Peace Education

Graduation Speech

Quotes from PLTE graduates around the world

Graduating from an incredible Peace lecture training education has been a transformative experience.
I have gained invaluable knowledge and skills that empower me to spread the message of peace across borders.
This training has inspired me to become an ambassador of harmony, bridging divides and fostering understanding among diverse communities.
I am excited to share this inspiration with others around the world, igniting a ripple effect of positive change.

- Kimberley Kleczka, Hongkong

I was given an opportunity to be able to take in this Peace Lecturer training.
The unique matter that this learning has, which is planting peace from your heart to your family and then spreading to the rest of the world is something that I know that is doable.
We want peace in this world. We can have a peaceful world that we can leave for the next generation.
So, I appreciate this experience. I learned a lot.

- Salome Tulay, Liberia

Taking PLTE was a blessing to me. My family relationships actually improved through this education, and I also want to start working as lecturer that can actually bring peace.
I will first lecture in our association’s workshop.
I am prepared to spread peace by educating people through various social platforms.

- Carine Takusi, UK

Now with aspect to since I’ve completed this curriculum, wonderful program, the whole program was very well organized, very systematically organized and also the lessons in all the 10 lessons, and going through those programs or I’ll say the videos, getting so much information from them.
All the assignments were wonderfully planned, and it motivates are the people who are doing like me, to understand the reason that yes, it is the need of our world, where we need world peace and we do not need any of the wars or any of the violence to happen not only in our nation, but also world over.

- Anju Chaplot, India

And I need to tell that knowledge we have gained, is very essential, especially country like us. Because female, especially women, in Sri Lanka facing some difficulties and some hard situations within their families, within their society, so we can use our knowledge to help them and to give a positive wave for all of them, and to the society, as well

- Thamashi Navoda), Sri Lanka

Through this education, I realized that sowing the seed of peace is not the task of countries in war, but should become the utmost priority for all countries around the world.
I also knew the risks of conflict through books, films, and documentaries, but I truly came to understood it through this education.

- Tsevlee Altanzul, Mongolia

I am very happy to become a woman peace lecturer. (…) As I learn about peace, I realize that many women and children around the world are still suffering. As a partner of peace, what we women can do to help those suffering is to make the world learn of peace through IWPG.
So I hope all women do not give up and endure until the end to complete PLTE and all become women peace lecturers.

- Lilian Msaki, Tanzania

I feel happy to have the opportunity to take part in the PLTE organized by IWPG.
There are many important materials that can make you feel more peaceful, enthusiastic, and confident to share them with your family, environment, and community where you work.
IWPG always has interesting and useful ways to spread peace.

- Nining Sholikhah), Indonesia