The IWPG was founded to protect all precious lives with the heart of a mother and leave a world of peace as a legacy for future generations. Since its foundation, the IWPG has been carrying out a worldwide peace movement forming strong ties that bind the world’s 3.6 billion women, transcending nationality, race, religion and ideology.

Peace still remains an unsolved problem for mankind. Until today, many people have yearned for peace and made efforts to achieve peace, but there has not been a moment from which complete peace blossomed in the world. Why do you think this is so? Peace is not something that can be achieved through either political or economic logic or by knowledge or power.

Motherly love is a powerful force given by the heavens. The power of women to give birth, nurture, love and embrace a life is the foundation for peace. Knowing that the answer for peace is in the power of women, IWPG has done various volunteer works with this power as the driving force for realizing peace. ‘SHE CAN’is a major project of the IWPG that is done based around the following core initiatives: Share Happy Mentoring, Enlightenment, Culture and Arts, and Networking. ‘SHE CAN’ is an acronym for these four core initiatives that the IWPG has undertaken.

The IWPG embarked on a peace movement with faith that peace will definitely be achieved when women play a leading role in establishing peace and when all the women in the world become one. And this faith has become stronger as the activities and efforts of IWPG have come to fruition in various places around the world.

Like the moon that reflects the light from the sun onto the earth,IWPG will shine its light to all corners of the earth, working to create a peaceful world. The IWPG will bring happiness and healing to the world and contribute to achieve peace with women’s leaders and volunteer workers in Korea and abroad.

SHE CAN! If all women become one, then we can make this world into a place where all people becomeone in peace. Thank you.

Nam-Hee Kim
Chairwoman of IWPG