening Meeting


Global Region 3 held the 2024 Opening Meeting with a total of 60 participants including every staff of Global Region 3 and representatives of the Peace Committee and Peace Supporter Association. The participants watched a video of IWPG’s peace work and presented the main activities from last year and plans for this year.
Dasol Kim, Representative of the Peace Supporter Association of Tongyeong Branch, Korea, said: “We have sponsored Fruition, the year-end fundraising event by holding a concert and bazaar at the end of last year and promised to support the DPCW and to become one for peace with 60 participants.”
Four representatives of the Peace Committee announced their opinions and working plans for 2024. Shanthi Socrates, Representative of Chennai Peace Committee, India, said, “Through cultural activities to express peace, I intend to plant peace and harmony in the heart of people. I would like to hold a workshop with a theme of renewable energy for sustainable lives”.
Jansi Leela Sam Pakia John, Representative of Kanyakumari Peace Committee, India, announced working plans for this year, saying, “We are going to hold peace conferences and the International Loving-Peace Art Competition more than five times in five different colleges of engineering, arts and science”.
Rania Alam, Representative of the Dhaka Peace Committee, Bangladesh, said, “As an art teacher, I am working for the cultural and mental growth of children in peace. To make a positive influence on others, I will make an effort to practice all of the teachings myself”.
Batool Kazmi, Representative of the Karachi Peace Committee, Pakistan, said, “ Receiving the PLTE, I decided to participate in peace activities of IWPG. I will promote peace through the art and speech competition”.


IWPG Chennai Peace Committee holds Peace Culture Event to commemorate National Youth Day


On Jan 12, IWPG Chennai Peace Committee held an event under the theme of world peace to commemorate National Youth Day with Sanju Women’s Welfare Association and Rotary Club of Chennai E Shakthi at Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya matriculation higher secondary school. The event provided a chance to recognize the need for world peace for 200 student participants.


IWPG New Zealand Branch hosts International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting in January


On Jan 26, IWPG New Zealand Branch hosted an International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting on the in Oakland. Members who came to the meeting responded by saying, “It was wonderful to share and discuss different concepts and opinions about peace”, and “It’s great to build more bonds with IWPG members. We also want to find a way of pulling members together like this.”


IWPG Switzerland Branch holds Peace of Cake Gathering


On Jan 27, IWPG Switzerland Branch had a monthly gathering a.k.a ‘Peace of Cake at Migros Klubschule, Schaffhausen. Members who attended had time to write down activities of IWPG on the pigeon of peace.


Tokyo Branch in Japan holds Peace Network Regular Meeting


On Jan 27, IWPG Tokyo Branch in Japan(Branch Manager Ohki Kazumi) held a Peace Network Regular Meeting. With the participation of a total of 13 members, two PLTE lecturers led the meeting in the form of a quiz show entitled ‘The Point of Peace Education’ to introduce IWPG’s peace education.


Global Region 7 hosts Online ‘Women Focus Forum’ 


On Jan 20, Global Region 7 hosted the ‘Women Focus Forum’ with 70 people from 11 countries attending. After having a session to learn about the culture of respective countries, Johor Bahru Branch in Malaysia introduced their peace work in 2023. 
After that, Nina, who has taken the PLTE and is now working as a lecturer, gave a presentation on the importance of peace education. Neziha Labidi, Former Minister of Women, Family and Children of Tunisia, presented her experience of having attended the commemoration event of the 9th HWPL World Peace Summit in 2023 under the theme of “the significance of international law.”
The event under the title ‘Women Focus Forum’ continued with a discussion of all participants on how to achieve the 17 SDGs of the UN.


Global Region 2 holds a Welcoming Event for new overseas IWPG members 


On Jan 27, Global Region 2 held an online welcoming event with 100 participants including new overseas members from 20 countries such as Australia, Yemen, Tanzania, and Iraq and reporters worldwide. 
The event started with an introduction and highlight video of IWPG, followed by an explanation of IWPG’s visions and the duty of IWPG, a case presentation, and an introduction of PLTE. 
Global Region 2 shared the role and vision of peace activities and urged all the participants to continue to work with IWPG. The reporters who participated were also asked to actively report activities of peace. 
The case presentation explained how Lilian Benedict Msaki, regional representative of Health Africa, gave a speech at the 2023 International Women’s Peace Conference and how Dr. Shafiqa Saeed Abdo, Chairwoman of the Women's National Committee in Yemen, recruited 300 new IWPG members. 
In her congratulatory video, Lamia Al Eryani, founder of the Yemen Peace School, said, “Since joining IWPG in 2018, I engaged in various activities for peacebuilding. I hope all the new members work with IWPG to build a world of peace free from war so that everyone can live in safety and happiness.” 
Pharmacist Yeweinhareg Kassa, one of the participants, said, “I promise to dedicate myself to the peace of the Tanzanian people. I am sure this will succeed.” 
Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee said, “Peace is the strongest light that can transcend time and space and the boundaries of state, race, and ideology. This light will come together to brighten the future. From now on, countries that produces the most peace leaders with a sense of humanity will become the powers of the world, and all of you will be at the center.” 


Colombia Branch meets with Gloria Elizabeth Vargas Varon, Ambassador of Peace of Fundacion Conacce Chaplains 


On Jan 8, Colombia Branch(Branch Manager Ha Eun) met online with Gloria Elizabeth Vargas Varon, lawyer and Ambassador of Peace of Fundacion Conacce Chaplains.
During this meeting, the Branch Manager introduced IWPG and promoted PLTE, and the two discussed ways to host the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition at the national level so that more children and youth can participate.
Peace Ambassador Gloria Elizabeth Vargas Varon said, “Many religious people do not know how to realize peace. That is why we need peace education. I’m looking forward to the many changes stemming from this upcoming peace education.” 
She promised to invite Colombia government officials to the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition and help IWPG host the competition in 3 regions in Colombia. 


Global Region 2 meets with Jenan Mubarak Altamimi, Head of the Iraqi Center for Women Rehabilitation in Iraq 

On Jan 11, Global Region 2 met with Jenan Mubarak Altamimi, Head of the Iraqi Center for Women Rehabilitation in Iraq, online. 
Jenan Mubarak Altamimi said, “It was nice to see and hear about IWPG’s work. I will think of ways to cooperate with IWPG going forward. I think we can do a lot of peace work in Iraq with women.” 


Kenya Branch holds Uganda Kenya Kick-off Workshop 2024

On Jan 25, Kenya Branch(Branch Manager Sophy Aketch) held the Uganda Kenya Kick-off Workshop 2024, which was attended by heads and staff of MOA organizations and a reporter from TND news. The participants discussed how to take part in the International Loving-Peace Art Competition and other peace events of IWPG.


Cambodia Branch hosts Kick-off Peace Workshop 2024

On Jan 13, Cambodia Branch(Branch Manager Hoy Sochivanny) hosted Kick-off Peace Workshop 2024 in Phnom Penh. The event was attended by twelve representatives of IWPG’s support groups and three PLTE graduates and a reporter from BTV. In part 1, the groups introduced the each of their peace work and the agenda of the Cambodia Branch in 2024. Part 2 was an opportunity to discuss plans to cooperate with IWPG.


Berlin Branch in Germany meets Kani Alavi


On Jan 16, Berlin Branch in Germany(Branch Manager Yingyan Cao) discussed with Kani Alavi, the representative of the East Side Gallery, plans to cooperate for activities in 2024. Kani Alavi, who is planning to establish a museum in front of the Berlin Wall, agreed to set up a Peace Monument of IWPG as well.


Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia has online meeting with Peace Committee Representatives


Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia(Branch Manager Tumurkhuyag Enkhtaivan) presented a report of 2023 and a New Year’s briefing to 14 peace committee representatives from six Aimags. They promised continuous participation and support to proceed with all events of IWPG and to recruit high-level officials and PLTE students.


Promotional Activities


-Efforts to expand peace projects


Rotterdam Branch in Netherlands conducts IWPG Promotion Activities

On Jan 27, Rotterdam Branch in the Netherlands(Branch Manager Niurka van Adrichem) conducted with outdoor networking activities as part of the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting. Through the activity to introduce and promote IWPG in the square, they managed to get 30 new membership sign-ups.


Safa Mahmoud, Head of the Women Department in the Democratic Party, engages in IWPG Promotion Activities

On Jan 31, Safa Mahmoud, Head of the Women Department in the Democratic Party, engaged in IWPG promotion activities in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. 
Safa Mahmoud is meeting various civil activists, politicians, and influencers and introducing IWPG to trigger peace activities in the community. Through this promotion activity, many women said that they wanted to be a member of IWPG and engage together in peace activities. 


Melbourne Branch discuss ways to promote IWPG and DPCW during the Melbourne International Film Festival 


On Jan 9, Melbourne Branch of Australia(Branch Manager Jesmeen Kaur Khera Bachan Singh) met Gertrude Matshe, the founder of HerStory Circle and producer of the Melbourne Film Festival, to discuss promoting IWPG and introducing DPCW through the Film Festival. Gertrude Matshe said, “I want to show the story of an NGO through a film. I hope to plan a way to promote IWPG at the Festival.”


Das es Salaam Branch conducts IWPG promotion activities 

On Jan 20, Das es Salaam Branch of Tanzania(Branch Manager Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni) introduced IWPG and promoted its duty and mission to women in the Das es Salaam region with Lilian Benedict Msaki, Arusha Peace Committee Representative. 
Other members including Dr. Roseline from MDH, Dr. Sirila Fransis from MDH, 다티바 카리아(EGPAF단체), Blandina Rumisho, Grace Semwaiko, Pili Tarimo, Happy Jackson, Fausia Traimo, Beatrice Sabas, Lulu Urio, Merry Ngowi, Anitha Samweli, Eulalia Masawe, and Caroline Kavishe participated. 
New members said, “IWPG is an excellent peace network. I am proud to become a member.” They promised to join IWPG’s peace work based on a strong sustainable network.


This Month’s Interview








Felicidade Victoria Timora Dos Santos Takeleb








Representative of Timor-Leste Second Dili Peace Committee
Executive of Lautos Si Animators


1. Please introduce yourself

I am Felicidade Victoria Timora dos Santos Takeleb, a university student majoring in General Medicine. Right after I finished high school, I started to join several activities that I believe could enhance my skills in communication and leadership and also wanted to build a network. I have worked as a facilitator of anatomy and physiology course at UNTL, my university. I also worked as a volunteer at #SEAReaders, a program that was founded by the alumni of YSEALI, where I gained so much experience as an observer for our teachers during our teaching activities in four high schools. Other than that, I am an active member of Laudato Si’ Movement Timor-Leste, a youth group that focuses on climate change, where I work voluntarily to socialize environmental issues to the community.

2. How did you get to know IWPG and how did you get to be together?

I knew IWPG from a Korean woman that sent me a message on Facebook asking me whether I wanted to be a member of IWPG, so I answered yes, and then she gave me the application form to fill up, and after I filled the form and got the confirmation from the director, I realized that I already became a member of IWPG. To be together as now, honestly, it’s because we were working together in every moment or meeting of IWPG, and I was thinking that it is important to get in with people that work very hard to achieve peace.

3. I heard that you were the first person to complete PLTE in Timor-Leste. What changes have you made after graduating PLTE?

I believe that through small things we can bring a lot of changes with benefits to others, so the changes that I’ve made after graduating from PLTE, the first one is myself. I was a girl who never cared too much about other people, and I thought I didn't have any relationship with them. But after this training, I realized that it's not about relationships but humanity. Another change is my friends. We usually gather online monthly, and through the IWPG regular meeting, I am convincing my friends to apply and learn peace from PLTE. So there is one member of IWPG that already took PLTE training right after I explained its benefit. And last but not least, I also shared my experience with the youth living around me about the existence of IWPG and PLTE itself. So far these are the changes that I’ve made after graduating from PLTE.

4. What are your future plans as a representative of the second Dili Peace Committee of Timor-Leste?


My future plans as a representative of the second Dili Peace Committee of Timor-Leste are, firstly, I want to introduce the existence and the vision and mission of IWPG to Timorese people through meetings and in some organization that I join and work in. The next one is to convey people especially in my community about peace itself through simple actions like cleaning up the beach. And last but not least, convince them to be an IWPG member.   

5. What do you think is the most important and urgent thing to achieve peace?

The most important and urgent thing to achieving peace is humanitarian action. In this era a lot of people are busy with their own business. Sometimes when there is a problem in front of themselves, they just ignore it, but they don’t realize that it could endanger someone’s life. So to prevent those bad things from happening, we must take the humanitarian action like defending and saving the righteous and those in trouble with courage and also forgiveness.


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