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 Mar 2024  

In February, International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) signed MOAs, urged support for the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), facilitated Peace Leadership Training Education (PLTE), formed networks with civil society, and conducted promotional activities. 

MOA Signing for Peace Projects

-Women Around the World Uniting Under Peace

  • Global Region 4 signs MOA with Women in Development for Change of Cameroon 

On Feb 4, Global Region 4 signed an MOA with Women in Development for Change (WID4C) of Yaounde, Cameroon. Margaret Bechem Bechem, head of WID4C, completed PLTE and opened annual peace seminars to promote IWPG and gather members. 

DPCW Support Campaigns
-Uniting and advocating for the UN adoption of the DPCW all around the world
  • Dar es Salaam Branch of Tanzania holds a special lecture on DPCW 

On Feb 8 and 29, Dar es Salaam Branch (Branch Manager Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni) gave a special lecture on the DPCW online. The lecture had 20 attendees including Faraja Mwandembo, Juliana Mushi, and Hawa Mcheka. 

Through the DPCW education, the Branch emphasized that the DPCW must be legislated as an international law in the UN for true peace to be established in the world. 

Hawa Mcheka said, “I will support the DPCW so that it is introduced as an international law to the UN. I am happy and grateful to be able to work with IWPG for this.” 

Juliana Mushi said, “I am happy to know that PLTE is spreading within Tanzania, and I will also cooperate to realize eternal peace.” 

Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)
-Peace Realized through Female Peace Lecturers
  • Global Region 2 conducts PLTE in Yemen 

On Feb 2, Global Region conducted PLTE Lesson 8 online in Yemen. Lesson 2 discusses “Women of the world becoming one with IWPG,” emphasizing that the solidarity of 3.9 billion women around the world is critical to establish peace.
  • Dar es Salaam Branch provides PLTE special lecture 
From Feb 4 to 10, the Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania introduced and promoted IWPG and DPCW to women in the local communities and gathered new IWPG members. The women said, “I am happy to see women becoming a member of IWPG, working together for peace. PLTE is an excellent solution to reach world pace.”
  • Dar es Salaam Branch conducts PLTE Lesson 1

On Feb 15, Dar es Salaam Branch gave online lessons on PLTE Lesson 1 to 13 Tanzanian women. Juliana Mushi said, “I am happy to become a IWPG peace activist.” Jackline Mwendwa said, “I will actively participate in the work of peace and support IWPG.”
  • Tanzania conducts PLTE Lesson 2~4 online 
Tanzania peace lecturer Lillian Benedict Msaki, Arusha Peace Committee Representative and Regional Representative of Health Africa, gave lectures on PLTE Lesson 2~4 online in February. Agatha Julius said, “I learned how to use culture for peace and understood that we can build a better world by planting the culture of peace among children.” Happiness Msaki said, “I will spread peace and try to embrace others with gratitude. PLTE is an amazing program.”
  • Global Region 2 provides education for PLTE Lesson 1 in Colombia
On Feb 6, PLTE Lesson 1 took place online in Colombia through Global Region 2. Claudia Aragon said, “All women should take PLTE.” Shirley Rodirguez said, “This is a good opportunity for us to learn the ways to achieve peace.” Ediht Castano said, “I learned the way to achieve peace, and this was an opportunity for me to reflect upon my life. We are all different, but I hope we can all come together to work for peace.”
  • Global Region 10 conducts Lesson 1 of PLTE Class 24-1 in Pakistan 
On Feb 24, Global Region 10 conducted Lesson 1 of PLTE Class 24-1 in Pakistan. Naureen Khan, one of the students, said, “Through the lesson, I learned that peace starts from the basic concept that other people’s lives are as precious as mine.”
  • Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia holds PLTE Completion Ceremony of Class 24-1-1  
On Feb 29, Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia (Branch Manager Tumurkhuyag Enkhtaivan) held the PLTE Completion Ceremony of Class 24-1-1 online. 92 people from all over Mongolia graduated from this class, and all of them promised to stay at the forefront of peace world. Sumyya Narantungalag said, “I am grateful to be able to join this amazing peace work. Let’s all come together for the dissemination of peace.”
Networking and Cooperation
-Meeting with citizens who want peace
  • Global Region 3 holds joint Only Peace Conference in 8 countries 
On Feb 25, Global Region 3 held the joint Only Peace Conference online with 6 Korean branches and 7 countries overseas (India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Sao Tome and Principe). 
In her opening remarks, Global Regional Director Eun Ju Heo said, “We need so strongly urge support for DPCW, the answer to peace. I hope we can think of good ideas and methods to make this work.” 
H.E Maria de Fatima Afonso Vila Nova, First Lady of Sao Tome and Principe, said, “Let’s never forget that peace requires the participation and dedication of all. Let’s raise our voices together and leverage our communities to build a world that values peace the most.” 
IWPG Tongyeong Branch Peace Committee Representative Keum Hee Lee said, “In order to build a peaceful world without war, we need something more than a desire for peace. We need practical laws and institutions. This can be established through various campaigns and activities that support the DPCW.”  
Mrs. Saeeda Salim, principal of the School of International Studies in Science and Arts(SISA), said, “Pakistan should also support the legislation of DPCW as an international law in order to achieve peace. This is the ‘road’ to sustainable peace and prosperity. 
Syeda Sadia Hasan, Executive Director Centre for Management Development in Bangladesh, said, “It is important to start peace education effectively among women to spread a culture of peace.” 
Kannaki Prabakaran, Academician Correspondent & Secretary of AIWC schools in India, said, “We need to establish peace at the national level. The DPCW focuses on preserving peace and culture, so we need a practical strategy to make this effective.” 
One Afghanistan PLTE student said, “We need peace to prevent conflict, violence, and discrimination.”
  • Global Region 3 holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting 
On Feb 4, Global Region 3 held the Feb International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting with its Pakistani members online. Global Region 3 explained the role of IWPG Peace Committees to the new members. Regional Director Eun Ju Her said, “Peace Committees are groups that plant and grow the seed of peace in the local communities. I look forward to the Peace Committees thriving.”
  • Global Region 6 holds 6th Only Peace Conference
On Feb 5, Global Region 6 held the Only Peace Conference at Wonju Media Center. 
Global Regional Director So Yeong Park greed the participants by saying, “I hope this becomes an opportunity for everyone to understand the value of peace.” 
IWPG Chuncheon Branch peace lecturer Seong Suk Min highlighted the significance of education and the value of PLTE. IWPG Wonju Branch Peace Committee Representative Seo Jin Lee emphasized the important of DPCW under the theme “DPCW, the laws and institutions that the world needs.”
  • IWPG Switzerland team hosts “Peace of Cake” 

On Feb 24, IWPG Switzerland team held their regular meeting, Peace of Cake, at Migros Klubschule School in Schaffhausen. The participants said, “I hope that a world of peace is realized through the work of IWPG. I believe that PLTE is the most sustainable solution to establishing peace in the long run.” 

  • Yangon Branch of Myanmar holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting 
On Feb 20, Yangon Branch in Myanmar (Branch Manager Crystal Po Gyaw) held the Feb International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting. A total of 11 participants came together to share their New Year plans. Darli Myint said, “It was invigorating to meet new members. I’m proud of this meeting and happy to join.” 
  • Global Region 4 holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting in Timor-Leste
On Feb 24, Global Region 4 held the Feb International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting in Timor-Leste at the Timor-Leste National University. Felicidade Victoria Timora Dos Santos Takeleb, a member of Lautos Si Animators, introduced IWPG’s major initiatives and PLTE to the other participants. Noni Bonaparte de Jesus dos Santos, accountant of President University, also shared her thoughts after taking PLTE through video. Geovania Gomes Braz Nai Sia, member of Zoom Project, said, “It was so nice to meet IWPG members and the event was very enjoyable.”
  • Mandalay Branch of Myanmar holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting 
On Feb 24, Mandalay Branch (Branch Manager Khin Mu Mu Han) held the Feb International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting. 23 people participated and shared New Year plans and greeted new members. 
Ma Nilar said, “The new members were very interested in the regular meeting. We talked about IWPG, DPCW, and HWPL, and it was very inspiring. If we unite more, I believe we can achieve much for peace.”
  • Global Region holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting in Cameroon and Burundi 
On Feb 8, Global Region 4 held the International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting in Cameroon and Burundi and congratulated the completion of PLTE. The event also included a celebration of the establishment of Buea Peace Committee in Cameroon. Buea Peace Committee consists of PLTE lecturers and graduates, and they are setting and executing annual plans to establish peace in Buea.
  • Berlin Branch kicks off partnership with Anwar Noor 
On Feb 17, Berlin Branch of Germany (Branch Manager Yingyan Cao) participated in an event called “Peace Gathering through Worldwide Food and Dance” held at the BENN office in Berlin. The branch staff had the opportunity to experience various cultures and discuss peace with others. This laid the foundation for partnership with Anwar Noor this year. He has supported the Berlin Branch’s peace activities and provided connections with a Syrian female choir group.
  • Tokyo Branch holds International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting 
On Feb 24, Tokyo Branch (Branch Manager Ohki Kazumi) held the Feb International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting online. 11 people joined, and Kamizo Sachiko, a family counselor, gave a special lecture. The theme of the lecture was ‘about the place where children are and their self-esteem’.
  • Global Region 2 meets with president of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization 

On Feb 16, Global Region 2 met with Pascale Isho Warda, president of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and former Iraqi Minister of Immigration and Refugees, online. 
Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is a non-profit, pan-religious, and non-governmental organization that supports victims of human rights violation in Iraq. 
Through this meeting, IWPG introduced the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition and discussed avenues of cooperation. 
President Pascale Isho Warda said, “I will make sure than many Iraqi children and adolescents participate in the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition.”

  • Global Region 2 meets with president of Yemen Peace School Organization 
On Feb 27, Global Region 2 met with Lamia Al-eryany, president of Yemen Peace School Organization, online. 
Yemen Peace School Organization works with like-minded government institutions, donors, and international institutions in the peacebuilding, security, and administrative sector to sustain human development and prosperity.
Lamia Al-eryany said, “I’m happy that Yemenite children can participate in the International Loving-Peace Art Competition and draw about war and peace.”
  • Global Region 2 meets with Tasneem Alrobasi from Yemen
On Feb 2, Global Region had an online meeting with Tasneem Alrobasi, freelance translator and IT engineer from Yemen. Global Region 2 introduced IWPG’s activities such as PLTE. Tasneem Alrobasi said, “I’m happy to hear that many Yemenite women are working with IWPG. I wish to become a PLTE peace lecturer to teach others about peace.” 
  • Global Region 2 meets with Head of Women’s Department in the Democratic Party of Libya online 

On Feb 7, Global Region 2 met with Safa Mahmoud, head of the Women’s Department in the Democratic Party of Libya, online. Safa Mahmoud said, “I am passionate in doing peace work with IWPG. I wish to discuss further about the specific peace projects that can be done by Libyan women, such as peace campaigns and PLTE.”

  • Melbourne Branch meets with schools to host the International Loving-Peace Art Competition 

On Feb 14 and 16, Melbourne Branch of Australia (Branch Manager Jesmeen Kaur Khera Bachan Singh) visited schools in the local community in order to host this year’s International Loving-Peace Art Competition. The Branch met with Mitchel Marley, coordinator of Tarneit Rise Primary School, and Marayanne Fenech-Gatt, art teacher at St. James Primary School, to discuss ways to host this event within the schools this year.

  • Melbourne Branch discusses women empowerment and domestic violence prevention projects 

On Feb 15 and 16, Melbourne Branch met with Sarah Chong, Director of Feme Solidarity, and Gulghotai Benzhan, CEO of Afghan Women’s Organization, to discuss the upcoming domestic violence prevention project in April. Melbourne Branch requested to include an agenda on PLTE and DPCW. Ms. Gulghotai signed up as an IWPG member and applied for PLTE.

  • Global Region 2 meets with CEDRO from Peru online 

On Feb 27, Global Region 2 met with the staff of CEDRO (Centro de Informacion y Educacion para la Prevencion del Abuso de Drogas) from Peru online. 
CEDRO is an information and education center for drug abuse. It provides shelter for teenagers at risk of drug abuse in Lima and provides various programs including music, arts, and sports. 
CEDRO agreed to gather teenagers to participate in the International Loving-Peace Art Competition and sign an MOA with IWPG to sustain their mutual peace partnership.

  • Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania holds online meeting with UMOA 

On Feb 16, Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania met online with Benezer David, president of UMOA, Juliana Mushi, and Jacqueline Mwendwa, a researcher of Media and Journalism within the government. 
UMOA(University Ministry of Africa Trust) provides job-training and education to children, especially those in vulnerable groups. 
During the meeting, Dar es Salaam Branch introduced IWPG and promoted peace activities including PLTE. 
Juliana Mushi said, “We are doing peace work in Mwanza, but women are failing to enjoy their full rights. I wish to teach women about peace through PLTE. Jacqueline Mwendwa showed interest in PLTE and said, “I worked as a women studies researcher in a government institution for 18 years.” President Benezer David said, “IWPG is a crucial organization for world peace. We will continue to cooperate through PLTE and MOA.”

  • Global Region 2 meets with How to Women Work from Qatar 

On Feb 19, Global Region 2 met with Evridiki Iliaki from Qatar, the Executive Director of How to Women Work, to discuss the International Loving-Peace Art Competition and drawing exhibition. The two organizations agreed to host the competition and drawing exhibition in the Qatar Museum.

Promotional Activities

-Efforts to expand peace projects

  • Dar es Salaam Branch gives special lecture introducing IWPG 
Dar es Salaam Branch of Tanzania gave 5 special lectures to introduce IWPG to PLTE students from Feb 1 to 25. Through this special lecture, the students were able to understand peace, recognize the value of peace in the communities, and share methods to internalize peace and establish it in the household and society. 20 women registered as IWPG members and promised to spread peace in our communities.
  • Dar es Salaam Branch promotes IWPG and DPCW 
On Feb 20 and 22, Dar es Salaam Branch of Tanzania promoted IWPG and DPCW to local women. One of the participants, Pendo Philipo, said, “It was a great time. Peace is truly needed. I will continue to spread peace.” Another member, Schola Israel, said, “I was pleased to learn more about IWPG. I am ready to become a messenger of peace.”

Interview of the Month

Sun Ae Jang

IWPG Peace Committee Representative

Director of Cheong Ae Gallery

1. Please introduce yourself.

Greetings. I am Sun Ae Jang, the Director of Cheong Ae Gallery. I love drawing and have been drawing cartoons for over 10 years. Luxury items lose their light over the passing of time, but masterpieces that contain the soul of the artist continue to shine and never fade away. That is why I strive to become a good artist. My dream is to also give older people who were not able to pursue art due to circumstances the opportunity to draw on their own.

2. How did you start working with IWPG?
I learned of IWPG through the Regional Director of Global Region 5. IWPG has a clear goal and strategy to achieve world peace. The members sincerely love peace and have warm hearts. IWPG provided me with small but clear happiness. 
3. What did you think of the art pieces of the 5th International Loving-Peace Art Competition last year?
Through the award-winning pieces of last year’s art competition, I could tell that this event was very good for children. For example, one drawing drawn by an Indian child reminded me of the Korean peninsula, divided by a barbed wire fence across the 38th parallel. The drawings by these children dreaming of peace fostered a heart of patriotism within me. Peace starts from me, an individual, and spreads to the people around me. If everyone comes together and raises their voices for peace, peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula is no longer a dream put a feasible reality. South Korea is well aware of the atrocities of war. A peaceful world is a world in which anyone can meet their family any time. I am greatly interested in the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula, and I plan to continue working with IWPG.
4. What do you think is the most important thing for peace?
I think peace starts from ridding ourselves of greed and selfishness. If we are content and grateful for what we have, we can be happy and practice peace. We can stay positive even in difficult circumstances and show love for others. This is the realization of peace.
5. What are some culture/art-related activities that you wish to do with IWPG going forward?
First, I wish to provide the venue for the exhibition of the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition. I want to share the emotions that I felt through the children’s art pieces with others so that more people can witness and realize that the best legacy that we can pass down to our children is “peace.” I want to promote the value of peace and freedom to the people around me so that they can also join peace work. If the opportunity presents itself, I also want to donate my talents to IWPG’s peace activities to network with more members.
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