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 Apr 2024    


In March, International Women’s Peace Group(IWPG) participated in the 68th UN CSW (Commission on the Status of Women), held at the UN Headquarters in New York, and demonstrated its commitment towards peace work and the strengthening of women’s solidarity. This included MOA/U signing, advocacy of the institutionalization of the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), promotion of PLTE (Peace Lecturer Training Education), networking, and promotional activities.


IWPG strengthens peace partnership with Uganda and Côte d'Ivoire


-promoted peace initiatives such as DPCW and Peace Education 


IWPG, a UN-accredited NGO, participated in the 68th UN CSW that took place at the UN Headquarters in New York. There, IWPG met with Uganda and Côte d’Ivoire and discussed specific peace partnership points at the working-level.
On Mar 13, IWPG met with the Minister of Gender and Cultural Affairs of Uganda to discuss specific plans.
On the 18th, IWPG held a workshop with the working-level officials of the Ministry of Women, Family, and Children of Côte d’Ivoire, including the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Minster, to discuss the details of cooperation.


IWPG also met with the Sudanese embassy and promised to cooperate.

Furthermore, IWPG was able to promote its peace initiatives, including DPCW, the International Loving-Peace Art Competition, and PLTE.


IWPG also held an NGO Parallel Event on Mar 18 at Church Center UN, located in front of the UN Headquarters, under the theme “Solidarity of Women: Mitigating Gender Inequality through Peace.” This event was an opportunity to contemplate the correlation between peace and gender equality and what important role female solidarity can play in achieving this. IWPG has been hosting an NGO Parallel Event at the UN CSW for three consecutive years, establishing it as a truly international women’s organization.

IWPG considers the solidarity of women worldwide a crucial element to achieving gender equality and will continue to work to reach sustainable peace and security and expand the participation of women in peace processes. IWPG Secretary General Na Hyung Jun, the leader of this year’s delegation, said, “IWPG will continue to establish itself as an international organization for peace by acting upon its commitments with national government and NGOs.

CSW is a functional committee under the UN ECOSOC (Economic and Social Committee), gathering national governments and relevant international/non-governmental organizations and institutions every year to share policies on women empowerment and protection of women’s rights and find effective ways to implement gender equality measures. The theme of this year’s 68th event was “Accelerating the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls by addressing poverty and strengthening institutions and financing with a gender perspective.”


IWPG Global Regions meets with female leaders from all around the world


-Scaling out IWPG’s peace projects through UN


Su Jin Park, the Regional Director of Global Region 5, met with Sierra Leone's Minister of Gender and Children's Affairs, Isata Mahoi, at CSW. They had an in-depth discussion on PLTE and DPCW. Minister Asata Mahoi stated, "I will convey the importance of DPCW to many leaders, including the President of Sierra Leone, in the future," and promised to empathize with the necessity of peace and will continuously cooperate with IWPG's peace activities.
Ms. Park also met with Aruna Naik, the CEO of the India Development Foundation (IDF). She introduced the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition, and Irina Naik showed great interest in IWPG's peace activities and voluntarily registered as a member.

During CSW, Global Region 12 met with key figures from Uganda and Kenya to discuss collaborative efforts for peace.
The figures from Uganda included Mutuuzo Peace Regis, Minister of State, Gender and Culture Affairs Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social; Jennifer Aguti Ajiji, Director of the National Association of Women's Organizations in Uganda; Faizat Badmus, Regional Programme Manager of Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA); Hala Al Karib, Regional Director of Uganda for SIHA; and Dianah Nanyange, national coordinator for Power To Youth, Uganda.
Figures from Kenya whom they met with were Dianah Kamande Wanjiku, founder and Executive Director of Come together Widows and Orphans Organization; Fatuma Hakar, founder and CEO of GirlKind Kenya; Yvonne Anyango, Executive Director for Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa (CASDA); Angela Nguku, founder and Executive Director of the White Ribbon Alliance Kenya; and Maureen Rovinnah, Strategic Partnerships Manager at the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF).
Regional Director Soo Jung Lee reflected on the significance of these meetings: “It was meaningful to discuss practical solutions for enhancing gender equality and empowerment with women's representatives and NGOs from various countries. We look forward to further developments as we implement the in-depth agreements made with Uganda's Ministry of Gender and Culture, following our MOA signed last September to actualize our peace initiatives.”

Representatives from Global Region 2 met with officials from various nations, introduced IWPG and its peace activities, and promoted the '2024 International Women's Peace Conference' scheduled for September.
On the 11th, at a United Nations Arab League (LAS) side event, they met with Laila bint Ahmed bin Awad Al Nazar, the Omani Minister of Social Development. They shared and promised collaboration on peace activities within Oman through IWPG.
On the 13th, at the UN East Lounge, they held meetings to advance peace with Enaam Barashi, Director General of the Jordan River Foundation, and Dr. Aghadir Jwaihan, General Director of the Princess Taghrid Institude Development and Training of Jordan. The Jordan River Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the livelihood of families and children in Jordan through social and economic development programs.
At the same venue on the same day, they met with Nino Tsilosani, Deputy Chairperson of the Georgian Parliament, who expressed interest in the World Women's Peace Conference and indicated the government's intention to participate.
On the 14th, at the UN Libyan Embassy, they met with Dr. Horea Khalifa Altermal, Libyan Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, members of the Libyan Parliament, and the third committee expert Mohamed E.M. Abu Snaina of the Libyan Embassy to the UN. Minister Horea Khalifa Altermal agreed to cooperate in peace activities, including the International Loving-Peace Art Competition.

On Mar 10th, an invitation was extended to attend a reception at the Australian Embassy to the UN, where meetings were held with Kate Gallagher, Minister for Finance and Minister for Women; Stephanie Corpus Campbell, Ambassador for Gender Equality at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; and James Larson Australian Ambassador to the UN. Ambassador Corpus Campbell expressed a keen interest in attending this year's World Women's Peace Conference.
On the 12th, a meeting was held at the Ethiopian Embassy to the UN with Kurabachew Tirfessa Dabessa, the first commissioner of the Ethiopian Embassy to the UN. He stated his commitment to actively support Ethiopian peace activities and his intention to attend the 2024 World Women's Peace Conference.
On the 15th, a meeting took place at the UN with Elizabeth Keller, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia. She expressed hope for ongoing cooperation for the rights and peace of Colombian women.
On the 20th, at the UN East Lounge, discussions were held with Sophia Mjema, Advisor to the President on Women’s issues, Children and Special Groups from Tanzania, and Dr. Seif A. Shekalaghe, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Gender of Tanzania. The meeting led to a commitment to continuous cooperation between IWPG and the Tanzanian government on women's peace activities. They also showed interest in the 2024 World Women's Peace Conference scheduled for September and expressed the government's intention to participate.

Representatives from Global Region 3 met with women activists from India, Iran, China, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Iceland to discuss peaceful cooperation for propagating a culture of peace and building institutional peace. 
They also participated in national side events and NGO events, where they exchanged views on enhancing women's capabilities in each country and developing more progressive activities. Additionally, through visits to ministers and UN embassies, they promoted the need for an international law on peace and encouraged support for DPCW.
They committed to continuous exchange to share more diverse examples of peace activities at the upcoming World Women's Peace Conference in September, based on the key projects and policies of organizations and countries, and to follow up with substantive actions.

In March, representatives from Global Region 6 met individually with government officials and leaders from various organizations, including Dorin Sioka, Namibian Minister of Gender Equality; 'Mamatou Futho-Letsatsi/Director Of Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture And Social Development of Lesotho; Thulisile Dladla, Deputy Prime Minister and Senator of Eswatini, as well as leaders from the Associated Country Women of the World and Women's Platform (UK). They engaged in various discussions aimed at realizing peace.
So Young Park, the Regional Director, said, "I am truly delighted to meet with leaders from around the world who love peace. I believe that if we continue to cooperate, a world of peace will come much sooner."

Global Region 4 introduced PLTE, the Loving-Peace Art Competition, and DPCW in meetings with UN ambassadors, ministers, and NGO leaders.
The Permanent Mission of the UN for from Myanmar, H.E. Kyaw Moe Tun, expressed gratitude for the continuous peace activities IWPG has been conducting with Myanmar women. The UN Ambassador for Burkina Faso, H.E. Oumarou Ganou, actively supported IWPG's women's activities by personally introducing the leader of a women's organization.
H.E. Martine Augustine Kirimat, Minister of the Ministry of the Promotion of Gender, Protection of Women, Family and Children of the Central African Republic, stated her intention to discuss the introduction of PLTE with the Minister of Education and invited a delegation to Central Africa while introducing the First Lady.
Hon. Nadine Umutoni  Gatsinzi, Chief Gender Monitor for the Rwandan Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion, mentioned considering the progress of IWPG's peace projects at the national level. Dr. Ninphasius Jayaphony, Director General of Women Development, Lao Women's Union, requested that an IWPG peace event be held in Laos.


In March, Global Region 8 engaged with various dignitaries to introduce and encourage participation in IWPG activities.
On March 11, they met at the UN Embassy of Zambia with Belinda Malambo, the third commissioner involved in women's affairs, and Brenda Namwila, Assistant Director of Gender Rights Protection at Gender Division of Zambia.
On March 12, a meeting was held near the UN Headquarters in New York with Education International. The attendants included Haldis Holst, the Secretary-General, Isman Benboulerbah, a Research, Policy and Advocacy Coordinator, and Rocío Nieto, an administrative officer. Education International, headquartered in Belgium, is dedicated to defending the right to education globally.
On March 13, a meeting was conducted at the UN Headquarters with Florence Nkhuwa, the CEO of Lifeline Childline Zambia, along with Hendrix Shamainda, leader of the board of Lifeline/Childline Zambia. Detailed discussions were held regarding ongoing projects in Zambia.
On March 14, at the same location, they met with Iluta Lace from the Marta Centre. The Marta Centre is a non-profit organization that actively supports women and youth facing domestic or sexual violence and runs various programs for their aid.


On March 15, representatives from Global Region 8 met with Laura Kaun, Policy and Campaign director for the European Women's Lobby (EWL). The European Women's Lobby is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the rights of women across Europe and collaborates extensively with numerous women's human rights non-profit organizations in Europe.


“DPCW is the resolution to war”


-participated in the 8th Annual Commemoration of DPCW


On March 14, IWPG participated in HWPL’s 8th Annual Commemoration of the DPCW held at the Peace Institute located in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi Province and urged for support toward the DPCW.


Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee) has proclaimed the 10 Articles 38 Clauses of the DPCW in 2016, and ever since, IWPG has been supporting its institutionalization as the answer to peace. This event was planned to gather people from all over the world with the mindset of peace to closely cooperation under mutual understanding and communication in order to find ways to establish peace on this earth. 
In her commemorative speech, IWPG Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon said, “Even at this moment, numerous wars are being waged all around the world, and innocent civilians are being sacrificed. And in the midst of this conflict, women and children suffer the most. The validity of the DPCW as the fundamental solution to war has been continuously proven by presidents, ministers, legal experts, and NGO leaders all around the world.” 
Moreover, she added, “Physical conflict and war must first come to an end. On top of that, structural and cultural conflict should also disappear. Only then can we truly eradicate discrimination and violence in the economy, environment, labor market, development processes, and much more. Through this, sustainable peace will be achieved on this earth.”


Chairwoman Yoon emphasized that we should join forces to institutionalize the DPCW and introduced IWPG’s efforts toward this end. Every year IWPG is joining the UN CSW to introduce the DPCW to female ministers all around the world and lay the roadmap for urging the heads of states to also support this declaration. 


In addition, IWPG is working to establish 100 regional Peace Committees within March to strengthen local peace activities. Since 2023, IWPG has been providing PLTE all around the world to promote the necessity of the DPCW.


MOU Signing for Peace Projects


-Women Around the World Uniting Under Peace


Global Region 10 signs MOU with SOFEPADI, Democratic Republic of Congo

On March 12, Global Region 10 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Female Solidarity for Integrated Peace and Development (SOFEPADI) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, aiming to advance peace and integrated development. Through this MOU, IWPG committed to providing the PLTE program and educational materials, while SOFEPADI pledged to support activities promoting the adoption of the DPCW resolution at the United Nations.
SOFEPADI is an alliance of 40 women's organizations in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, working towards peace and the education, empowerment, and realization of women’s rights.
Julienne Lusenge, the President of SOFEPADI, said, "It's crucial for the women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who suffer under harsh conditions, to acquire skills, receive education, and heal. Applying IWPG's peace education to our women would be tremendously beneficial. Rather than commemorating war, it would be meaningful to remember peace and build peace monuments."
Baek Lee Jo, the regional director, said, ”We will provide PLTE content to help women suffering from conflict and violence realize the preciousness of life and become the subject of peace realization."


Global Region 2 signs MOU with Ethiopian Media Women Association

On March 18, Global Region 2 signed a MOU with the Ethiopian Media Women Association(EMWA) at the Millennium Hotel in New York, aimed at advancing world peace. EMWA, a nonprofit association established by female journalists and media professionals, focuses on enhancing the skills of media experts and practitioners, enabling women to own and benefit from community media, and improving women's access to and participation in media.
Through this MOU, EMWA committed to collaborating with Ethiopian journalists to organize media coverage programs for IWPG’s peace activities. Rebecca Tadesse, the Executive Board Chairwoman of EMWA, stated, "It's astonishing to see the extent of IWPG's diverse international peace activities and their collaborations with many media organizations in Ethiopia. I look forward to continually working with IWPG and jointly engaging in peace activities."


Global Region 2 signs MOU with Colmed, Colombia, for realization of peace activities

On March 14, Global Region 2 signed a MOU Colmed of Colombia at the UN East Lounge, aimed at realizing peace initiatives. Colmed is an organization dedicated to supporting and protecting the environment, land, territory, and human rights.
Through the MOU, the two parties agreed to cooperate in carrying out IWPG's peace activities in Colombia and providing PLTE to local women.
Ruz Estella Romero Villalba, the representative of Colmed, expressed her enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "Meeting IWPG is a great fortune, and I am eager to work together for peace in Colombia."
Seo Yeon Lee, the Regional Director of Global Region 2, emphasized, "To end wars and pass on a world of peace to the future generations, women worldwide must unite and raise their voices."


Paris Branch signs MOU with Archipelia Center

On March 27, the Paris branch (Branch Manager Orianne Radji), signed a MOU with the Archipelia Center. Archipelia is a center that runs activities for youth every week.
Both parties aim to foster cooperation, sharing, and exchange among the youth, and plan to provide creative opportunities for them to participate in creating a more peaceful world. This collaboration reflects a commitment to empowering young people and enhancing their role in society through peaceful engagement and cultural exchange.

Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)

-Peace Realized through Female Peace Lecturers


Global Region 4 conducts PLTE in Rwanda

In March, Global Region 4 conducted Session 1~4 of PLTE at the Rwanda Consumer's Rights Protection Organization's office in Kigali, Rwanda.
Nyiraneza Charlotte, the Chairperson of the Kigali Peace Committee, said, "PLTE was interesting for both the instructors and the trainees. Through discussions, we learned about ways to achieve peace and how to convey it to others. It was beneficial to hear many different opinions."
Trainee Niyitanga Aurore said, "It is very important to propagate peace to others." Another trainee, Munezero Antoinette, expressed her feelings, "I learned that we must spread the culture of peace everywhere we can."


Global Region 4 conducts PLTE in Yaoundé, Cameroon

Global Region 4 conducted PLTE for 14 students in Yaoundé, Cameroon three times for the month of March.


Global Region 11 produces more than 40 PLTE lecturers

The online PLTE, which started in February by Global Region 11, was completed with 10 sessions on April 6. It produced a total of 40 lecturers and the completion ceremony was held on the 20th.


Global Region 2 conducts PLTE Session 7 in Colombia 

On March 19, Global Region 2 conducted PLTE Session 7 online in Colombia under the theme "Uniting Women Worldwide with IWPG." This session highlighted ongoing peace activities and substantial achievements of IWPG.
Lilian Coral said, "PLTE educates us a lot and has shown how vital the unity of women is through IWPG to achieve sustainable peace, which is the desire of all people."
Nelly said, "It's a great opportunity to change perceptions in media and society by encouraging women worldwide to participate in IWPG's various peace programs."
Claudia Aragon shared her appreciation for the program's impact, saying, "The lessons are very enlightening. We are grateful to learn about the significant achievements IWPG has made and how their peace activities are part of the essential process of ending wars and achieving peace."

Ediht Castaño remarked, "It is crucial to realize exactly what IWPG aims for. If women worldwide become one, we can achieve more practical changes in the dimension of peace."


Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania conducts PLTE

On March 10, Lilian Benedict Msaki, a peace lecturer from the Dar es Salaam branch in Tanzania (Branch Manager Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni), conducted PLTE Session 5 online. The session focused on the theme "War, the Outcome of Greed and Selfishness" highlighting how greed and selfishness are fundamental causes of war.
Participant Theresia Rogath expressed her motivation for attending the session saying, "I participated in this education with a desperate desire to leave a world of peace for our children."

In the same month, Faraja Mwandembo, another peace lecturer from the Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania, conducted PLTE Session 1 and 2 online for 14 new students on March 16 and 23. These sessions emphasized that peace begins with the individual and spreads to families, neighbors, society, nations, and the world, transcending borders, races, and religions to foster harmony in the global community.
Catherine Raphael Mgoli said, "I want to become a lecturer who educates about peace to liberate women from the suffering of human rights violations and violence."
Cecilia Denis shared her insights, stating, "Stability is necessary for peace. I believe we must acknowledge and accept each other's differences with love. I also learned that understanding and harmony through religious conferences significantly contribute to peace in society and the world."

Faraja Mwandembo conducted online interviews for new applicants of PLTE on March 9.
During the interview, Rehema Mtipa Michael and ten other members participated. They introduced themselves, discussed their aspirations for the classes, and shared their plans for activities after completing the course.
Cecilia Denis said, "I will strive to propagate peace not only in my region but also in other areas."
Patna Rajabu remarked, "I will do my best in the classes and want to teach the peace I learn to others."
Salma Jmukhandi said, "Since peace is the basis of everything, I will spread peace to many people after this education."
Juliana Invocavit Mushi expressed her vision, "I want to disseminate the knowledge I've gained to conflict areas and neighboring African countries. There's a need for peace among suffering children and women. I plan to collaborate with universities to achieve more tangible results and meet with the Tanzanian ambassador to work together on matters of peace."


Global Region 3 hosts PLTE Joint Graduation Ceremony

On March 2, Global Region 3 hosted an online graduation ceremony for PLTE bringing participants from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan together. An anonymous Afghan student shared their insights saying, "Through discussions, participants were exposed to various perspectives, living experiences, and cultural viewpoints, which broadened their worldviews and broke their prejudices. The stories of individual participants from different backgrounds and contexts allowed participants to develop a deeper appreciation for the complexity of human emotions, such as fear, hope, and resilience."
Merlin Denis from India expressed how the course helped her realize the extensive human, economic, and environmental costs associated with war, along with the threats they bring about to global security. She said, "I learned that finding peaceful solutions is essential for creating a world free from destructive conflicts, which is crucial for the well-being of individuals, societies and the earth."
Syeda Sadia Hasan from Bangladesh said, "I've come to believe in how peace can be achieved through the efforts that IWPG is actively promoting. I'm thankful to IWPG for motivating me to spread peace."
Shiza Mir from Pakistan commented, "It was a valuable time to understand how creating the law of peace and acquiring the virtues are substantial in achieving global peace."


Paris Branch in France initiates PLTE for Africa

On March 30, Paris branch in France initiated PLTE targeting African nations. The training was conducted by Angella, Manager of Peace Education of the Paris Branch.


Global Region 10 conducts PLTE Class 24-1 in Pakistan

Global Region 10 conducted the Session 2 for PLTE 24-1st Class in Pakistan on March 2. The session, titled "Virtues of a Global Citizen for Achieving Peace," focused on enlightening the students about the qualities necessary to foster a peaceful world. Shahnaz William, one of the trainees, said, "Understanding each other and moving towards peace requires more tolerance than anything else."


Global Region 10 conducts PLTE Class 24-1 in Kazakhstan

On March 15, Global Region 10 conducted the Session 1 of PLTE Class 24-1 for Kazakhstan online. Saule, one of the students said, "The concept of peace is understood in all languages. Love is the foundation of all creation in the universe and the most powerful energy.” Another student, Aizhan said, "I am grateful to IWPG for sending a message of peace and creation to the people. Let us bring the light of peace and love to the beautiful fields of Earth and the universe."


Jakarta branch in Indonesia conducts peace education in Mataram

On March 23, The Jakarta branch in Indonesia (Branch Manager Ana Milana Puspita Sari) conducted a peace education session, involving students from the Mataram Islamic State University (UIN), in Lombok. Previously, instructors from UIN had completed IWPG PLTE.
The same class was also held at Satya Wacana University in Jawa Tengah. Graduates of the peace education course receive certificates upon completion.
The Jakarta branch is also regularly conducting PLTE sessions in the form of homeschooling for the general public.


Exchange and Cooperation


-Meeting with citizens who want peace


Global Region 6 hosts 6th Only Peace Conference

On March 5, Global Region 6 hosted the 6th Only Peace Conference at Wonju Media Center.
Seong Suk Min, a peace lecturer from the IWPG Chuncheon branch remarked, "PLTE is a necessary education that every IWPG member should receive. Participating in PLTE assures that one can become a distinguished female peace leader."
Seo Jin Lee, the Peace Committee Representative of IWPG Wonju branch, presented on the topic, “DPCW, Law and System that the World Needs." Lee explained the limitations of international laws compared to national laws, noting their lack of binding force, which makes it difficult to punish international aggressions. She highlighted, "DPCW addresses the root causes of war and emphasizes the need for active participation and advocacy by not just nations but also civil societies." Lee further remarked, "DPCW holds legal significance and could become a vital foundation for achieving peace if it evolves into international law. It is a tool that, with our efforts, can change the world. Let's support it together and transform the world through our efforts towards peace."


Global Region 2 meets with Assiut Human Rights Association in Egypt


On March 12, representatives from Global Region 2 engaged in an online meeting with Nourhan Hamdi, coordinator of the Assiut Human Rights Association in Egypt, to discuss strategies for peace cooperation. The Assiut Human Rights Association, which obtained consultative status from the UN ECOSOC in 2012, is committed to enhancing and protecting the human rights of marginalized groups in Egypt, including children, women, youth, and people with disabilities.


Melbourne Branch of Australia discusses cooperation with Monash University


On March 12, Melbourne branch of Australia (Branch Manager Jesmeen Kaur Khera Bachan Singh) held a meeting with Monash University to develop and discuss concrete measures for mutual cooperation on gender and domestic violence prevention plans.
Dr. Bridget Harris presented a comprehensive plan for preventing domestic violence, emphasizing the importance of integrating an international perspective, particularly in terms of safety for refugee women.


Melbourne Branch in Australia holds meeting to plan 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition


On March 8, Melbourne Branch in Australia held a meeting with the Amaroo Neighborhood Centre and the Shrilekha Art Foundation to plan the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition. The meeting focused on discussing the program's schedule, detailed arrangements, and strategies to encourage participation and promote the event.


Global Region 10 hosts online IWPG Global Cultural Exchange Project on Japan


On March 30, Global Region 10 hosted an online IWPG Global Cultural Exchange Project focused on Japan, titled "Drawing Peace and Love through Digital Illustration." This event attracted 65 participants from eight countries including South Korea, Japan, India, UAE, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Mexico. It was part of the 2024 IWPG's strategic solidarity campaign for sustainable peace and was the second session this year following a January session focused on Kazakhstan.
Baek Lee Jo, the Regional Director, said, "I hope this exchange serves as a meaningful cultural gathering that promotes the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition. The power of culture is immense. I am deeply moved by the artworks expressing the spirit of peace in digital illustrations, especially those conveying support to our friends suffering from the effects of war."
The lecturer, Hasimoto Akane remarked, "I am pleased to introduce and lecture on works that convey peace and love through digital illustration. As an IWPG member, I feel a great sense of pride and fulfillment and look forward to continuing to expand the work of peace joyfully."
Drita Maksuti from North Macedonia, one of the attendees, commented, ”I think expressing peace through digital illustrations is wonderful. I would like to apply this method to my teaching. Today's meeting was very beneficial."


Jakarta Branch of Indonesia erects IWPG Peace Monument


The Jakarta branch of Indonesia is planning to erect a peace monument in the Smart Park of Salatiga.
On March 25, the Jakarta branch visited Salatiga where they held discussions with Dra Sulistyaningsih MT, Head of the Salatiga Environmental Agency, and Sri Suwartiningsih, a lecturer from Satya Wacana Christian University and representative of the Peace Committee. They discussed on the appropriate location for the monument within the park, ensuring it would be a focal point for visitors and a symbol of peace. The funding for the monument is set to be fully covered by donations from IWPG members and supporters.


Peace Committee of Buea in Cameroon hosts peace seminar


On March 26, in G. S Great Soppo 2, the Peace Committee of Buea in Cameroon held its inaugural peace seminar since the committee's establishment with adults and 600 elementary school students.


Global Region 7 hosts ‘Ladies’ Time’ event to celebrate International Women’s Day


On March 22, Global Region 7 hosted 'Ladies' Time' to celebrate International Women's Day in Antananarivo, Madagascar. This event was designed for female leaders to get together and collaborate for peace. The gathering drew many female leaders from various sectors, and participants shared the significance of women's responsibility for national peace projects.


IWPG Czech Team holds event to realize women’s value


On March 8, the IWPG team in the Czech Republic set up a booth at the Prague Community Center to host an event titled "Four Creative Activities to Realize Women's Value." This event was organized to engage women, particularly those at risk of social exclusion, in activities that encouraged them to discuss what they like about themselves and to discover their strengths and values. The initiative was a success, capturing the interest of 10 women participants in IWPG's activities and PLTE.


IWPG Czech team in Prague launches a Czech language course


The IWPG Czech team in Prague launched a Czech language course, led by PLTE instructors Karolina Fortova Lido and Kateryna Kravchenk, specifically designed for Ukrainian women on March 7. It is an eight-week program, with classes held once a week at the Pilsen City Library. After completing the course, the women will be invited to participate in a peace course starting in May.


Paris branch in France organizes peace workshop to prepare for International Loving-Peace Art Competition


On March 27, Paris branch in France organized a peace workshop at the Archipelia Center, gathering children and teenagers to prepare for the International Loving-Peace Art Competition (ILPAC). This workshop was designed to educate the young participants about resolving conflicts and wars through peaceful means. During the workshop, the children and teenagers engaged in activities that instilled values such as cooperation and respect.


Paris branch in France hosts event for International Women’s Day


On March 9, the Paris branch in France hosted an event titled "My Voice, My Power: Women United." This event emphasized the critical role of women's voices in society. The event provided inspiring speeches and interactive workshops to facilitate a sense of solidarity among the attendees.


Global Region 5 holds online exchange meeting with AYV News TV anchor of Sierra Leone 

On March 11, representatives from Global Region 5 held an online exchange meeting with Elizabeth H.S.Momoh, a news anchor from AYV News TV in Sierra Leone. During this meeting, Global Region 5 introduced IWPG and PLTE and discussed the vital role of journalists in achieving peace.
Elizabeth Momoh joined IWPG and remarked, "I will join in achieving peace by reporting on IWPG's activities in Sierra Leone, where peace is desperately needed."


Promotional Activities


-Efforts to expand peace projects


Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania introduces IWPG and gathers new members


Lilian Benedict Msaki, a peace lecturer at the Dar es Salaam branch in Tanzania, held a meeting to introduce IWPG, DPCW, and PLTE on March 9. This meeting gathered 7 new IWPG members.


Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania promotes IWPG and DPCW In Mwanza


The Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania carried out an activity on March 8 and 9, aimed at introducing IWPG and DPCW in Mwanza. This event was facilitated through collaborations of Deograsia Walter from UMOA Trust and Juliana Invocavit Mushi, Chairperson of Tanzanian Women.


Melbourne Branch in Australia meets Elaine Pratley to introduce IWPG


On March 7, Melbourne Branch in Australia conducted an online meeting with Dr. Elaine Pratley, an affiliated lawyer at the Monash Global Peace and Security Center. During this meeting, Melbourne Branch introduced Dr. Pratley to the IWPG and promoted DPCW. Dr. Pratley expressed her interest in PLTE and the DPCW and suggested organizing future meetings to develop concrete plans for promoting peace.


Volunteering Activities


-Hope for the International Community


The Ulaanbaatar Branch in Mongolia conducts ‘Light of the Soul’ campaign to help local farmers

The "Light of the Soul" charity campaign was organized by the Ulaanbaatar branch in Mongolia (Branch Manager Tumurkhuyag Enkhtaivan), where over 90% of the country is covered with snow and ice, to support farmers facing extreme hardships. The campaign, which was initiated for local women by the IWPG Peace Committee based in Arhangai province in the Bayanzurkh Chingeltei district of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, focused on collecting essential supplies such as food for livestock, household items, medicines, warm clothing, shoes, and blankets to be delivered to the farming community.


Bulgan Peace Committee donates 100 sanitary pads to middle school girls

On March 27, the Bulgan Province Peace Committee of Chingeltai, Ulaanbaatar, in Mongolia visited the 3rd general middle school and dormitory in Bulgan Sum and donated 100 sanitary pads. 
The Bulgan Province Peace Committee in Ulaanbaatar plans to regularly replenish hygiene supplies every month for the local community.
D. Oyunbileg, the representative of the Bulgan Sum Peace Committee stated that the activity would create the spirit and mindset of peaceful citizens recognized in the local community and spread a culture of peace among the residents.


Interview of the Month










Georgia Mae White




the United Kingdom




Member for IWPG, PLTE Completion


Communications Lead, Give Your Best


1. Please introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Georgia! I am a Creative working in the Charity sector and also a vocalist.

2. How did you get to know IWPG and what made you decide to work with them?

I got to know IWPG through an organization that I help set up called "Give Your Best". I attended a couple of IWPG events and met the UK team leader. From there, I was encouraged to get more involved! I was interested in learning how I can see tangible results for peace.

3. How did you start doing peace work with IWPG?

I started peace work through the IWPG Peace Education Lecturer Training program. It has taught me how to create long-lasting peace, how to share this message with other people, and how to implement it in my projects at work with NOVA.

4. What is the most memorable moment among your peace activities?

There are quite a few! The most memorable have been during the PLTE course when all of the women that were learning together had open hearts and were able to see, even with all over our differences, that we all feel the same passion towards peace. I think another memorable part was recognizing and truly believing that peace starts within yourself.

5. What is the most important and urgent thing required to achieve peace?

There are so many different things! However, the method that I think can achieve peace quickly is educating children and helping them develop a peace mindset.

6. What meaning does peace have in UK and how can we achieve it?

I think peace in UK means developing tolerance for each other and other cultures, and realizing we do even better when we help each other, no matter what our backgrounds are. We can achieve this by having an open mindset and having access to peace education.

7. What are your plans and visions for peace?

My plans are quite long-term, but they start off by being a part of the Peace-Loving Art Competition this year in the UK being held with IWPG and NOVA. From there I would love to develop a cohort of children that will develop their own Planting Peace campaigns. I intend to give some lectures and develop some training programs within my organization to help them be inspired to work for peace or even be a PLTE lecturer themselves.


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