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May 2024  
The International Women’s Peace Group(IWPG) held a commemorative event in April to celebrate the 5th anniversary of International Women’s Peace Day. IWPG has been signing MOUs and MOAs, urging support for the legislation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW), promoting Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE), enhancing civil society partnerships, and conducting publicity activities to strengthen women’s solidarity and expand peace initiatives.

IWPG commemorates the 5th anniversary of ‘April 26th International Women’s Peace Day’... raising awareness of peace

-Events held in 54 countries under the theme “Women Achieving the Peace the World Needs!”

IWPG marked the 5th anniversary of ‘Apr 26 International Women’s Peace Day’ with commemorative events in various countries to reinforce the will for women’s solidarity.
From Apr 4 to May 4, IWPG hosted ceremonies in each Global Region and 54 countries worldwide under the theme “Women Achieving Peace that the World Needs!” The events, held both online and offline, featured diverse performances in different regions.
IWPG has officially designated April 26th as “International Women’s Peace Day,” sharing a vision to protect precious lives from war and pass on peace as a legacy to future generations with the heart of a mother, in solidarity with women worldwide.
Apr 26 is celebrated each year to gather the hearts of peace of women all around the world and promote the DPCW, drafted by IWPG’s peace partner organization, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light(HWPL), as the answer for peace. 
In her commemorative speech, the Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon expressed, “Through International Women’s Peace Day, I call for the active engagement of all women towards achieving peace. Women must unite across all sectors to participate in decision-making processes and play a significant role in the practical peace process within the international community.”
Meanwhile, last year, IWPG proclaimed the “International Women’s Peace Declaration,” which included the cooperation of 3.9 billion women globally, support and advocacy for the DPCW, and the promotion of women’s peace education.

MOU/A Signing for Peace Projects

-Women Around the World Uniting Under Peace

  • Berlin Branch signs MOA with Lodina e.V
On Apr 20, Berlin Branch(Branch Manager Yingyang Cao) conducted an MOA Signing Ceremony with Lodina e.V. The signing took place at the Lodina e.V office located in Oder, Frankfurt, with Branch Manager Yingyang Cao and Mrs. Svetlana Tiukkel, director of Lodina e.V. Both parties have cooperated in numerous events, including charity events, since last year and have committed to working even more closely for peace with the MOA.
  • Global Region 10 signs MOU with Chungcheong Newspaper
On Apr 30, representatives from Global Region 10 signed an MOU with Chungcheong Newspaper at its headquarters for various projects and activities aimed at achieving peace. With the MOU, both sides plan to exchange and cooperate on different initiatives including peace conferences, supporting and advocating the legislation of the DPCW as international law, and peace culture and arts projects.
The Regional Director, Baek Lee Jo, expressed her hopes: “I look forward to the spread of a culture of peace rather than war and violence in the local community and society through Chungcheong Newspaper.” Kim Chung Heon, President of Chungcheong Newspaper, expressed his honor in partnering with IWPG and remarked, “I am proud to sign an MOU with IWPG and will cooperate to maintain a good relationship as a peace media partner.”
  • Johor Bahru Branch signs MOUs with Three Organizations
On Apr 20, the Johor Bahru Branch in Malaysia(Branch Manager Woo Sow Pheng) signed MOUs with three organizations?Green Earth Society(GES), ACC Global Consultancy Private Limited, and DOMS Consultancy Private Limited?promising collaboration towards peace.
  • Global Region 2 signs MOA with UMOA Tanzania
On Apr 13, Global Region 2 conducted an online MOA signing ceremony with Benezer David Mwang’ombe, representative of Tanzania`s University Ministry of Africa Trust(UMOA), to proceed with peace initiatives. 
UMOA is an educational institution that trains ministers and community members in human rights, peace education, and life skills for overall regional prosperity.
This MOA aims to support the International Loving Peace Art Competition, PLTE, and other peace activities by IWPG. 
Benezer David Mwang’ombe stated, “I hope many people join IWPG’s activities for growth and we look forward to achieving IWPG’s goals through continuous communication.” 
Regional Director Seo Yeon Lee commented, “This agreement will make a step towards achieving sustainable peace, which is a global objective, and is expected to contribute to the development and prosperity of Tanzania.”
Peace Lecturer Training Education(PLTE)
-Peace Realized through Female Peace Lecturers
  • Global Region 10 hosts first PLTE Class in Brazil
On Apr 22, Global Region 10 hosted the first PLTE class in Brazil online. Silvia Rita Souza, Secretary General of the Women’s Democracy Network, emphasized the values and actions that advance harmony and understanding among people to achieve lasting and meaningful peace. She remarked, “To inspire the hearts of people toward global peace, it is essential to adopt IWPG’s plans to facilitate dialogue, education, and collaboration. A sustainable future can be constructed through individual and collective efforts and networks.”
  • Global Region 4 conducts PLTE Lesson 5~7 in Rwanda
In April, Global Region 4 conducted PLTE Lessons 5~7 in Kigali, Rwanda. Lecturer Niyonsenga Chrisserie, Project Coordinator of the Association for Development and Social Transformation, expressed her commitment to fostering a culture of harmony and understanding: “As someone who desires peace, I feel responsible for nurturing and spreading these seeds of harmony and understanding. With these insights, we can be agents of change and dedicate ourselves to sowing the seeds of peace.”
Trainee Niyitanga said, “I gained confidence learning various skills to enhance my abilities as a lecturer. I found it fortunate and am proud to be part of IWPG. I am ready to spread peace through the education I have received. I am grateful.”
Bayisenge Elevanie said, “The classes were very interesting. I learned about the necessity of ending wars, the history and limitations of peace movements, and how IWPG has been working. IWPG is practically addressing the limitations of previous peace movements. I am thankful for the efforts to encourage women’s participation in the peace movement.”
  • Global Region 8 hosts PLTE Graduation Ceremony in Zambia
On Apr 20, Global Region 8 conducted the graduation ceremony for the first class of PLTE in Zambia online, with 34 graduates. Graduate Florence Nkhuwa said, “I hope we keep in mind that true peace begins with understanding, empathy, and recognizing one another’s differences. We all have the power to make a difference. Let’s come together with IWPG to build a world of peace.”
  • Cameroon and Burundi members participate in PLTE
IWPG members from Cameroon and Burundi have been participating in the PLTE online twice a week since Apr 8. A total of nine students are taking the course which will be concluded at the end of June. Besem Vivian shared her thoughts on the training: “I am happy to receive this education. It has enabled me to recognize not only my own value but also the value of others and the diversity of cultures. As a teacher, I want to pass this knowledge on to my family, colleagues and children.”
  • Dar es Salaam Branch conducts PLTE lesson 4~7
In April, Paraza Mwandembo, a peace lecturer at the Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania(Branch Manager Pendo Addie Mwasakyeni), conducted PLTE lesson 4~7 online, attended by 10 new students from Tanzania.
Salma Juma Mukhandi stated, “The origin of peace is the mother, and the first victim of war is the soldier and the mothers who send them away. This made me feel that we should seek peace first. Let’s respect and love each other. We are one.”
Fatma Rajabu Mwanga shared her feeling that “The victims of war can be anyone?soldiers, civilians, children, pregnant women, etc. I will pursue peace with all my heart and strive for world peace. I am thankful for the valuable education.”
  • Global Region 2 conducts PLTE Graduation Ceremony and FCC Event in Columbia
On Apr 27, Global Region 2 conducted the Christian Evangelical National Corporate Foundation(FCC) Event and PLTE Graduation Ceremony at Plaza De Arcadia in Cali, Colombia. The event was attended by about 100 people, including FCC representative Miguel Antonio Cando Parra, human rights activist Ediht Castano, Lorena Claudia, and pastor Nelly.
FCC serves as a human rights advocacy organization in Colombia, comprised of clergy and members from various social sectors, dedicated to protecting and training women and children’s rights and providing education. Additionally, FCC is recognized for its services to protect victims from war and violence, for grandparents and children abandoned by armed forces. Serving as a role model, it exchanges and cooperates with many global partnership organizations.
  • 17 PLTE students graduate in Global Region 7
Global Region 7 recently celebrated the graduation of 17 PLTE students in Prague, Czech Republic. The graduates created a “Tree of Peace” under the theme “Unity in Diversity” and shared their resolutions and future plans through a song they sang together. The graduation was also celebrated with a performance by a Ukrainian band.
  • Paju Branch conducts PLTE Graduation Ceremony for Women from Sahalin
On Apr 6, the Paju Branch conducted a PLTE graduation ceremony for 24 women in Munsan, Paju. One of the graduates expressed her feelings that, “I had been under depression staying at home, but receiving peace education, peace came into my heart. Thinking about Russia, where war is still ongoing, my yearning for peace has become even more desperate.”
Branch Manager Jae Soon Choi remarked, “Wars and conflicts continue to occur around the world, so I hope that 10 Articles and 38 Clauses of the DPCW are soon introduced as new legislation at the UN, bringing an end to the war and peace.”
Exchange and Cooperation
-Meeting with citizens who want peace
  • IWPG Swiss Team holds Peace of Cake meeting
On Apr 27, the IWPG Swiss team held their monthly meeting “Peace of Cake” at the Migros Klubschule in Schaffhausen. Participants shared their thoughts on tolerance in a pleasant atmosphere. Members expressed sentiments and thoughts such as, “To achieve peace, we must practice tolerance,” and “Next time, when I don’t understand why people are angry with me, I want to help them, understand them, and become more forgiving.”
  • Global Region 2 is interviewed by EBC Radio in Ethiopia
On Apr 26, Global Region 2 had a program interview with Hikma Temam, an anchor at EBC Broadcasting Station in Ethiopia. 
During the interview, they discussed the purpose of IWPG’s visit to Ethiopia and explained the significance of the 5th anniversary of Apr 26 International Women’s Peace Day. 
Hikma expressed her wish to visit Korea to participate in the commemoration of International Women’s Peace Day if given the chance.
  • Global Region 2 meets Executive Director of Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations
On Apr 24, Global Region 2 met in Ethiopia with Ms. Saba Gebre Medhin Hagos, Executive Director of the Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations. They discussed her participation in the 5th anniversary of April 26 International Women’s Peace Day and planned an art exhibition at the African Union(AU). 
Ms. Saba said that she had spoken with the AU’s Women’s Peace Department about hosting an exhibition for the International Loving-Peace Art Competition. She suggested organizing the exhibition in June and meeting with the Minister for Women’s Affairs to propose holding a conference for women’s peace building.
  • Global Region 2 visits Gender Office of Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia
On Apr 25, Global Region 2 visited the Gender Office in the College of Natural and Computational Sciences of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, to discuss preparations for the 5th anniversary of April 26 International Women’s Peace Day. 
The meeting was attended by Meseret Tsegay, a gender expert in the College’s Gender Office; Liyuwork Esmelealem, a staff member of the Gender Office, Shewa, an Officer in the Gender Office; Faru, a lecturer at Addis Ababa University; and Yewubnesh, a student counselor at the university.
During the meeting, Global Region 2 presented a video highlighting the 4th anniversary of International Women’s Peace Day and activities in Ethiopia, explaining the significance of the event. They discussed the schedule and roles of the event and reviewed the list of attendees.
  • Global Region 2 meets ENA Journalist in Ethiopia
Global Region 2 met with an ENA journalist, Desta Tesfay, in Ethiopia to introduce the upcoming 5th anniversary of April 26 International Women’s Peace Day. During the meeting, Desta Tesfay said, “I will attend the International Women’s Peace Day celebration at Addis Ababa University and actively support IWPG’s peace initiatives.”
  • Global Region 2 visits Ethiopian Media Company FBC
On Apr 25, Global Region 2 visited Fana Broadcasting Corporate(FBC) in Ethiopia and met with Abel Adamu Grubeyehu, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Content Division, and Mr. Wondesen Aregahegn Reta, Senior Producer at FBC. FBC gave a tour of its facilities, and IWPG shared information about its peace activities.
Deputy CEO Abel Adamu Grubeyehu said, “I will work towards peace cooperation with IWPG and will broadcast the Apr 26 International Women’s Peace Day event on TV.”
  • Global Region 2 appeared in an interview with Palmira TV in Colombia
On Apr 29, Global Region 2 appeared in an interview with Palmira TV in Colombia, with Miguel Antonio Cando Parra, representative of FCC. During the interview, they introduced IWPG and its peace activities.
  • Global Region 2 discusses peace initiatives in Palestine
On Apr 18, Global Region 2 met with Deema Juneidi, manager at the Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies, and Mohammed Mahmoud Yousef Sallam, Director of International Development in Palestine, to discuss regional peace initiatives. 
The Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Strategies focuses on enhancing women’s political and civic engagement, empowering youth, protecting the rights of marginalized groups, and upholding international humanitarian law.
During the meeting, IWPG shared details about its agendas and vision and explained the significance of the International Loving-Peace Art Competition. They also planned collaborative strategies with local organizations to ensure the art competition’s success.
Deema Juneidi said, “It would be wonderful if Palestine could participate in the art competition. I look forward to becoming a good partner with IWPG in the future.”
  • Global Region 2 meets CEDRO Director in Peru to introduce peace initiatives
On Apr 5, Global Region 2 met with Carmen Masias Claux, Executive Director of CEDRO(Center for Information and Education for Drug Abuse Prevention) in Peru. During this meeting, they shared plans for the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition and introduced Apr 26 International Women’s Peace Day.
CEDRO is a non-profit organization that promotes healthy lifestyles, stimulates local economies, and fosters community integration through cooperation with the government, the private sector, and international partners.

Preparation for the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition

  • Kuwait
On Apr 12, Global Region 2 met with  Philippines UMCAP to facilitate community peace activities. The two parties discussed preparation for the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition. 
Vice President Aisha Albakit said, “I will host the competition in May and ask the schools to encourage student participation. I will also create a video for Apr 26 International Women’s Peace Day that features traditional dance by multi-cultural members of our society.”
  • Lebanon
On Apr 4, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Nawal Mdallay, founder of SAWA for Development Association in Lebanon, to discuss plans for the 6th International Loving Peace Art Competition. 
During the meeting, Nawal Mdallay mentioned she would request approval from the Lebanese Ministry of Education. She also revealed plans to involve Ahlam Beydoun, a Professor of International Law, as a judge for the competition and remarked that awards, including certificates and medals, would be given to the winners.
  • Armenia

On Apr 5, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with Gayane Khachatryan, CEO of the Talin Women’s Resource Center Development Foundation in Armenia. They discussed collaborating on the 6th International Loving Peace Art Competition, which aims to enhance children’s creativity and promote peace within the community.
The meeting focused on the detailed planning of the competition including the venue and recruitment of participants. Both parties hoped the event would be successful despite the unstable social environment due to ongoing conflicts.
  • Ethiopia
On Apr 22, Global Region 2 discussed the 6th International Loving Peace Art Competition at an elementary school in Ethiopia with Rebecca Tadesse, Executive Board Chairperson of the Ethiopian Media Women Association, and Yohanes, the overall coordinator of the event.
In the meeting, they met with the school principal and presented a catalog of past winning artworks and photos from the Ethiopian preliminary rounds to motivate participation. Additionally, they conducted various promotional activities to introduce IWPG to the entire student body and encouraged them to participate in the art competition.
  • Georgia
On Apr 23, Global Region 2 held an online meeting with a Georgian Organization called “Women and Development” to plan for the upcoming International Loving Peace Art Competition. The attendees included Phati Bhukrikidze, the president; Megi Abalaki, the vice president; and Lia Tsiklauri, the interpreter.
Women and Development was established in 2004 by local activists to protect the rights of women, girls, children, and adolescents regardless of their political, social, ethnic, sexual, or religious identities and orientations.

The 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition held

  • Colombia Branch

On Apr 26, the Colombia Branch(Branch Manager Ha Eun) co-hosted the 6th International Loving Peace Art Competition preliminary round with Colegio Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo Sede Farallones. The event included judging followed by the awards ceremony and exhibition.
Principal Carlos Fernando Frazzer remarked, “It’s an honor to host the first drawing competition in Cali, and I am grateful for providing the children an opportunity to reflect on peace.”
The competition awarded prizes for first to third places and a special award. Nalsy Arcos(14) won first place, Kaherin Contreras(15) second, Haely Galvez(15) third, and Thomas David Toro(13) received the special prize. 
Nalsy Arcos said, “I wanted to depict the unity among people, nations, and animals, showing that peace and hope are alive among them.”
Winners from each country, including first-place winners like Nalsy, will have their works sent to the IWPG headquarters in South Korea for the final round. The final awards ceremony will be held in November, and the winning works will also be featured in the art brochure.
  • Melbourne Branch of Australia
On Apr 5, Melbourne Branch in Australia co-hosted the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition with Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre and Shrilekha Art Foudation. 
Janine Saligari, Coordinator at Amaroo Neighbourhood Centre, noted, “I am pleased that many children participated in this competition, and the exhibition following the contest has been the most meaningful in three years.”
A parent who attended the competition expressed gratitude for IWPG’s efforts to promote peace within the community, saying, “I am thankful for IWPG’s efforts to promote peace through this painting competition, and it would be great if it could be extended throughout Victoria.”
One of the participants, Ansh Gupta, said, “I expressed how important friendship is for achieving peace. Despite differences in nationality, status, and race, my artwork expresses that we are one world.”
The prizes were awarded across different age groups, including first to third place, honorable mentions, and special awards. The first-place winners included Tia Mehta from Saltwater P9 College(Grade 1), Trisha Mehta from Saltwater P9 College(Grade 7), and Harleen Kaur from Mount Waverley Secondary College.
  • Bangladesh
On Apr 23, Global Region 3 hosted the preliminary round of the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition at DPS STS School in Bangladesh, in collaboration with the school’s Art Department and DPS STS Start-up Guru Club, as well as Flame a r t s Open Studio(Representative of IWPG Dhaka Peace Committee, Ms. Rania Alam and Md. Rashed Kamal). 
The event featured Humayra Afia, a high school student who had participated in the previous year`s competition, as a speaker. Additionally, two students from DPS STS School delivered speeches on the theme of world peace.
  • Prague, Czech Republic
On Apr 19, Global Region 7 hosted the 6th International Loving-Peace Art Competition in Prague, Czech Republic. A total of 52 students participated, expressing their longing for peace through their artworks.

Spread a culture of peace

  • Melbourne Branch of Australia launches Multicultural Task Force
On Apr 20, Melbourne Branch in Australia(Branch Manager Jesmeen Kaur Khera Bachan Singh) launched a multicultural task force at the Veriu Hotel to commemorate Apr 26th International Women’s Day Peace Day. 
Attendees included Sarah Chong, Director of Feme Solidarity and a team leader at Mi Care; Remi Yusuf, President of the Nigerian Society of Victoria and Chairwoman of the Council of Nigerian Association Presidents of Australia; Micheline Erbe, Program Coordinator at the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights; Melba Marginson, Victorian Multicultural Commission; Olivia Nakazibwe, Women’s Empowerment Community Leader; and Jannipher Nassali, a mental health nurse at Afro Pearls Victoria.
The meeting focused on addressing domestic violence through peace education and explored the ten articles of the DPCW as a means to foster a culture of peace. 
The branch manager Jesmeen Kaur Khera Bachan Singh stated, “Our task force aims to embed the values of peace from children to adults through peace education and the DPCW, striving to prevent domestic violence and promote peace.”
Sarah Chong, Director of Feme Solidarity, remarked, “Peace education plays a significant role in preventing domestic violence. IWPG is an organization that can facilitate the promotion of peace worldwide through education.”
  • Seodaemun & Eunpyeong Branch hosts Joint Only Peace Conference 
On Apr 18, the Seodaemun Branch(Branch Manager Geum Soon Han) and the Eunpyeong Branch(Branch Manager Seung Yeon Lee) of Global Region 7 jointly hosted the 2024 Only Peace Conference. In addition to the conference, they signed the Peace Pledge with approximately 60 participants, including artists and cultural figures.
The Only Peace Conference is an annual event organized by IWPG to gather local figures interested in peace to explore and discuss practical solutions for peace. This year’s conference particularly emphasized collaboration with artists from various fields, including fine arts, paper crafts, dance and film.
The speaker, Go Eun Kim, also a traditional Korean musician remarked, “Not only through Korean traditional music but through various cultural exchanges can we contribute to world peace. The power of our cultural artists is needed to create a culture of peace.”
Hwa Ja Jang, a director of Korean fine arts association said, “I used to think about peace on a personal level but the discussions at the conference allowed me to reflect upon the true meaning of peace. As an artist, I will further look into what I can do in IWPG activities.”
  • Daegu Branch hosts the International Loving-Peace Art Competition Exhibition
From Apr 18 to 21, Daegu Branch(Branch Manager Park Soo Jin) hosted the International Loving-Peace Art Competition Winners’ Exhibition at Gallery Cheong-ae in Manchon-dong, Suseong-gu under the theme “Drawing the Dream of Peace.” 
Eun Ji Kim, Director of Ikkeumi Art Academy who visited the exhibition with her child, shared, “It was great that children had the opportunity to think deeply about war and peace. Looking at the paintings, I could feel the children’s yearning for peace, which seemed even more deep and earnest than adults. It was very touching.”
Branch Manager Park Soo Jin stated, “We ask for your encouragement and support for IWPG’s efforts to pass on the world of peace depicted in these children’s artworks as the greatest legacy.”

Promotional Activities

-Efforts to expand peace projects

  • Sydney Branch in Australia introduces IWPG to Rotary Burwood
On Apr 12, Sydney Branch in Australia(Branch Manager Lydia Im) met with Miriam Scott, Project Manager at Rotary Burwood, in Parramatta to introduce IWPG’s peace initiatives. Miriam Scott stated, “IWPG’s peace efforts are amazing. I am eager to register for the PLTE and want to participate in many peace activities.”
  • Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania introduces IWPG and recruits members
On Apr 13, Lilian Benedict Msaki, a peace lecturer from the Dar es Salaam Branch in Tanzania, recently visited the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority to introduce IWPG, the DPCW, and PLTE programs. The women in attendance were inspired to join IWPG as members and expressed their desire to participate in PLTE courses to engage in peace activities.
  • Colombia Branch introduces PLTE to FCC
On Apr 25, the Colombia Branch held a meeting at the Fundacion Conacce Chaplains(FCC) office to introduce the PLTE. The meeting was attended by the foundation’s leaders: Miguel Antonio Cando Parra, the Executive Director, Ediht Castano, FCC Human Rights Keeper, and Pastor Nelly. 
The FCC members committed to participating in the upcoming PLTE sessions scheduled for May and also pledged to join IWPG to actively engage in its initiatives. 
  • Colombia Branch meets with Mensajes Mujeres 
On Apr 24, Colombia Branch held a meeting at the Alfonso Lopez Courthouse in Cali to meet with women affected by domestic violence and introduce IWPG and the PLTE. Gloria Chica, Director of Mensajes Mujeres; Miguel Antonio Cando Parra, Executive Director of FCC; Ediht Castano, FCC Human Rights Keeper; and Shirley Rodriguez, a lawyer specializing in family law and gender issues, attended the meeting.
Mensajes Mujeres, a women’s organization committed to protecting human rights and assisting those exposed to violence, showed significant interest in PLTE.

Volunteer Activities

  • Global Region 10 conducts 4th Shoe Donation Ceremony to Africa
On Apr 27, in collaboration with Shoes4Africa, six branches, including the 6th Branches of Global Region 10 in Korea?Daejeon, Cheongju, Cheonan, Gongju, Seosan, Asan?co-hosted the 4th Heart to Heart Africa Shoe Donation Ceremony at the Cheongju Branch office in South Korea. In commemoration of Apr 26 International Women’s Peace Day, members collected over 700 pairs of shoes to be delivered to the Democratic Republic of Congo through Shoes4Africa.
Through the event, both organizations pledged to continue working together, supporting each other’s activities, and engaging in community outreach for global peace and neighborly love.

Interview of the Month

Seung Hyun Ham

Republic of Korea

IWPG member

Paju-si, The Korea Veterans Association, chairwoman

1. Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Seung Hyun Ham, a member of IWPG and chairwoman of Paju-si, The Korea Veterans Association. I am also a Doctor of Engineering and the representative of a job support center platform.

2. How did you become connected with IWPG?
Jae Soon Choi, the Paju Branch Manager, once attended an event at the Veterans Association. It was then that I heard about IWPG’s peace work and was invited to participate. I am pleased to have made such a meaningful connection through that opportunity.
3. I would like to hear your thoughts on attending the celebration of International Women’s Peace Day on Apr 26.
Having been involved in volunteer work for 40 years, I still feel there is more to learn in order to contribute to world peace. I am committed to doing what I can to help IWPG grow globally and advance women’s rights. I sincerely congratulate the 5th anniversary of International Women’s Peace Day.
4. Do you have a message you would like to share with the IWPG peace family?
Living in Paju, at the very edge of the Korean Peninsula, I understand that solving all the challenges that threaten peace requires international cooperation and solidarity. I would like to encourage you to first love yourself and become agents of peace through IWPG activities.
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